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October 31, 2003

Thank's for mentioning Capsized Model in your survey of Dallas' current sculpture bonanza. And I enjoyed reading your unbiased look at the Nasher spectacle. You've done something naughty by questioning it; the collection's there to love, not question. I hope men in gray suits don't take you away in the night.

Best Regards,
Alan Reid

October 29, 2003

You have a wonderful site. More importantly you had a photo of a postcard of A Montrouge-Rosa La Rouge.

This is my most very favorite all time piece of art. I am in love. I originally had a postcard, and have no idea what happened to it over the years. I was never "into" art, and not very cultured, but I LOVED this work.

In a World Civ class in highschool we had to bring in a picture of any original work of art, and do a paper on it. Of course I brought in my beloved Rosa. I recall writing that I thought she was a prostitute. Mind you I didn't know a thing about Toulousse Lautrec then, but it's all there. The teacher asked me why. My can see she's not going anywhere, she's waiting, she has nowhere to go, AND prostitutes don't carry purses! Imagine.

Recently I was in Paris with family, and kinda disappointed with the collection of Lautrec. The Louvre was wonderful though. Still I couldn't find this piece or the name of it.

You made my day! I am now reunited with my very favorite piece of art. Thank you. It was cool how you mentioned you kept this on your dashboard. It's hard to turn away from Rosa La Rouge.


October 24, 2003



Being new to all this, I'm probably too uninformed to have opinions. But that's never stopped me before.

I thought we didn't particularly like Nazis. They were the bad enemy. So using their name to describe a rather negative, if somewhat amusing, trait, would seem appropriate. My good friend's wife is a Nazi. We tell her so all the time. That doesn't keep me from loving her. She just has to have things a very certain way, always, and don't think of crossing her. Soup Nazi was probably one of the funnier Seinfield characters. (Love that show).

Now, on to another matter. JR, I can tell from the tone of much of your writing, you don't take kindly to fools, stupidity, inability to follow rules, general not-with-it-ness. I am guilty of all from time to time. I think this must be one of those times because I can't figure out how to access the member only pages. I swear, if you send me the whatever I need, I'll have it tatood (sp?) to a body part.

If you delete my message, without sending me whatever it is I need, well... that will just make you the editor, web site owner Nazi.

Thank you,
Marsha Finney


I admit it. I sometimes am a Web Nazi and have authoried dense pages of Just So instructions here on DARts, and I'll probably do more.

Thanks for making me laugh — at myself. It's a treat.

If it were easier to access Members-Only pages, everyone would try, and my "Authorization Required" Error statistics would rise even more precipitously. But only members have the passwords and user i.ds needed to access those very informative pages.

Remarkable simple instructions are near the bottom of the How to Join DARts page. -JRC

More exchange about this censorship stuff is just below.

October 23, 2003

Dear J R:

... We appreciate your removal of the article characterizing the Creative Arts Center Christmas sale as an "Art Nazi" sale from your Dallas Arts Revue website. While we obviously have no control over any statements that you may post on your website, we would repectfully request that you refrainfrom making any further untrue and derogatory statements concerning the Center or its management. Such statements are obviously hurtful, and damaging to our business and reputation.

James C. Galbraith III, President
Anne Ward Guinan, Vice President
Sherry Mick, Treasurer


Odd that you want truth from me, when the text that angered you was written to me, not by me in a personal E-mail you edited, mis-identified and distributed, thus violating my copyright thereof.

I have been scrupulously honest in coverage of this instituiton, whose faculty and curriculum I greatly admire, despite its many managerial failings as published in your own City-funded "green report."

I will continue to express honest opinions about area art, artists, art events and art institutions, and I resent your implications otherwse.

JR Compton

See All The Gory Details of this simmering controversy in A Confluence of Conflict on EAT ART #13.


October 17, 2003

Just a quick note to thank you for the article on the new sculpture garden with all the great images. I enjoyed it very much. I also wanted to compliment you on the members-only Ops page. I know it must take you a bunch of time. I found several things there I hadn't seen anywhere else.

Sonia (King)

I wish I could link the Members-Only Opportunities page, but it is, after
all, Members-Only, although there is a smaller free version for everybody.

