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Index of Gerald Burns
Stories, Art & Poetry

A list of links to web pages of stories and art by and about Gerald Burns, the poet, writer, artist, illustrator, cartoonist, painter, art critic, literary critic, philosopher, clown, magician, banjo player, circus worker (he cleaned up after the lions) and friend, who died in 1998.

Link Lists on this page: Gerald Burns in DallasArtsRevue and Gerald Burns on the Internet

The Cockroach Fancier #1: The power of the press At Better Bookstores - a cartoon illustration by Gerald Burns
Gerald Burns Illustrations on this page
are from the Collection of J R Compton.

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Gerald Burns in DallasArtsRevue

Poetry By Gerald Burns

Air & Angels

Tolbert's Galveston Period

Yellowbird's In Ildefonso

Surrealism at Menil

Old Shapes Revisited

Stories By Gerald Burns

Sketching Topelss Dancers - with one drawing by Gerald Burns

Drawing Sculpture with ten drawings by Gerald Burns of works at A Century of Sculpture in Texas, 1889 - 1989 at the Huntington Art Gallery at the University of Texas at Austin

Gerald's Foreword to Small Sculpture in Texas — a book of JR Compton's 3-D art stories that's now a section of DallasArtsRevue

Art By Gerald Burns

Page of Gerald Burns Drawings published in Dallas Arts Revue when it was printed on paper, mostly from the mid 80s — annotated by JR Compton

Kazoo painting of DARts Editor JR Compton by Gerald Burns

Gerald's cover drawing for Small Sculpture in Texas  


Stories About Gerald Burns

Remembering Gerald Burns by DallasArtsRevue editor J R Compton, a fond remembering of a friend and cohort

The Lusury of Geraldization by Portland, Oregon poet, writer, publisher and Gerald Burns devotee Douglas Spangler

Exegesis of a spread from Gerald's Leatherette Reminder diary for mid-May 1982

About Her Death, JR's letter to Gerald Burns about mutual friend Dallas artist Georgia Stafford's suicide and funeral


Mole States II, a cartoon illustration by Gerald Burns

Gerald Burns on The Internet 


BurnsPage - with some photographs of Harvard college student Gerald Burns and an MP3 file of him reading his early (!) work. Page by David Fowler, who E-mailed me to tell me about his page. Sweet to hear Gerald's voice again. Amazing that he was writing such rich poetry so early.

The Meaning of Locality


Reprising Longinus

Spoken Poetry

Games & Poetry 

Book Promotion

Dalkey Archive Press page for their publication of Gerald Burns' Shorter Poems, "winner of the 1992 National Poetry Series Competition.

McPherson & Company's short bio with links to short blurbs on his book, Toward a Phenomenology of Written Art



Gerald Burns Manuscripts and Documents - lists contents of a collection. Nothiing web accessible except data.


University of California, San Diego - The Register of Gerald Burns Manuscripts and Other Documents 1978-1985

a mole with a hole, a cartoon illustration by Gerald Burns

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His drawing were rarely dated.

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