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DARts Editor Named Dallas'
Best Local Arts Promoter

DallasArtsRevue.com Editor/Publisher J R Compton was listed in the D-Magazine August 2004 Best Of Dallas issue as ...

You can read the information below or track down their website version via the link above.

Click the printer icon left of the pink hatted cowgirl, then scroll down past all the food to the 2nd paragraph of the Arts & Culture section:


J R Compton
Dallas has its share of art critics, but few can claim the career longevity of the curmudgeonly J R Compton, who’s covered the local arts scene since the early ’70s. His web site provides exhaustive coverage of local artists, shows, and cultural happenings. With his educated eye and knowledgeable sense of history, he’s not afraid to dish out some strong opinions."

The only issue I have with the D toast is that, although I have repeatedly requested it, and they have repeatedly assured me that they have and / or will send it to me, I still do not have the Best of Big D certificate supposedly all winners get, to show off to friends and clients.

I'm beginning to believe I never will get that certificate, and I'm tired of asking for it. (Never got it.)

Thanks, anyway, D-Magazine. It's an honor. I only wish I could show off the certificate.

— JR Compton, Editor/Publisher.


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