October 12, 2003

I enjoyed the point/counterpoint on the Nelson/Bates exhibitions. You should have more of these for future show reviews.

I can't help reading about the DCCA and not smile, as I'm reminded of the day I went to pick up artwork after the close of their annual members' show. I was patiently waiting in line behind two other WASP's, listening to the DCCA staffers extolling their upcoming "Mix! Series" and that we all should enter.

All I could think of at the time was that this was kind of like one of those surreal "Far Side" cartoons. When I returned home, I asked my wife if there was anything about my ethnicity that was integral to the creation of my art. She just laughed, of course.

Timothy R.JR,

October 2, 2003


I sat down to write you to ask if you could get by to see the show at Cidnee Patrick before it closes on Oct 19. I see that you have been there, and, as usual, bring saute observations. I appreciate it. It's strange to read the feedback when my entire adult life has been devoted to searching for the true and sincere through art.

Always good to see you,
Pamela Nelson

September 11, 2003

In true internet tradition I've spent multi numerous hours wandering aimlessly thru your site. Eventually I tripped over the things I was initially looking for. It was kinda anticlimactic, I was having lots of fun reading about some of the gang that used to drop by years ago. I also got a neat surge of enthusiasm to focus on doing more art. Thanks for that.

I could write a book. Each page triggered an urge to respond, but I can't get sucked into that right now.

Leslie K

September 10, 2003

Mary, Mary Estelle, Mary Iron Eyes, Mary Hatz, Hatz...she answered to many names...her life and her art touched many people...thanks, JR, for giving us a vehicle for remembering and honoring my dear medicine sister.

With love,
Mary Ruff ~ Gentle Doe

September 9, 2003


Congratulations on this. You, DallasArtsRevue, are good and getting great exponentially!


August 16, 2003

JR and Kathleen,

I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thank you for your recent review and photos of the Site Specific show at the Cidnee Patrick Gallery.

I would also like to mention that I will have a new piece of art work in the Blue Plate Special.... which is the annual fundraiser for the Creative Arts Center, Saturday September 20.

Thanks again,
Brad Ford Smith

August 11, 2003

Nobody asked you to subscribe to the newsletter. Nobody cares if you don't take it. And frankly, no self-respecting individual anywhere cares what happens to a completely useless, talentless, gloom-speading failure of a human being such as yourself.

This entire city is filled with people who have tried to treat you as a fellow human being, only to be viciously attacked by you. And while I'm telling you the truth, you might as well know that the depth of your stupidity is proven by the fact that you continue to show your face in a public that knows exactly what form of sub-life you are. I suggest, in lieu of a soul, you might at least try to become a little more perceptive.

Scooter Smith
Video Association of Dallas


I got this lovely letter after I complained that the VAD newsletter — from which I used to pull video news for DARts calendars — looked like spam, because of all the ads at the top. In that timid little letter I said:

running ads at the top of your e-mail earns VAD a coveted spot on my SPAM removal list. Congratulations.
Laura Neitzel, also of the Video Association — and for whom I had volunteered dozens of hours designing and administering a survey at the video festival a couple of years ago, had already replied that VAD couldn't afford the ad-free version of the E-mail outs, and that they "hated it," too.

I appreciated her direct honesty and had decided to keep them off my Spam list. Then I got Mr. Smith's venomous reply. Oof! -JRC

July 23, 2003

Yes! I'm interested in a tour *if* you host it when the weather is more amenable to menopausal people (late fall, winter, early spring). I'll bet Barry would come, too! Your article about the first tour was wonderful, and the photos were GREAT!

Lucy Masters

June 27, 2003

I only got to see the web site, but it was amazing. I'm sorry I missed it.

To Robert, From, your biggest fan in Alabama

June 4, 2003

.... [The quote] "Load of Crap" came from your Virgin of Guadelupe "review," which was widely circulated in my peer circles as an example of bad journalism....

Amy "Moonlady" Martin

The term "Load of Crap" was never in the article, although the word "crap" is used in an introductory paragraph. The "copy" that was "widely circulated" was edited and rewritten and included several distortions of the original text.

