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24 January 2002

Mr. JR Compton,

Enclosed is a check for $50 towards my membership. I am amazed at how much info you provide for and about the artist community in Dallas. I've only recently discovered your site, but now I'm hooked and check it out almost daily. The frequency of new additions and up to date information is just great. Keep up the good work — - I need the daily reminder that there are other artists out there, struggling along with their unique visions.

Suzanne Reagean Truex

13 January 2002

Hi J R

I am so pleased with my work being featured on your main page.

Little by little — I am passing the word around to people about how neat it is to have pages up on your site — like I told you — I initally didn't know I was "joining" anything — I just thought your site had the largest pool of information on Dallas and area visual arts I had seen anywhere — with honest opinions and an open forum for artists to speak up. A great calendar, a catalog of artist web pages, lots of visual art history of our area, etc.

I simply wanted to "donate" a little ( to you ) for the hugh amount of time and effort that goes into the dallasartsreview site ..... so I sent $50 and before I know it — I have the opportunity to be shown on this site — what a great deal — and you took the pictures too — that $50 stretched further than most memberships I send in for other art related stuff.

Keep up the good work J R — I will spread the word to some of my friends — maybe we will see the "member" group expand — or call us the dallasartsreview "support" bunch or something like that-- you know a lot of artists have a thing about."joining" or becoming "members" of things — maybe there is another term that will catch on?

Anyway, I love having my pages up on your site — the photos are the BEST too!

Marty R

4 December 2001

Now, now — calm down. It [ DVAC idiocies ] ain't worth all the anger I detect in your response. I don't think anything will change. I'll put the little catalogue in the mail to you — you'll see for yourself that some of the faces are those of the wealthy elite that have always loved to control things.

I don't know what artists can do about this situation. They seem to want the support of the wealthy, but always forget, that with their support comes their control, manipulation and greed. Nothing new in that. Perhaps some artists have put the wrong order to their priorities.

Is art a commodity for the wealthy? Why should art sell for such high prices? Why are there 'middlepeople' who scalp the artists and the buyer? The commercialization of 'fine' Art is its undoing — unfortunately. At least as far as I'm concerned. The purchase of most Art today is no different than the purchase of a new designer chair or sofa or home. It's about ego isn't it?

I like to think of art as a verb. I'm just a human being — remember? Not an Artist. I art. I like arting. I have arted for a long time and I prefer to live an artistically arted life. That's art with a lower case 'a'. I'll leave Art to the galleries, the museums and the likes of the patricia meadows of the world. Who does Art serve these days? Has the audience for
Art changed in the last 500 years?

TJ Mabrey  

21 November 2001

Been reading the news and so sorry Barbara was fired. Difficult times. Our perceptions are off, I believe because of the NY bombing. People are acting out of their fear. Tragic. What happened at DVAC is ( from my own experience ) the nature of the non profit beast. Turnover means and can include every one! I don't know all the circumstances around the firing and hesitate to judge. New folks, new vision, new money, new employees is the way it goes. Sometimes things that happen this way are for the best. We can't see our part in it until we're down the road a bit ( if we choose to look inward ).

Anonymous Reader

  4 November 2001

Also — L and I were very upset, but not surprised to learn of Barbara [ West )'s firing (so glad you used that word instead of "let-go"). I knew when [Joan Davidow] was hired that this would happen — her "agenda" does not fit with the spirit of DVAC, and I also feared for the future of the organization, and had already decided not to renew our membership or participate in any shows or receptions in protest. Barabara's firing sealed the decision to not renew in February.

Instead, our support will go to you. Lisette's experience with JD is identical to ours — she told us we should give it up 'cause we didn't have "IT." She couldn't explain what "IT" was — only that WE didn't have "IT." If you visit DVAC "IT" is there now and it feels more like an "art morgue" than the vital, living, exciting, inclusive community art center it was. Who needs more sterile art walls, anyway?

Love ya!

P.S. Have you read The Re-Engagement of Art by Suzi Gablik? I think a read and discussion of this book would be a great beginning for the art community who is tired of "exclusivity."


