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J R Compton, Jim Dolan, Michael Helsem, Kathy Dello Stritto, Tracy Hicks and Ken Shaddock

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Art Art Info - the DARts Information Pages


alphabetical by title                              
AiM 2002TCU's annual Art in the Metroplex — with art by Sonia Quarles, Kathy Dello Stritto, Jay Maggio, Lee Harrington, David A Dryer, Jeff McClung, Elizabeth Tristan Mellot, Sara K Lovas and juried by Deborah Williams Remington fall 2002
Antiquities at Art LandingThe Landing was a fascinating expression of a certain community of Dallas artists, but it's gone. August 2000
Art Heist EASL Art in the Dark in the bottom basement of a very large and deep building. Dark.
Art in Terminal D DFW Airport's biggest show of local (and other) artists. July 2005
Art Squaredin the Deep Ellum Lofts - August 2001
Art Wrestling at PlushDallas gallery and artist all-stars wrestle each other to the fisnish in the name of art. March 2002
Hari Bert Bartchthis Estate at Valley House July 2002
The Barrett Collection at
the Meadows Museum
Artists feel excluded at this amazing collection of Texas art.
Big As Night Edgy fun on South Polk
Black & BlueThe Agony & The Ecstasy at The MAC, 2000
Blue YuleAn Imperfect Night of Art at The MAC and Neiman's downtown windows
Chaos & The Void by Jim DolanJeanne McIntosh
Change Change Chamber Studio's inaugural opening October 2001
Come Forward Emerging Texas Artists at the Dallas Museum May 2003
The Colloquy of Colors Michael Helsem visits Oak Cliff and Oak Lawn galleries
Connections 2002from The Texas Sculpture Association showing art by Andrew Coates, Betsy Kinney and Marilyn Parish April 2002
The Contemp Membership Show 2005 too many names to list
The Contemp Membership
Show 2006
The best at this annual show
A Cool Summer Garden42 artists at Edith Baker
CorazónThe 9th Annual Heart show at the Bath House showing work by Katrina Page, Linda D Stokes, Viv Harris-Bonnam, Sheila Cunningham, Diana Chase, Kate Schatz and Carolann Haggard February 14 2003
Corazon One More Time 2007 - maybe a little dull, but still plenty to show and talk about
Critic's Choice at D-ArtA feminine show? 2000
Critic's ChoiceJuried by Steve Nash at DVAC with art by me, Elizabeth Baier Mahy, Skip Noah, Dale Andrew, Bob Nunn, Suzanne Dulany, Paul Greenberg, James Michael Starr, Adrienne T Rosenberg, Buster Graybill and Carol Barth 2001
Dallas Video FestivalVidFest Survival Kit
David McManaway's Studioby David Gibson at The MAC February 2002
Day of the DeadThe Bath House's 16th annual Dia del los Muertos with work by Phil Roger, Diane Walker-Gladney, Jeff Green, Shawn Samuell, Mahesh Brown, April B Lan-Kao, Scot Kirham and Mary Margaret De Franco 2002
2003 DCCA Membershipan edited open show at the former D-Art
The Contemp Membership Show J R reviews 17 works in the, 2005
Drawn 2Barry Whistler's drawing show — with work by Greg Metz, Linnea Glatt, Adam Raymont, R Crumb, Tom Orr and Irene Roderick. January 2003
ElementalHonoring the 5 Elements at the Bath House with work by Terri Stone, Kathy Dello Stritto, Amy Gerhauser, Diana D Marquis and Noel Navareta, James Michael Starr, Elisio, Eli Lorenz, Sybille Bauer, Diane Walker-Gladney and Kathy Boortz April 2003
Essential Spaces
at The MAC

Essential Space I - showing work by Tom Orr and Cam Schoep May 2002. And Essential Space II with Kaneem Smith, Frances Bagley and Linnea Glatt May 2003

Expo 2002500X' annual expo juried by Vicki Meek
Expo 2003Juried by Vincent Falsetta with art by Iris Bustillos, Jennifer Gassiraro, CJ Davis, Wang Nanfei and Jim Snow
Expo 2007

A Heavy Graphic Arts Sensibility — There's a cohesive visual style to this show that has a lot to do with GA

