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J R’s Art Ennui & Objectivity Indexes

Equi Post - Copyright 2008 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Eat Art #4

The reference is at the top of that page, so this may be the best of the bunch. Why it's on the top of this page, I suppose.

J R's Midnight Ramble for October 2002

Another top of the page reference. If I cared, I could tell you which is more relevant or elucidating or illuminating. But I wouldn't be putting together a page of ennui references if I much cared.

ThEdblog 003

About half way down under a really good image [above] for ennui and a headline that reads "ennui" lies another story of another of my bouts with ennui, which the very short story above it, under the headline "once," seems to bring to fruition and end.

Interesting to note that all three pages so far form a subjunctive continuum of my need to tell first person singular stories about my involvements in art.

ThEdblog 002

More ennui's under the Union Pacific boxcar tagged "TIERD" but it's just a mention.

Interview with Joan Davidow

This interviewer explains to that interviewee about my bouts with art ennui. She understands all too well.

DARts Feedback

About a third the way down the 2004 Feedback page I mention that I was just back from one of those extended ennuis. The word is not uttered on that page again. Probably have to do a page search, because I'm too bored to go back through all these pages to place anchors on them to mark the spot with much more specificity.

Midnight Ramble for August 2005

At it again, and this one starts at the top, so anybody can find it with barely a scroll. Next that word down says I'd been writing about it for the previous 19 paragraphs. Yuck. They're short graphs, but that's an awful length.

Short Reviews 2005

And I'm at it again. Nearish the bottom of the page underneath the Kenda North woman in high heel shoes and billowing dress. Aptly submerged. You'd think I'd get tired of writing about these things. Wouldn't we?

The Amateur Birder's Journal - January 2007 - January 11th entry

Second paragraph under the coot's foot, just above the Pelicans beaking I'm yapping along about getting bored shooting the same old birds every time and quitting for a week. It always seems to help.

J R Learns the D200 — Day 27

These are the pages that lead to me doing the Amateur Birder's Journal. This time it's me learning my then new camera. I'm still learning it, if anyone cares. I sorta do.

I don't actually use the word till the third paragraph after the Expanding into the Why Dangle headline and the blurry photo of the splish-splashing fountain at Fair Park.

It might be worth noting that though the search engine covers more than just the DallasArtsRevue.com site — it covers my personal site and a couple of others that I also produce or started or something like that, and that might be construed as a drawback, it also yields a certain rise-to-the-top-of-Google searches prominence, because who provides said searching facility is Google itself. Kinda a more-than-worth-its-while tradeoff. And because this site is essentially a nonprofit enterprise, no ads. Hallelujah!

The Fierce Index

Oh, yeah, and what led directly to the compilation of this complication was The Show Blog on the Fierce Index, just as I was discovering an already festering instance of Weltschmerzlich malaise.

Other Mentions

The word also appears once in the Eat Art index and once in the Index of Midnight Rambles, both times pointing to instances already discussed above.


The Objectivity Index

Two Buildings in Congress - Photograph Copyright 2010 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Two Buildings In Congress

I may have written about my disbelief in objectivity almost as often as I have about my Art Ennui [above]. This list is not all-inclusive. I got really bored about half-way through the job and may never finish. With luck, I will never have to write about it again and simply reference this page.

Pix2 - the barest mention of non-objectivity and how I'm not affected by that scourge, so I can write about a show I've participated in.

EAT ART #8 - In which I talk about being selected for a prize in a show that my then-girlfriend and another good friend both were jurors for. A fascinating tangle of conflicting interests for those who care about these things.

J R's Midnight Ramble #2 (May 2002) - A short non-essay on the uselessness of objectivity in a story about the absurdity of creating another useless-osity: "a unified voice for the visual arts in the Dallas community."

A Blurb in ThEd 001 - In which I briefly discuss my non-objectivity in a short letter agreeing to be a guest curator for John Pomara's Critic's Pix2 at UTD in 2008.

A Blurb in ThEd 003 - Again discusses most critics' aversion to seeming to be un objective. Of course no one ever is objective, and everybody always seems unobjective. Which only seems fair.

An E-versation + Reluctant Review - The mother lode. This is a review requested — then actively argued against — of a work by an artist whose work I originally did not mention in my review of a group show. Turned out to be a fairly controversial — though not particularly popular — page. It's the mother lode, because in it the editor stretches every which way to review a piece I was just fine with not ever mentioning in polite company. Then having to explain why I didn't review the stupid thing. A real pain, but a fascinating psychological study, nonetheless.

The Trinity - The 2006 McKinney Avenue Contemporary Member Show - Okay, I admit, it's only two lines, and the main reason I'm putting it here in this index is to get you to go there and look at all the pretty pictures, including one of my own. One of my best in years. I rarely collage, but this is a collage. Talk about being non-objective...

"What I Know" on the Submitting Work for Review in DallasArtsRevue page that I'd long forgotten, because I thought it would be fun to review work I hadn't seen in exhibition. But it turned out nobody wanted to be reviewed fairly. They only wanted to be reviewed positively, even if their work was dreck, and after a short while, nobody submitted any work for review on these pages, because the last thing any submitting artist wants is to have to learn about their own work. Another subtle scheme involving the concepts of objectivity without actually talking about it/them.

The Visual Speed Bump Art Tour - In which J R  describes when an artist I had been championing appreciated my stories so much she gave me a piece of art. [Under the picture of Polly Signing Bunny's Left Foot]


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