Please feel free to read the review and make up your own mind about the quality of our journalism.

See also my original Ice House photo essay and Sudden Transitions, a story dealing further with the theme of Passion in Art begun in the Virgin sidebar by Kathy Dello Stritto.-JRC


June 4, 2003

Dear J R,

Can I express as beautifully as you have our appreciation for the inclusion of Valley House and the garden on your site. Mary Vernon mentioned she saw it when I visited her new studio today. Thank you for all the terrific photographs (what would we do without those plastic bunnies) and kind words about our mission to keep this refuge for ART alive and enhanced by the work of committed artists. As we near our 50th anniversary next year, I am always surprised by how many Dallasites don't know of our existence. I am sure you have introduced some to us and we are grateful.

I also am thrilled by the medium of glass and am ashamed to say that I have only looked in the window of Kittrell Riffkind gallery. Our hours keep us from seeing so much, but I am resolved to finally visit with them. Thank you for the way your fresh expression keeps us all looking about and feeling new responses to art.

Cheryl Vogel

June 3, 2003


A little over a year ago, I sent a donation because I enjoyed the Dallas Arts Revue site so much. And before I knew it, that paid a membership which came with a website of my work - not only that, you came over and shot the digital images. In less than a year, I had over 1,000 hits on my page.

With a year gone by, I was anxious to renew my membership and have a new updated [membership] page. Thank you JR so much for returning once again, and for also including your visit to our studio in the special story. It is especially fun too that you included Richard and I along with your visit to Verhelst and Susan.

Our new pages and the story are great (really special). Now, we'll start spreading the word for everyone to take a look at our new pages and all the other good stuff at DallasArtsRevue.

Marty Ray

Hi JR,

The page looks great (PERFECT). Thanks for getting an extra picture on it. Thank you also for showing the pictures of our home. I'm really proud to be on your site!

Richard Ray


Extra picture refers to DARts' new policy of adding one more picture — now totalling 7 — that resubscribers can have on their pages. - JRC

May 26, 2003

This site has a lot of potential judging from the reviews I actually have read. However, it is so hard to navigate that the reviews I want to read I can't because inevitably I get sent to some crappy error page. For instance, I have tried to read the 500x expo 2003 several times and can't because of the heinous format. Mend this site!


Okay. I gotta fix this puppy. More than 500 pages that grew like Topsy. No more new content till I get the bowow organized. But how?

Or so I thought till I bought software that tested for bad links. DARts has less than 0.3% bad links. And most of those are from people who are not paid members clicking links to Members-Only pages.

So, I've been deleting links to M-O pages and have instituted a new index of stories that includes all but the most recent ones. - JRC

May 7, 2003

Hi J.R,

Enclosed is a small token of continued appreciation for the work that you do.

The site is looking sleeker and has performed all the time, but please keep the opiniated commentaries coming, that is really the greatest part of it.

Name withheld


They enclosed a check for $500, and I am still shocked and amazed. Wow! - JRC

April 22, 2003

Hey guys,

I really believe you need to change the format of your website. It is difficult to navigate and the entire site is an amorphous mess. I would think that being an art site you would have something a little more creative than a bland MS Frontpage HTML Template. Just a personal observation....

Joseph M

As I told Mr M, I avoid MicroSnot anything. Most of these pages originated in PageMill. Lately, I've been learning Dreamweaver, which though quirky as hell, is an improvement, and I'm learning more neat stuff every class.

The "cover page" he refers to has been in turmoil lately. For a whole day, it had no pictures on it, since I wanted to emphasize that I was working of making links work again.

Now there's pictures there again. Soon the whole scheme of that page will be replaced by a much more cover looking cover with gradually updated images. I'm also working on better and clearer navigation bars and titles.

Ever onward and upward. - JRC

22 March 2003

The unidentified bird in your ramble is a muscovey drake. They are amazing ducks originally from South America. We have about twenty on our 2 livestock ponds. They make a hissing sound instead of quacking and love to fly. Many of our ducks roost in the oak trees around our house and pasture.