Fast Forward at the DMA

Fastworthiness by Norman Kary

Fear of Blank Spaces

at Booker T Washington High School — the Arts Magnet school, showing art by Angelic Macabare, Esteben Cruz, Daniel Erwin and Isai Hernandez,
Fierce The editor is curating a show in July 2008 at the 14th Street Gallery in Plano, and this is its organizing page.
First Annual Miniature
Judged Art Show
Judged by DARts assistant editor and PR director Kathy Dello Stritto in Rowlette, Texas April 2003
Gesture of a Fate Michael Helsem studies the paintings of Connie Connolly at Craighead-Green
Inside/Outsideat Valley House
In the Garden of EASLThe Emergency Artists Survival League benefit show. March 2002
500X Open Show500X-Rated & Beyond — with art by Ken Shaddock, Linda D Stoke and Marie Van Arsdale, 2000
500X Open Show2002
500X Open Show 2007 - The Junior / Senior Prom
Linnea Glatt at DCCAA D Art legend
The MAC InvitationalAnnual membership show - August 2001
Modalities of the Visiblethe inaugural exhibition at Brookhaven College's new space January 2002
Modern InconveniencesTom Pribyl, Norman Kary, Frank Brown at Edith Baker and Mary Hood and Theodora Varnay Jones at Craighead Green March 2002
My Piece of the WallDVAC's Membership open show 2001
Nature vs. Art Jon Hernández’ Spirits & Myth paintings and Jeff Green’s sculpted animal Menagerie at the Bath House included Green's fanciful, three-dimensional, found material birds and animals and Hernández’ paintings.
New Texas Talent The controversial 10th Annual show at Craighead-Green 2003
  Michael Helsem on New Texas Talent at Craighead-Green, and J R's adds to it. 2005
Night JourneySusan kae Grant at Conduit October 2002
Oh Boy! Toys & GamesThe EASL benefit auction November 2000
100 HoursCelebrating its 100th anniversary the Dallas Museum of Art opened for 100 hours, though not everything was open. February 2003
Outside the LinesJuried show at The Bath House — with work by Lesli Robertson, Jerry Dodd, Suzanne Reagan Truex, Sheila Cunningham, Kathy Boortz and Joe Stokes. July 2002
Outside What Lines? exploring the lines the Outside The Lines show at the Bath House Cultural Center tends to ignore. I strongly suspect this controversial story got the not-yet-scheduled but long promised DallasArtsRevue group show there bumped (by their reactionary civilian review board, not their fabulous administrators.) May 2005
Pairings — including Shots in the Dark:
8 Portraits (of the artists)
at the DCCA with David Bates, Vernon Fisher, Linnea Glatt, Tracy Hicks, Nic Nicosia, John Pomara, Linda Ridgway and Andrea Rosenberg February 2001
Picture Yourself Prevuea Self-Portrait show at The MAC with work by Bill Barnett, Adrienne T Rosenberg, George Medellin and Kathy Boortz
Picture Yourself storywith more art by Dean Corbitt, Russ Reed, Terri Stone, Skip Noah, Sue Benner, Sheila Cunningham, Bob Nunn, Chris Fulmer, Julie Wright, John Ashley Bellamy and Ke Laine Kvale
Pix2: The Critics' Choices The Editor participates in an exhibition in which 11 area arts writers each pick an artist and some art. Lots of pictures and opinions expressed.
Plunging into The Darkness Michael Helsem writes about Jack Mim's Black Maps show at The MAC.
Pretty Little Things & PricklyDottie Love and Tom Sale at Gray Matters and Tom Sime, Celia Eberle, Rosalyn Bodycomb, Nate Cassie and Monica Pierce at Mulcahy Modern

Renoir and Algiers

Pinhead Renoir

our story about the press opening of Papa Renoir's odd show at the Dallas Museum of Art. Followed by a brief mention of Dallas Observer art writer Christine Biederman's critical remarks about the same show. June 2003
Rockwall NationalWhat's wrong with this annual suburban national art exhibition.
Sculptural Syncretism IICollin County Community College's show with art by Paul Booker, James Michael Starr, Terri Stone in November 2001
Soft Loot at MulcahyCelia Eberle and Tom Sime at Mulcahy Modern
Sometimes My Hand Has
A Mind of Its Own

Linda Finnell Memorial at SMU

Starting PlacesArtchitects' Study Models — The Borderline Between Imagination and Reality at The MAC June 2003
Submergedat the Bath House showing work by Diane Walker-Gladney Melodee Martin Ramirez and Ginger Strand January 2003
1026 TranquillaIndex of stories about DARts' first Membership exhibition
The Texas Biennial 2005

All Texas Biennial stories are linked from the Texas Biennial Index.