1 November 2001

Thanks so much for attending the reception of Sculptural Syncretism (Spring Creek Campus, CCCCD) and reviewing it on your website. We appreciate your interest in the arts in the Dallas area and especially at our gallery! The name of the gallery is THE ARTS gallery. I hope you will plan to attend more of our opening and shows in the future.

Donna Brown,
assistant to Vicki Mayhan, Director of Galleries

25 October 2001

Thanks for the kind words, JR. I was so excited to see you liked my work!

Sonia King

3 October 2001

With much prompting from another artist, I joined the internet crowd this summer and your program has been an enjoyable discovery in my search for informative art news, calenders, etc. I applaud your continued passion to keep putting it out there. And your article on DARE vs.MAC was heartfelt. I imagine most of us from our generation have similar stories.

The story, I imagine, goes something like this:

Person loves art. Person loves art and studies and makes it his / her whole life. Artists value their freedom to explore and create ( the greatest place to be ). Artists value and know the magic, the power of this place in mind and spirit. Artists want to share. Artists need support. Artists can't find it. Artists create alternative space. Artists gets tired. Egos flair. Friends fight. Burn out. Expectations were perhaps too high? Can't pay bills. Artists seek spiritual refuge in long walks at the lake, read great poets and study work from various fields in religion, philosophy, etc. Artists heal. Artists continue to find ways to work and survive. Artists still very concerned about the poor condition of the arts in Dallas.


16 September 2001

Thanks for this valuable and resourceful coverage!

Greg Metz

10 September 2001

Really enjoyed both your brother's wedding and the HOP site. Thanks... I loved the intense blue that threaded through the wedding. And, it is great to see TX artist's work doing its stuff.

Ellen Soderquist

  4 September 2001

Was perusing your site; ran into Dwayne Carter's new site and am absolutely KNOCKED OUT!!! This may be the most exciting piece of art I have seen in 10 years!!! Cannot wait to show it to Zoe in the morning! You are right; he should be a superstar!

Also wanna tell you that I love how you have expanded your site! Man, it has to be a full-time job to keep that stuff up and running!... and for folks like me, it is decidedly worth it. Thanks for doing it...and for being my friend, even though we are too busy to even grab lunch! Soon, tho, I hope.

XX Sandy


9 August 2001

What a dedicated Editor — - DVAC report excellent companion to previous DARE / MAC history.


2 August 2001

I was so pleased to discover your article on Sacred Space this morning. Many thanks for a beautifully written piece. I'll keep watching your site. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn Brown

These following letters were in response to my request that had been at the top of the Site Contents page, about DARts' first animated photos now on Art Shirer's member pages one and two.

1 August 2001

It has "rhythm." Good beat but I don't like the color....

[ another, later letter ]  I love blue — I paint blue skies. I don't like the darker blue against the sky. Not enough contrast or no mystery. I would dance anyway.


26 July 2001

File is too large. Regards,


26 July 2001

LIKE the moving image — LOVE the sculpure.


20 July 2001

i just ran across your D. Carter painting of Benning & Goldberg on the net. thought you might like to know about the subjects:

I'm currently in Korea teaching a two week film-workshop, but live in California where i teach at California Institute of the Arts; i'll be in Austin the second week of August showing my newest film at the Austin Film Society. I've been making films for the past 30 years and recently had a number of retrospectives in New York, Vienna, and Los Angeles.

Elise worked for the John Weber Gallery in New York for about 20 years and now works at the James Cohen Gallery on 57st Street; she helped product Bette Gordon's last film.

Say hello to Dwaye.

James Benning

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3 June 2001

Thanks J.R. for putting our web site on your page. And thanks so much for all you do for all of us!

Carol Wilder & Larry Enge

30 May 2001

Hey, JR, thanks for the kind words about the tape mosaic! I wish it could have lasted longer too, but it was a great opportunity for me to even do it. ( I immortalized it on the web site. ) I, too, am looking forward to seeing what happens next at DVAC.

I may not make Art Movie night this time but will try. I'm so deep under that it's pathetic.

Sonia King


18 May 2001

Thanks so much for featuring the post card ( formerly in FIPMO ) advertising my poetry reading at DVAC on your Art Calendar page. The painting will be in the Rockwall Alliance for the Arts juried show which opens 27 May.