I love your web site and visit it often to keep up with what is going on in Dallas. I work in Denton but live in Gainesville. I don't drive into Dallas/Ft. Worth often so I am really choosey about the shows I decide to attend. Thanks for helping an outsider keep up with what is happening.

I will be part of a group show in Louisiana either this summer or fall. The dates haven't been set yet. I will send you an announcement when once all the details are known.

Best Wishes,
Lynda Martin

19 March 2003

Joan [Davidow]

This was a hand-written note, delivered by the Post Office. I should frame it. - JRC

5 March 2003

More fun more often with DARts. Do you keep a loaded shotgun in the umbrella stand as well?


I replied that I was anti-gun and don't use umbrellas. He rereplied:

So there isn't a complete parallel track for artzine publishers! Dang. My cv was so close with the no phone no doorbell thing...

DRR of ArtSceneAK

2 March 2003

Dwayne Carter's letter to the editor about Dave Hickey's lecture at UTD has moved to the Dave Hickey lecture page, where it should have been all along.

21 February 2003

According to Corazon curator Jose Vargas, who E-mailed it to us, "This was sent to me by someone after she read the review on El Corazon by Ms. [Dello] Stritto. Thought I'd pass it on."

Would Ms.Stritto notice true passioned love if it came and bit her on the ass?

Hmmmm... seems like maybe she was looking for something she didn't find, therefore destroying confidences in her quest to find... what was it she was looking for? She must be in a passionate relationship she cannot fathom others [sic] interpretation of love or the heart as anything but pretty, sweet and beautiful. Lucky her if she has that type of relationship...most never find that one true special love.


14 February 2003


I was just recently turned on to the Dallas Art Revue site. I love the site, it is inspirational, thought provoking, and informative. I hope you carry an incredible sense of pride and happiness for what you have done for the art community and people in general. I believe the art community has a lot of knowledge and information to offer the world. If more people could "find" art the world would be a better place to live in.

Stephanie Michele

5 February 2003



I can't help but be biased on this one.

Does 500X Gallery not support local artists? Has the gallery not provided a great space for young, unrepresented artists to show their work? The space and all of its members since 1978 not only provided a concrete beginning for many now well known artists, but have done this for 25 years now.

On another note. You mentioned a bit about old pics you had of 500X. I would be interested in obtaining copies of those for a big 25th anniversary show in September. I could give you a zip or cd to put them on. Of course, I could not pay you, but I will gladly give you a thank you mention at the opening of the big show in September. How about it?

Thanks for all your coverage of the 500, good and bad.

Iris Bustillos
500X Gallery


This letter is in response to Who Helps Dallas Artists.

My Search This Site results listed 42 instances of "500X" on this site, over the years. Some of those review shows, some otherwise unrepresented artists.

See also: Renee Tanner, John Snygg, Ken © Havis, Georgia Stafford, Gerald Burns, The Line, the 2002 Open Show, Paul Booker & Steve Brudniak, CJ Davis and last year's version of this same show as the story Iris complains about - Expo 2002.-JRC


two guys in brownshirt, quaisi Nazi uniforms standing next to a white Cadillac with the banner, "Death to Red Scum" on its door and an American flag on the aerial. Both guys are staring angrily at the photographer. Photograph @1972 by JR Compton

JR Compton - Death to Red Scum:
The resurrected photo I exhibited
in 500X's 20th Anniversary Exhibition 5 years ago


5 February 2003

I enjoy reading your info from time to time.

I too am a native son that nobody in Dallas know about or is aware of. I likes the "BTAG's FOOT " piece -- I have experienced this but never knew what to call it!!! Thanks.

I grew up at 5328 Vanderbuilt, went to James B. Bonham elementary and Spence Junior High. I rode my bike along with the other holagans in the neighborhood to either Turtle Creek to catch fish or turtles ( until the Highland Park Police threw you out of Highland Park because you didn't actually live there- 1960's ) or to the spillway at White Rock Lake to catch the fish as they came over the wall.

In 1997, I built my studio on the southeast corner of N. Central Expressway and the McCommas Street Bridge - Yes. The 1940s post modern styled firehouse on the corner.

I tried for 15 years to get someone to notice me -- what I got in return is " Who are you again and What have you done?"