The First Biennial Story — art, artists & dimension
Venues and Artists — an introduction
Statistics, %ages & Numbers in the Biennial
Bad Bi — art I didn't want to see, at first
The Birth of the Biennial — how it started
Correspondance and Feedback about the Bi
Hi + Lo Tech Art

The Texas Biennial 2007

Putting the Bi in The Texas Biennial — Jarrod Beck, Mark Collop, Buster Graybill, William Hundley, Frances Bagley, Tom Orr, Virginia Fleck, Linda Pace, Brad Tucker, Andrew Anderson, Tom Matthews and David Ubias,

Texas Book of the DeadAnn Huey at the Bath House 2004
Texas Mudat Dallas Center for Contemporary Art with art by Christopher Hart, winter 2002
Two Impressionism Shows Fortuny to Picasso — Prelude to Spanish Modernism at Southern Methodist University's Meadows Museum and Gauguin and Impressionism at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.
U of D Faculty Show 2004 
 Vernissage The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD)'s first public event
The Virgin Show

Bad Art at the Citycratic Ice House has been a controversial page since the moment it went up. Mostly anonymous critics have called it racist, bad journalism and worse.

In it, JR writes about the art, and Kathy writes about how mediocre art hurts the community.

War & Peace at The MAC The McKinney Avenue Contemporary's annual Membership Show — topic: War & Peace
Wild Garage Muses -
The Webb Collection at The MAC
by Michael Helsem
Young Masters

The Dallas Museum of Art's annual high school student art show, this time featuring work by Nathan Jernigan, Ryan Stinson, Hope Hays and Nicole White April 2002


alphabetical by artist's last name                     
Artists Arting at ARtCon3 The story of the fund-raiser features Vance Wingate, Tammy K. Bond, Cathey Miller, Alison Marie Welsh, Kte Langley, Larry Carey, Elisabeth Schalij, Ruben Miranda and other artists make art for the auction the day before the big event
Shape, Simplicity, Texture,
Art + Craft
Brad and Laura Abrams at "The Other MAC"
David Bates

at Dunn & Brown

See also Faux Folk, a comparison with Pamela Nelson

Paul Booker & Steve Brudniakat 500X
Robert Bolandin performance at the Casket Factory — Running Spiral
Jim & Mary Lynn BowmanOut of the Fire at the Plano Art Centre
 grand opening of Bowman Hot Glass April 2002

Carolyn Brown

Sacred Space photographs at the Hall of State
Robert Bruno110 Tons of Steel; 23 Years to create his truly sculptural home near Lubbock, Texas
Gerald BurnsThis late poet was certainly DARts most prolific contributor ever. He wrote poetry, stories and critiques and drew illustrations, cartoons, and drawings.
Alex CoyleSpeaking Out About Spoken/Unspoken an installation by St. Marks high school student at The MAC's project room
 Martin Delabano + Billy Hassell
David DreyerTalismans of Sky by Michael Helsem
Sean EarleyRetrospective
Celia EberleSomeone to Play With
Linda FinnellMemorial at SMU
Dennis Harper Then & Now — Artist In Trajectory
Billy Hassell1986 story for some other magazine
Paul Rogers Harris:50 Years In Art — curated by Murray Smither
by Paul Rogers HarrisI Never Thought of Myself As an Artist
Tracy HicksArt Short Short Stories by Tracy Hicks — a long series of poignant words and pictures about a great many things, including homeless signs and frogs.
Mary Iron Eyes
Hatz, Cirigliana
A memorial tribute with art by Mary from JR's Collection and photographs of her Dallas wake July 13, 2003
Bert LongA collaborative story by J R Compton and Tre Roberts, originally for The New Arts Examiner
Chris Marsat the old Forbidden gallery near Fair Park
Rosemary Meza +
Steve Cruz
Their show upstairs at 500X and their 1997 Christmas card
Tom MoodyFor awhile, Tom Moody was this publication's biggest fan and best, certainly funniest, writer and cartoonist. Stories like this were his best DARts work.
Pamela NelsonComparison with David Bates
Will NelsonIt's High School Art Season again, and we got enraptured by young master Will

