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How to Get Your Work Reviewed Here

Kelly Rathbone - Appartest

Kelly Garrett Rathbone   Testimone   terra cotta, wood and glazes

I patiently explain in several places on this site that I don't review work on demand, and I rarely give assignments to the other writers. We tend to happen upon art that moves us, although we look at a lot of the stuff. The few times I've reviewed work by request, it usually has not worked out well — for me or for the artists involved.

There are exceptions.

In the summer of 2009 Kelly Garrett Rathbone requested that Ken Shaddock write a review of her show at Hal Sample. I relayed the request to Ken, who suggested we write it together, and we did. Witness to an Apparition — Sculpture by Kelly Garrett Rathbone, "a conversation about one sculptor's work" was the result. And there's a couple of other stories that resulted from requests listed in the index below.

Googling this site for "How to get reviewed" nets pages and pages of pages with those words on them, but only a few worthy target pages that discuss the whole phrase. I did that recently when an artist requested I send somebody out to review his work.

It's always amusing when someone asks me to send someone out to do anything. Like the time I reviewed the North Dallas Art Tour, and they suggested next time I should send somebody else. Funny, because, I'm the only one here — although a couple others write occasional stories here. None that I could impel to write about someone they hadn't seen work by.

Just asking for a review belies a deep misunderstanding of how this site works. But it is a common desire. We all live for those moments when our work is talked or written about positively. I understand the dilemma from both critic's and artist's point of view, and it's always an iffy business.

The best way

Having said all that and what follows, I should note that the best way to get your work reviewed here is to send us the correct information in the correct order, so we can list it on our Calendar. The editor only ever visits shows that are listed on our calendar.

Attach a 5 x 7-inch image of the best art in your show. See the pink box near the top of the Calendar page for full information of what to send us and the very particular order we need it in.

What we're looking for

If your art is not new and different or leading or bleeding-edge, it should at least be exceptionally well crafted. Look at what we have already reviewed here. Is your work that good? or interesting? Is your style unique or nearly so? Are you trying to do something no one else has?

There's a full listing of the last year or so of stories here on our Home page (newest on top; the rest in the yellow box on the bottom) and more on the rarely updated Art Crit Index.


Relevant Pages

Tony Bones - BLEK!

Tony Bones - Blek!

Submitting Work for Review in DallasArtsRevue - in which I discuss my selection procedure then go on to review work emailed for review. After that, it was a long time before anyone else asked to have their work reviewed. One artist shown there later insisted I remove the review of his by-then old work, because his current gallery's site was getting less web attention than that page. Like almost every story ever published here, it's still up.

Brenda Robson - David (detail)

Brenda Robson - David (detail)

A Reluctant Review - in which i write at length about an artist who insisted i review her work, then insisted i remove the review when it didn't turn out completely glowingly super-positive as she assumed it would have to be. They never do.

Again, it was a long time till anyone else asked to be reviewed here. I should mention that this story was controversial and very probably got a long-planned DallasArtsRevue show derailed. Many people do not understand about art reviews, and this story goes a long way toward explaining them by exploring both positive and negative comparisons.

3 plus 3

Three In One

Requested Reviews — I again explore the murky depths of reviewing on demand on this page from very early this century and this online publication. You can tell that by the lame and ugly link box at the top of that page and the goofy colors in the captions. I should go back and change all that, but I don't want to.

Gerald Burns - This Is Not Art

Gerald Burns - This Is Art; This Is Not Art

On this site's How to Send Us Stuff page of precise instructions, I blatantly suggest/request, "Do not ask for a review." But most artists seeking attention in this medium do not read the page that is linked at the top of every one of the more than 1,300 web pages on this site.


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