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June 3 2011

as of December 8, 2004

I hadn't checked this site's popularity in a long, long, long time. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw this, this first graph I usually check — for the past week. Substantially higher than normal. Or at least the normal I'd got used to seeing. Nice.

Checking, I see this week's hits are about double the usual hits. Not sure why yet, but I'll find out.

But first, a word from our nearest Reality Checker. All these stats are subject to serious reconsideration. Read this page to see how the Web actually works — as opposed to the gibberish in site reports.

2004 annual hits

400,000 hits this year to all DARts pages. Wow! again. I'm impressed.

October 2002 to October 2003 chart

This chart shows the number of daily visitors from September 18, 2002 through October 7, 2003. And no, I have no idea, why the number spiked up to 2,809 on July

Thanks for visiting DARts! 

This is a rarely updated page. I add new info here about once every 5 or 6 months, because almost nobody ever visits this page, except me.


Visitors and Pageviews

The most popular pages during the 30 days
of June 22 - July 22, 2004

    1. The Cover
    2. The 404 page

      (The 404 Page Not Found page is what visitors get when they either type the URL incorrectly or get a bad link (There's plenty of those here, but I keep tracking them down.)

    3. Ken Shaddock's Membeship page
    4. The Calendar
    5. Artists with Web Pages
    6. Schools and Classes
    7. DARts Membership Index
    8. Gallery & Art Spaces Information
    9. The Free Opportunities Page
    10. Dallas Art Groups
    11. JR's Transition Index
    12. Gerald Burns' Sketching Topless Dancers
    13. DARts Feedback
    14. art-crit/artWeekend-10-18-02/ArtWkEnd.shtml
    15. Conduit's 20th Anniversary Index
    16. JR's New White Rock Lake Journal
    17. JR's Collection page 14
    18. The Aesthetics Crisis Center
    19. The DARts Index
    20. Movies A-D
    21. DARts Site Map
    22. JR's Collection Index
    23. A Short History of DallasArtsRevue
    24. Richard Ray's member page
    25. The Movies Index
    26. How to Submit Stuff to DallasArtsRevue


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