Tom Orr Moiré

One of Dallas' best sculptors at a now-defunct gallery
Sherry Owen's

Garage Sale and Neiman Marcus windows

Dan PirarroDARts was the first publication anywhere to publish drawings by the now syndicated Dallas cartoonist.
Jason RoskeyJason was the second person to submit his work for Review in the Revue.
T.StoneSolo sculpture show at the other MAC October 2002
Bill Traylor Beyond Plagiarizing He's not from around here, but Katja Zimmerman's a new writer and she had to write about something.
Ellen TuchmanOur visit to Ellen's studio February 2003
Richard Tuttle To Be Tuttlesque, a review of the Tuttle show at the Dallas Museum of Art, July 2006
Phillip Van KeurenThe Dark Wilderness of Time at SMU
Bob WebbSacred Tablets at The MAC
Nicole White

"Student Work" need not be a perjorative


alphabetical by interviewee's last name    

Index of Interviews Talking with Veronical De Anda

A short interview with CJ Davis

  The Joan Davidow Interview
  Interviewing Jeff Green
  a long and profusely illustrated interview (and visit) with Norman Kary
  a much shorter interview with Norman Kary
  An extended E-interview with James Michael Starr Part One & Part Two
  On the Effects of Selling Or Not Selling Art - with James Michael Starr

Being & Making in New Lebanon, an Interview with Bert & Ann Scherbarth by Jim Dolan

  Jeff Hogan & the Ever Expanding Universe, and interview by Jim Dolan

Jim Dolan's Interview With Matt Kaplinsky


alphabetical by name    

  Index of Visits
  The 3-D Adventures of David and TJ and Carolann in Lampasas and how it all began
  Showing Process — Us on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour and How that got going
  Quick Visits to Gray Matters and MFA galleries May 2005
Visiting Rowena Elkin We visit the innovative and well-liked Dallas sculptor not long before her death.
  Visiting Karla Leaphart 
  Visiting DARts Members Marty & Richard and Susan & Bill
  Exploring the Art of Dallas' Pre-eminent sculpture couple, Tom Orr and Frances Bagley
  Quick Visits: Mighty Fine Arts + Gray Matters - Iris Bustillos, Randy Bolton & Randy Regier, with high praise for the former Gray Matters (gallery gone now)'s wonderful bookstore


Index of Tours

alphabetical by artist or tour's name

Art in the Hood 2005Pleasant Grove as a revelation — and art, too.
Art in the Hood 2006 Brad and Laura Abrams, Mark Epstein, Roy Cirigliana, Lady Bug, The Sunshine Man, Robin Hawke and Valery Guignon along one of Dallas' best art tours
Art in Terminal D DFD art and installations by Tom Orr, Dennis Oppenheim, Anitra Blayton, Beat Streuli, Dennis Blagg, Christopher Janney, David Driskell and Jerome Meadows, Terry Allen, Benito Huerta, Arthello Beck, Billy Hassell, Beatrice Lebreton, Nancy Lamb,
  More art at DFW Airprot by some of the above artists and Philip Lamb and Susan Magilow, Linda Guy, Brad Goldberg,
The Cedars Jim and Mary Lynn Bowman, James Watral, Rick Maxwell, Shane Pennington or Eric Hall, Jeff Hogan, Ann and Bert Sherbarth  autumn 2005
Continental Gin Building Open Studios April 16 2005
Continental Gin Building Open Studios April 28 2006
Showing Process DallasArtsRevue on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour and How We Got There
DEEP Art Tour

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 - Deep as in Deep Elm

Drive-By Oak Cliff artists Eterno Metal, Douglas Darracott, Rosemary Meza and Steve Cruz, Michael Kinebel, George Scott, Dot Duval, Deirdre K Pope and Brian Jones April 2001
The Fort Worth Art
Galleries 2001 Tour
The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Tour September 2001
FWADA pre-DADA First, a week before the official Dallas Art Dealers Association's annual autumn gallery walk, some galleries that were in the new Contemporary Art Dealers Association and some that weren't
Then, a week later, came The Great DADA unDADA ARtWalk
The Long, Dark, Tea-
time of the Soul of Art