You've made me a very happy artist today.

Leisa Corbett

7 May 2001

Interesting site, I just bookmarked it. Feel free to review my portfolio.Thanks!


7 May 2001

A good review. Thanks

Paul Rogers Harris

3 May 2001

There is a picture of Betty Furness on your website ....It says "August 11" but no year. Can you tell me what year that was? I'm writing a memoir and there was an incident involving her husband at the time, Bud West, who committed suicide, around the time I was working for her part time at her house, and I'm having a helluva time with dates-- can't find anything. Any clues would be much appreciated. Thanks,

Roberta Liford

April 9 2001

An inexcusably late thank you for including my fabric heart "card" in your online art exhibit. Was strange to see it after all these years (I'd actually forgotten about it) — it looked primitive compared to subsequent ones I did — yours was the first.

Very much liked the other heart card — with the light hearts on the hands. Loved that.

Most recently I've been invited to participate in a Rattle Show (to take place during our annual month-long May Fins Arts Festival) at one of the nicest galleries in town, so have had fun designing and making my entry.

All is well & routine here — happy with work, love life and all that really matters. So very glad to be warm again — it was a long ,especially cold winter, but a week of mid-80's temps and much below needed rainfall is a bit disconcerting for early April.

Hope all is well with you. What are you up to these days? Any travel plans?

Thanks again — always love seeing my name in lights — especially spelled right!!


28 March 2001

Hey, I wanted to say thanks for, comming out to see the Sacred Tablets... show and writing about it. No, my paintings aren't simulated to look like anything, other than the natural inclinations of the forces guiding my hand.


25 February 2001

The red shadowed house on Hall is a nice pic! very cool.

Art Shirer

27 January 2001

Thanks so much for doing a fine job of Paul's exhibit. He is an excellent person and now we all get to see his visual talents. The effect on he internet is good and now more people can appreciate him. Thank you very much,

Pamela Nelson

27 January 2001

I've really enjoyed this edition of Dallas Arts Revue, especially the piece on Paul Harris. Now I know how to access your revue. Good work. See you around.

Billy Hassell


15 December 2000

I've been looking through your site and enjoying the reviews and opinions . My work came out pretty even in the reviews, I suppose — - you really hated my Trophy Man at the MAC but liked my Spirit at the Bath House. Thanks for maintaining a good site about the arts in Dallas.

Jeff A Green

14 December 2000

You have a very interesting website. (I learned of it from the moonlady list.)

Dardan Oxley

4 December 2000

Our Suzanna Brown sent us the url of your site, which we think is a very useful resource.

Anne Marie

4 December 2000

I think that the teeny-tiny book that Gerald is examining at the small press fair in his cartoon self-portrait is Bob Trammell's CICADA, which Gerald provided a cover illustration for. It's too BIG to be one of the late Jim Haining's Lucky Heart books.

I have some tiles that Gerald produced before he died. It's no end of amusement to set a hot casserole down on his rendering of a bottled rat.

My best to you all there in Bushland.

Douglas Spangle

30 November 2000

Thanks for putting Billy [Hassell] on the cover!

Pam Campbell

3 November 2000

Wow. just took another tour through DARts pages, and was just boggled at the .....superb-ity of the work you've done there. hadn't been through it in awhile and was just so impressed...


4 October 2000

Thanks once again for both your thoughtful words and your appreciation of what I do.

Every time I visit your site, I find new things to enjoy. I just read your story on DARE / MAC, along with almost every one of the accompanying links. Since I'm so new to the art scene in general and the Dalas scene in particular, it's really interesting to me to get caught up on the history. You're truly playing a valuable role.

James Michael Starr

2 October 2000

I took a few minutes to gander at your ever increasingly interesting and wonderful site. Just wanted to pass on my compliments. Dallas Arts Revue is the best!!!!

Anita Horton

18 September 2000

Dear J.R., You are a computer genius. I enjoyed looking at all you have done on your website. You are again a pioneer. Thanks for being interested and truly the core of the Dallas art community. Love,

Pamela Nelson

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