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By far the quickest and easiest way to find any specific artist on this site is to Search This Site for them.
  1. Click on the Search - or Search This Site link on top of almost every DARts page,
  2. Fill in the blank with something simple, like a last name, or something distinctive
  3. Keep it simple. Type in lower case proper names, avoid first names, use the most distinctive word in titles, etc.
  4. After the first search, you can get more specific or Boolean.
But there are many other ways to find artists here. We have, for example: .


DARts has a kajillion Indexes and Sub-indexes, all of which are linked on the revised Site Index page.

Subindexes of Artists

Links to Dallas artists with websites

Sculptors in stories from Small Sculpture in Texas

Dallas artists talk about Art and Interviews with Artists

Dallas artists portrayed in DARt's Online Self-Portrait Exhibition

Artists who use the Internet in strange, new and annimated ways are listed in the Aesthetic Crisis Center.

Artists whose works show up in Public Art

Dallas artists included in JR's Art Collection

Artists we wrote about or whose comix we publlished when Dallas Arts Revue was printed on paper (from 1979~1996) - The DARts Archives

The few Dallas artists who tell us what's happening in their lives that makes them newsworthy.

Artists and others who write Letters to the Editor exclaiming or complainiing about this online rag.

There are artists in the shows listed in DARts' Index of Shows.


This list is painfully out of date and less and less likely to be updated. I wish names could be added automatically. But I can't do that, and so many recently mentioned names aren't here.-JRC

Alphabetized by Last Name, these artists are at least mentioned in the stories linked below. If your name or the artist you're seeking is not listed here, try Searching This Sitesee above ), which is how I find names on this giant site.This list is not yet complete. Add1, Add2 or Again, etc. indicates additional page mentions of these artists. I am gradually changing this terminology to specific shows.Some few of these links link you directly to the artists' mention on those pages. Most, however, simply link you to the page, where they might be mentioned more than once, so scan the whole page.
John Abrams, James Allumbaugh, Wayne Amerine, Robert Dale Anderson, Spencer Anderson, Dale Andrew, Clay Austin,Frances Bagley, add1, Debbie Ballard, Rita Barnard, Joe Barrington, Carol Barth, David Bates, Sybil Bauer, Christine Bisetto, Rosalyn Bodycomb Home Sweet Home, Pretty Little Things, Paul Booker, Syncretism CCCC, Kathy Boortz, Rachel Bounds, Jim Bowman, Jack Brockette, Carolyn Brown, add1, Gerald BurnsNate Cassie, Diana Chase MAC Membeship, White Rock Tour 2000, White Rock Tour 2001, Corazon Show, Jim Chupa, Jim Cinquemani, Glo Coalson, Artyce Colen, Anna Cooper eXpo, Paul Covington, Michael Cross, James Crowe, Esteben Cruz, Steve Cruz, Sheila Cunningham,Jerry Daniels, Douglas Darracott, Annie Davis, Martin Delabano, Judy DeSanders, Betsy Doan, James Drake, Suzanne Dulany, David Duncan, Dot Duval,Sean Earley, Ceilia Eberle, add1, Rowena Elkin visiting, comparison, Enrico Embroli, Daniel Erwin, David Everett,Vincent Falsetta Home Sweet Home, Amanda Farris, Nancy Ferro, Linda Finnell, Annie C Foster,Eliseo Garcia, add1, Harry Geffert, Amy Gerhauser, Polly Gessel, David H Gibson, Heather Gorham, Linda Gossett, Buster Graybill, Jeff A Green, Paul GreenbergCarolann Haggard, Ruth Hamilton, Paul Rogers Harris, one, two, Viv Harris-Bonham, Isai Hernandez, David B. Hickman White Rock Tour 2000, at Valley House, White Rock 2001, Tracy Hicks, Homeless signs, Mary Hood, Anita Horton, Jin-Ya Huang, Ann Huey, Gary Huntoon,David Iles, Simeen Ishaque,


Chris Jaeger, Becky Romanek Johnson, Larry-Paul Jones,Norman Kary EASL Toy, comparison, DADA 2001, AMA 2002, Home Sweet Home, Sonia King, Kathleen Kinkopf, Ina Ko, Michael Knebel, Bill Komodore, Sharon Kopriva,Nancy Lamb Home Sweet Home, Dottie Love, Keitha Lowrance eXpo 2002,Barbara Mabli, Angelic Macabare, Lee McBride eXpo 2002, David McManaway, Elizabeth Bailer Mahy, Don Mangus, Chris Mars, Cesar Mateos, Manuel Mauricio, Rick & Carolyn Maxwwell, Mary McCleary, David McCullough, add2, Brad McMillan, Neil McNeill, Jay Meisel, Rosemary Meza, Drive By 2001, John Brough Miller Valley House, Hall Office Park, Tom Moody, Roberto Munguia, Brandon Murphy, Linda Murray eXpo 2002,David Newman, Roger Neidhardt, Mary Nicolett, Brookhaven, Skip Noah, Bob NunnTeresa O'Connor, Michael O'Michael, Tom Orr, add2, add3, add4, Julia Ousley, Sherry Owens Hanging Rocks, Valley House, Eat Art, Brookhaven, Neiman-Marcus,Santiago Pena, Pablo Picasso, Monica Pierce, Dan Pirarro, Deirdre K. Pope, Tim Prentice, Tom Pribyl Modern Inconveniences,Margaret Ratelle, Richard & Marty Ray White Rock 2001, op cit, Frank Reaugh, Michael Rhoades, Nola Richards eXpo, Linda Ridgeway, Mel Ristau, Johnny Robertson, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Andrew Rogers, Andrienne T Rosenberg, Mark Rubino, Lynn Noele Rushton, Gary RutherfordTom Sale, Bert Scherbarth, Tony Schraufnagel eXpo, Ludwig Schwartz, Rusty Scrubby, Ken Shaddock, Art Shirer Hung Rocks, Valley House Op Cit, Hall Office Park, Tom Sime, Isaac Smith, John Holt Smith, Ellen Soderquist, Georgia Stafford, Erin V Sotak eXpo, James Michael Starr, Critics Choice 2001, Continental Gin Studio, Syncretism at CCCC, Zoe Steadham Arts Magnet, Continental Gin, Linda D Stoke, Terri Stone White Rock Tour, Syncretism at CCCC, Danny Stover, James Sulivan, add 1,Kathryn Thomas, Larry Thompson, Frank Tolbert, Alex Troup, Janet Tyson Home Sweet Home, Doppleganger,Marie Van Arsdale, Philip Van Keuren Night Cometh, Brookhaven, Dark Wilderness of Time José Vargas, Mary Vernon, Viva La VulvaLaura Walters, Carolyn Waite, James Watral, add1, Bob Webb, Candis Wheat, Caroline White, Derrick White, Mac Whitney Valley House, Hall Office Park, Roger Winter, Dahlia Woods,Joan Zalenski
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