A weekend of Art in October 2002

M Street Lakewood
Artists Studio Tour
Jesus Chairez, Barbara West and David McCullough, Michael Tichansky, Judith Williams, Rober Mateo Diago, Dahlia Woods, George Goodenow, Chapman Kelly, Cindee C Kueny, William H Miller, Jim Frederick, Bob Munro, Terry Nikolis, Silvia Thornton & James Crowe  2006
North Dallas
Artist Studio Tour
First came my sendup of their PR for the tour. Then Anna and I took the tour, she won the prize, and we rounded up everything we said and thought. April 30 2005
Shamrock Hotel

Open Studio April 16 2005

a tour of Dallas galleries Visiting Art Spaces I'd Never Been to Before
The White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour Showing Process Again — a thorough and profusely illustrated tour
When Pigs Fly The Next New York?

Performance & Installations

alphabetical by title    

Hung Rocks at ConnemaraOur first photo story online — featuring strange, suspended rocks at Connemara by Art Shirer and Sherry Owens
Running SpiralRobert Boland's superb performance in the Casket Factory at Southside On Lamar June 21, 2003
White Rock Lake
Water Theater

by Tom Orr and Frances Bagley was made for the birds and turtles, but everyone can enjoy it.



alphabetical by title                     

An Accumulation of
Short Critiques of
Art in Dallas Volume One
and Volume Two

a probably out of date index with short stories and pictures about Mary McCleary, SMU's then-new Meadows Museum, a DVAC show, the 7th Croazón at the Bath House and Picasso Plates at Pillsbury Peters 2000 + 2001
Ageless Art by Bill Kysorand son Chris Kysor — at The MAC February 2003
A Reluctant Review after Outside The Lines 2005

Artists' Commentary

Short art comments by Dallas artists
The Art of Fashion Sherry Owens does the Neiman Marcus windows downtown. February 2002
Art Man Don Mangus tells the unchanging story of artists - volume I, II and III - in comix form.
As the Crowes Flya gentle, soaring review of James Crowe at Continental Lofts August 2002
The Best & Worst
of Dallas Art in 2003
The Best & Worst
of Dallas Art in 2004
Between Art and Not Blurring the lines
Bill and Susan Explore
Colors & Space
Husband Bill Verhelst and wife Susan Lecky make art that everybody says is wildly different, but J R finds some controversial similarities. Nobody ever much appreciated this story, but I really worked at it. Oh well.
Colloquy of ColorsHaute Cliff on Bishop and other abstractions by Michael Helsem
The Cricket, the Switch
& Other Wall Art Tales
Things on walls, some of which is art
Cutesy-Sinister Assemblage,
Angst Domesticated,
Art School Foolery,
Ode to Cadmium Red +
Bank Lobby Modernism
Michael Helsem has a panoply of considerations about a lot of art
Deja Vu All OverJR attempts to review all those people who insisted upon being reviewed on these pages. Now, nobody wants to.
Dave Hickey Critiques
Graduate Art Education
in America
We have three takes on this incisive lecture at UTD: Photos of Hickey and of the slides he showed, art educators Kathy Dello Stritto's story from notes at the lecture and Dwayne Carter's detailed story.
The Elbow of Artby Ken Shaddock, who mixes, Plato, Victor Dada, pornography, commercials on TV, Marcel Duchamp's sinuses, Dr. Seuss, synchronicity, chance, subconscious impulses, theoretical tools, assault, fog, psychoactive agents, logistics, the hyphothalmus, myelin, neuronical excuses, graffiti, the Red Sea, Daffy Duck, Pamela Anderson, lizard popes, midget gladiators, Angelina Jolie, Pandora, gummy worms, art and anti-art.
5 Sermuncles from
Food & Fiber
Michael Helsem's review of DARE's Last Stand:
The Texas Biennial at the Food & Fibre building in Fair Park in 1993. Illustrated with art by Tom Orr, Sharon Kopriva, Suzanne Paquette and a list of exhibiting artists and some hooraying by Exhibition Director Jeanne Chvosta. Reprinted from an issue of the DARE newsletter JR did.
A Garage Sale
History of Sherry Owens
a tour of the items in the sale and in the house she was moving from
Guilty Art Night Mini-Tour Jacques Lamy (lah-mee) on Dragon Street in the Trinity Industrial Design District, Mulcahy Modern off Bishop in Haute Cliffe, and the Dallas Contemporary deep in the Meadows Lands
Competitive Shows Should...an editor's rant
DARts HistoryA Short History of this magazine on paper and online — including About Us and a picture guide of sorts.
Hall Walls Searching the Back Halls of The Contemp
Hot & Cold ArtHeat at the Ice House and Cool at SMU
In Constellated Dreams Michael Helsem reviews Nancy Rebal at Craighead Green 2006
Is Rita Barnard the Only Dallas Artist
Concerned About the War?
No, but this story gives us a chance to discuss her anti-war work.
J R's Art Journal Matt Kaplinsky at Kül; the postumous Scott Barber Talk at The MAC with John Pomara, Barry Whistler and Dallas Observer critic Charissa Terranov (with notes on her elan and shoes; Tom Moody & Saskia Jordá at And/Or; and a small photo of the new 2917 gallery next to Barry's 2006
Kali & Macaroons In which writer Michael Helsem links psychedelic baby fat with bird work at Angstrom - spring 2005
Little Red Lights, Cute Furry
Animals, Wiggling Xs, Dreamies,
Floaties & Deadly Gleam

