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Dallas artists and galleries should email us information for our Art Calendar. Use the guidelines in pink box below, or email Anna, and she'll help you prepare your listing.

DallasArtsRevue's latest email address is, but just send it once, okay?



DallasArtsRevue does not sell art or find galleries or jobs for artists


Don't ask for a job. There aren't any. I don't pay me anything, and there is no staff.

I won't do your research or find a place to show or sell your art. That's your job. I provide information. You do your own due dilligence — your own Dada duty.

This site has great, often updated pages of Opportunities for Artists and an Art Space Information listing galleries and other art spaces.

I do pay writers to write, and there's a section of our Submissions page devoted to that possibility,
but nobody seems to want to make money that way.

Current DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members are the only artists we keep up with. We do not keep up with all the other artists mentioned on these pages. If the story mentions a gallery or art space, contact them.

If you lose an artist, go to the Lost Artists page.

My standard reply about the value of any art is that it is determined by what you can get for it. There is no instrinsic financial value for art objects, gold (the price changes many times every day) or pressed latinum.



Honest criticism is hard to take,
particularly from a relative, a friend,
an acquaintance or a stranger.


Franklin P. Jones     




If you're planning to send the editor long, winding PR statements about the art you are showing, Think Again.

If you really want to pique interest in your art, send images of the work in your show. Our readers are artists, and artists think in pictures, not words.

The vast majority of the images we publish are either 888 pixels wide - horizontal (landscape) format or 666 pixels wide for verticals to a maximum of 10 inches tall. If you make your images at least 888 pixels wide, the editor can see them well enough to decide whether to attend your show. Titles sometimes help. Text does not.

Don't explain it, show it.

I don't read long emails extolling the virtues of your art. I delete them.



Publication of my photographs on this site by anyone, either on paper or online must credit " photo by J R Compton." with this link, Permission to use any of these photographs for commercial purposes must be in writing, and you'll probably have to pay for it.



PM Summer - You may have art in your home that you are unaware of!


PM Summer, of 500X in the early 1980s



DallasArtsRevue Policies

Pefection in unlikely.



FEEDBACK (subhead)

Positive, negative or malevolently mean-spirited, we love your Feedback. The management assumes that Letters to the Editor are for sharing, and we love to publish negative feedback. If you don't want to see your opinions or complaints published on our Feedback page, don't send them.



Favorite journalism quote

Mark Twain Quote: "Ours is a useful trade with all its lightness and frivolity, It has one serious purpose, one aim, one specialty, And it is constant to it: The deriding of shams, the exposure of pretentious falsities, The laughing of stupid superstitions out of existence. And that who so is by instinct engaged in this sort of warfare Is the natural enemy of royalties, nobilities, privileges and All kindred swindles — and the natural friend of Human rights and human liberties."




Site Indexes you might find useful

The link list down what the editor calls the cover — also known as The Index or Home Page — is the only regularly updated link page for this site, which contains more than 400 web pages.

The Cover of the DallasArtsRevue has the most up to date, albeit unorganized, list of links to recent stories and reviews.

A Simplified Introduction to the Pages of DallasArtsRevue

The Site Map / Contents :  Indexes + Subindexes; Writers, Popular Features, How Tos, Views, Resources, etc.

Contents: The almost exact same page as the Site Map, only this one is color-coordinated.

If you have a complaint about a page, tell me the web address of it.

There's more than 700 of those here, and I don't have them all memorized. In fact, there's pages in here I haven't seen in years.



Stony Burns quote: "We only print the facts, but sometimes the facts aren't true."






Stony was the Publisher of Dallas NOTES from the Underground before I was,
but it was Doug Baker who started NOTES in 1967 at SMU,
and later hired Stoney Burns
nee Brent Stein,

and before Stony went off to publish the Lone Star Dispatch (LSD, get it?),
he introduced me to the staff as "the next publisher of Dallas NOTES.

But he must have changed
his mind, because then he sicked the White Panthers of Fort Worth
(buncha White guys and one White woman)
on me after he claimed to have sold stocks
(there never was any)
in it to them.

He told me he flipped out on acid three times,
and only came back twice.

All that hubub eventually subsided,
and they published some paper, and we
published another
And for a couple months
those kept changing names,
till there was only Hooka.

Meanwhile Doug Baker, whom Stony fired
for being a truly lousy writer
(true) published Dallas News,
and when that got too confusing,

(There's this other paper in Dallas called The Dallas Morning News)

he changed the name to Iconoclast, for which
he claimed their "monthly"
sales figures for
all the weekly publications,
when it published five times in one month.

We never had to lie about our circulation,
and HOOKA continued to outsell Icaughtheclap
more than five to one.

Stony and I remained freiendly,
but not social 
till he died.

Doug and I are now friends on Facebook.


Types of Submissions


Visit my online

My personal website

See my



If you want to phone

If you just have to send me postal mail

Some who have helped

"J R Compton

Resume and Exhibition List

DARts Member Page.

The Amateur Birder's Journal

Movie Reviews and Art-related Movie Reviews

E-mail me first.

include your email address. I rarely send postal mail.

Art Shirer  Ken Shaddock  James Michael Starr  Michael Helsem Jim Dolan  Katja Zimmerman  Norman Kary  Kathy Dello Stritto  Anna Palmer  and many others

Yes, there are way too many men and not nearly enough women who contribute to this publication. If you'd like to write for, contact the editor via the link near the top of this page.

And yes, DallasArtsRevue pays writers, if they wish. I wish I could find more writers to pay to write, so the editor could write less.



See also

Site Index - an elderly list of all the then-current directories on this humongous website.

The DARts Resource Index, which lists these and other pages you may wish to be included in:

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When things go well
for days on end,
it is an hilarious accident.


. . .  Kurt Vonnegut

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“A system of depressions and associated troughs will follow one another in quick succession over Dallas and the north," it said. "Insecure, rather sad feeling today and tomorrow, followed by short-lived griefs, some heavy, some stormy, with cheerful intervals. By midweek the griefs will be dying out, rather sooner in the south. Drives weak to moderate, veering creative to instinctive. Temperament chillier than normal for the rest of the week, but serene; however, some early-morning fear in the latter half of the week is expected to form in the low-lying areas, dispersing slowly each day.”


The Caltraps of Time by David I. Masson,
only he said Scottland, not Dallas.





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Optimize your monitor



If you can see the edges of these grays and colors — especially in the black and magenta scales,
your monitor is adjusted about as well as mine is.
Don't worry about the too-subtle yellow scale.


The links under the following images may contain more specific instructions on calibrating your monitor.

I'll start you off with this one, that my iMac passed with flying colors and tones. No sense stealing that image to stick here, when it looks so good and works well right where it is, which is at

Another Grayscale

calibration bars





Step Example from dPr

Monitor Calibration


Photo Friday Monitor Calibration Tool


monitor cal


from, where you'll find instructions



I collect these things. If you know of another one, please send a link to it.

More monitor — and camera — calibration information stories online:

Monitor Calibration
Digital Focus: Calibrate Your Monitor by Dave Johnson
wikiHow's How to Calibrate Your Monitor
Calibrating Your Monitor
Making fine prints in your digital darkroom; Monitor calibration and gamma by Norman Karen
Calibrate Your Monitor by Jacci Howard Bear
Calibrate Your Digital Camera
Neutral References for Digital Camera Calibration

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