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Index of unDO Columns

My first five unDO (NOT The Dallas Observer) columns were written to meet the DO editor's changing concepts for catching up with what was going on in Dallas Art. All that time I thought there was a chance to become The Dallas Observer's art critic. Now I just wonder...

My adventures with the remarkably uncommunicative editor of The Dallas Observer are detailed on ThEdblog and via the following stories:

plastic bag at CentralTrak

wall art at Centraltrak

UnDO#1 - I'm Not The Dallas Observer's New Art Critic & Neither Are You was about UTD's Deep Fair Park area CentralTrak, Laura Abrams at Haley Henman, Salon du FIT at the Bath House, and Morton Rachofsky at The Geo MADI.

Simeen Ishaque - We Won't Kill You

Simeen Ishaque - We Won't Kill You, 2008 at The MAC

unDO#2 - Repeating Patterns & New Ideas about Simeen Ishaque [above] and Laray Polk (whose work I revisited in more length in #3) at The MAC and CADD's then future new ArtLab downtown gallery.

Vallery Guignon - Glass Dot Mobile at Haley Henmann

unDO#3 - Deja Vus, Skewed Views, 3-D oohs & The Muse, covering several of the exhibitions surrounding the Texas Sculpture Association's 25th Anniversary celebrations and symposium and the opening of the CADD ArtLab.

Marla Ziegler - Babbles

Marla Ziegler - Babbles (detail) at Craighead Green

unDO#3.5 - Sculpture Superb, the Shaped Addendum, about Marla Ziegler and Isaac Smith at Craighead Green and Harry Geffert and James Surls at Gerald Peters. Two shows we missed by going to Art in the Metroplex in Fort Worth during the TSA celebration in unDO#3.

Ddriana Carvalho

Adriana Carvalho - from her "Love" series at HCG

unDO#4 - Empty Pants — a story about the opening night of Miami-based Brazilian sculptor Adriana  Carvalho's show at HCG near Dragon Street — after the editor re-parameterized my potential column to alternate with a first-person bar-review, so for this he wanted me to make readers feel they were present at the opening of an art exhibition.

None of the images on this index is used in the stories linked. I like that about this page. A new tradition.

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