Erwing Redl at Conduit; Frank X Tollbert at Holly Johnson; Bernrda Luna, Kenda North and Isaac at Craighead-Green; and Scott Barber at Barry Whistler; and more Scott Barber, with Lance Jones at The MAC

Littler Showswith work by Steven Miller, Robert Boland, John Hold Smith, Laura Walters and James Crowe - winter 2002
Moonbase Alpha Michael Helsem looks for art at South Side on Lamar - spring 2005
The New Flat vs.
The New Bumpy
Vera Barnett at The MAC; John Pomara at Barry Whistler; Daniel Lintermans at Road Agent; and an art club at VACD 2006
oh 6 art collective
on Dragon Street
oh 6-ers John Davenport, John Ryan Moore, Aqsa Shakil, Sara Ishii, Shelby Cunningham, Polly Perez, Kristen Macy, plus Steve Cruz and Rosemary Meza, Randall Garrett, Charlie Mitcherson, Teresa O'Connor, Michael Wynne, Robert Moore, Eric Doeringer, Xena, Marcia Alaniz and Mary Benedicto
Orange and White +
Compound Eyes
Michael Helsem looks at art in galleries - June 2005
Prisoner of PopPerformance Art by Randall Garrett — and a short overview of Performance Art in Dallas over the years

Profiles in AestheticCourage

A humorous take on the Art Biz from our on-paper archives — words and pictures by Tom Moody.
Questions Concerning Edges What is Edgy Art? We trot out some examples and try to quantify the concept.
A Recent Survey of Dallas ArtA November 2004, two-part roundup of living and dead art in Dallas
A Review of an
Out of Town show

22 From Austin and local art in the same building as The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art

Short Shows 2000 Short reviews (many of which originated on the calendar page)
Short Reviews of 2002 many short reviews
Short Shows 2003short reviews
Short Reviews 2007  
Sizzling Summer ArtThe 10th New Texas Talent at Craighead-Green and Site Specific at Cidnee Patrick in July 2003
A Sky Full of CrowesJames Crowe's posthumous retrospective at the Irving Arts Center
Small Art Shows in 2001with art by Ludwig Schwartz, James Allumbaugh, Sonia King, Ginger Fox, Rosalyn bodycomb, Teresa O'Connor, Randall Garrett, Frank Tolbert, Zoe Steadham, Amy Gerhauser, Michael Rhoades, Carolann Haggard, Rosemary Meza, Sherry Owens, Chris Powell, Carol Cook, Norman Kary, Kathy Boortz, Jay Maisel, and Gladys Gostin
Speke, Parrott Michael Helsem explore The Artists Showplace and discovers a gem
Strange Art NightA Christmas 2004 romp around art in a church, at 500X and Plush
The Strange & Fickle
at Gray Matters showing art by Mark Ross, Rosemary Meza and Steve Cruz April 2002
J R's Summer Art Essays getting into some of the  more esoteric understandings of art 2005
Stuck in a World
Not My Own
The Georgia Stafford Retrospective and About About Her Death, a poetic letter to a poet.
The Tin Art Ranchwith Jim and Marylyn Bowman and Rick Maxwell

