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Tom Orr's work has always filled me with awe. His simple structures and often delicate lines and a constant flow of differing backgrounds and techniques prove him as at once Dallas' most sensitive and most intelligent sculptor.

The main problem with these photographs is that the piece doesn't really look like this. It actually looks like a waterfall of black steel tubes. The optical interference pattern and resulting moiré, however, confuses my digital camera. Too bad the show is down and the gallery's out of business... But this (above) was the first piece we saw, nearly filling the gallery's front room.

A slightly closer-up view shows the steel rods of this make-believe waterfall much better, but still leaves us solidly in the fantasy of interference patterns and optical illusion. I found that walking slowly around it or turning my head allowed me to see the stripes on the wall behind the pieces as a neutral gray ground, so I could focus more on the gushing stream of black steel.

This is as close as I got to capturing those elusive steel bars. 


On the walls behind the above piece are several smaller pieces. Delicate wire-frame '"tubes" cascade out of the linear op art backgrounds like horizontal fountains or spills.



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