Tom & Frances Design
Verdi's Nabucco

Tom Orr & Frances Bagley collaborate design for sets and costumes for the DCO.
TSA @ NorthPark:
Art, Craft & Clutter
The annual Texas Sculpture Association show at NorthPark center — with photos of art by Kevin Parma, M Brigid Kroener, Rebecca Romanek Johnson, Kathy Boortz, Buster Graybill and David Hickman
TSA @ VACD Big winners in the tiny space in February 2006: Bob Coffee, Brenda Guyton, ERic McGehearty, Michael Pavolovsky, John Healey, Annie Davis and Morton Rachofsky
Tunnel Vision Why they called that particular Continental Gin Open Studio "Tunnel Vision."
2 in 02 02
2 shows in
February 02
José Vargas' annual Valentine Corazón show at the Bath House Cultural Center and Mary Nicolett's The Lady Is A Tramp pantyhose art and Johnny Robertson's Still In Hollywood at 500X
The Unforseeable End Michael Helsem reviews Lorena Tinajero at Decorazon
ViewsShort Commentary & Reviews of Dallas Art by Dallas Artists & Writers
Views & ReviewsSubindex
Wallpaper & Other
Repeating Patterns
A survey of recent trends in regional art as exhibited in several local art spaces, including 500X' annual Expo juried show
Wall Powerinstallation day at DCCA June 2002
What Artists Don't
Get To Decide
another JR Rant
Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops Michael Helsem visits Dallas' Biblical Arts Center

benefit auction at the DCCA showing art by Kelli Connell, Sherry Owens, Nicholas Wood, Brad Ellis, Lawrence Vineyard, James Watral, Todd Hagler, Lisa Ehrich and Art Shirer March 2002

Art Spaces
alphabetical by title                     
Arlington Museum of ArtHome Sweet AMA Home
Conduit7 pages of Conduit's 20th AnniversaryArt-In
Dallas Center for Contemporary Art

The Next Contmp — Their new building reminds us of their checkered and oft-rewritten history.

D-Art IndexD-Art, Dallas Visual Art Center, the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art — an index of stories and real history
DARE and The MAC
with Index of Stories
1990 - 2000
A History of DARE, DARE Accomplishments, a list of DARE-produced events, DARE vs. The MAC Part One and Part Two, the survey presented at DARE's first public meeting at the DMA, Leading Questions that drew the crowd, a review of the DARE Biennial, and another review and the T-shirt Show that never was.
Odd Wondermentsat 500X
Sculpture Hopping in
the Great Unfrozen North
Frisco's Hall Office Park is packed with fine sculpture from Dallas and Texas artists, we show work by Jerry Daniel, Polly Gessell, Andrew Rogers, Michael O'Michael, Eliseo Garcia, David McCullough, John Brough Miller, David Iles, Roger Neidhardt, James Sullivan, Isaac Smith, Jim Bowman, Mac Whitney, Art Shirer, Jim Cinquemani, Joe Barrington and others.
The Ice Housea two-page feature showing the architectural details and decorations of the Ice House Cultural Center in Old Oak Cliff

Sudden Transitions

See The Virgin Show above

Irving Arts CenterRain-splattered windows, the beginning of a series of photos of art spaces that never went anywhere. August 2000
Latino Culture CenterA photographic essay of the beautiful new art center still under construction near downtown Dallas.
The Modern Art Museum
of Fort Worth
Life? at The Modern? a negative review of the new building by Maria Santa Lucia
The Nasher Sculpture CenterPress opening
Visiting Pilot's Point We came to see art by friends in an historic building in this rural Texas town and learned a little about Texas Art History.
The 3-D Adventures of David
and TJ and Carolann in Lampasas

David Hickman, TJ Mabrey and Carolann Haggard make sculpture in the City Park in Lampasas, Texas

and TJ explains how the show happened.

The TVAA's New Space Of Hats & Sox & Visiting the TVAA's New Space in downtown Dallas
UTDStudent Art Show
Lone Tree at Barry Whistlerjust a photograph
Other Places to find stories about art
J R's Collection The Editor accumulates art then writes about it. Lots of pages. This is the index.
Art Movies Movies about artists and art reviewed


since June 15 2005

DARts Contents
Art Calendar