I wrote a scathing letter to Charles Wylie of the DMA last year about how all Texas artists have to move to New York, walk the cemetaries to find the right birthdate any new name, apply for a new fake birth certificate from the great state of New York, become famous, show at the Whitney, hang with celebrities accidently run into one of the DMA curators at a Howard and Cindy Rachowsky party -- to ever remotely be considered for a show or single piece at any of the places you mentioned ( DMA, MAC, DCCA )

Sincerely yours,
The Best Kept Secret in Dallas
V. Les Rogers (Flying a loud and smokey 747 under the radar)

30 November 2002


Here is my renewal for my DallasArtsRevue page and membership.

What a Wonderful deal. I'lll get with you for new page images after the Tranquilla Show.

I LOVE being a part of your web site -- so many people have seen my work there. I'm happy to start a new year.

Marty Ray

19 November 2002

Hi J R,

Thanks for showing the Fairground painting. You really got the colors right. That painting gives me the feeling of when my Papa Childress came to Buckner Home and took me and my brother and sister to the fair. Dallas was young then and so was I. But, most of all, I really thank you for showing it on the website and appreciating it. You have seen so much in it that I hadn't even thought about. I'm glad it's in your collection.

Thanks again,
Richard Ray

19 November 200

To whomever,
I read the article written back in 1983 about C. Troup Gallery.... basically dictated by Mark Alexander Troup to the author.

I am most amazed that the journalist did not seek corroborating information for Mr. Troup's outlandish albeit personal perspective of what was happening in the art scene during the 1950s through the 1970s for the Troups. The comments about why the Troups closed their gallery was not even close to what was stated.....I should know I am Diana Troup Mackiewicz, Mark's younger sister who is often left out of any biography that he may give.

Since my mother died in 1989, I am sure her she does not care but once again I read another story about my parents given by an often disgruntled malcontent member of the family. Mark aka Alex, was given many opportunities to become an artist and musician and was even offered the chance to extend his education in that field but he chose not to. My parents never had any hope of him becoming a doctor!

There were so many perspectives thrust out in the article that it might better have been promoted as the "Anecdotal History of Modern Art in Dallas." I just wish you people in Dallas would open your eyes and realize that Mark's eccentric genius is only a facade for his apparent weaknesses, one being, ability to tell the truth when needed.

Diana T. Mackiewicz


I offerred her the opportunity to write her side of the story, but she declined. The article is a personal history, and as I told her, the "nice thing about history is that it is written by those who write it down." In the nearly twenty years since I published it in Dallas Arts Revue on paper, this is the first complaint. -JRC

2 November 2002


You need to know how much I appreciate what you are doing not just only with the DARts site but in your life, at least what I see of your life. When I found out that you have been in some shape or fashion, about art yourself, supporting artists, and being intentional about it all, I was greatly encouraged.

Your photographs are to me... breathtaking... I mean it. You have to know that the images I see on your site, cause me to pause and be thankful; such beauty. Thank you for taking time to capture beauty as you do.

Also, I want to thank you for what you are doing with the DARts site. Forgive me for not letting you know sooner. I wish there was more I could do in support. Perhaps it will dawn on me and I will do it.

Again, thank you for who you are and what you do.

with appreciation,
Alison White

30 September 2002

Thanks, JR, for saying nice things about our "cliche" show. It was a real learning experience to work with friends on a project like this and to discover all manner of emotional strengths and weaknesses.

I also realized that a painting that looks pretty darned big in your teeny tiny studio, looks pretty darned dinky in the gallery! I have a long way to go in some direction I do not know.

I truly appreciate you and Kathy taking time to visit our show on a very busy night and very kindly reviewing it.

Much obliged,
Ann Huey

11 September 2002

J R Compton:

Your definition of gallery requires me to "DIS-INVITE" you to the reception. You are not welcome. Please DO NOT list this show in your "magazine" (although my definition of magazine does not include for-profit websites.) Also, if you have not done so already, remove any reference on your site to my past shows, including the one at TWU. You should now have more time to devote to your paying customers.

Michael Cross


I'd E-mailed Cross explaining that if he did not include an end date in his notice, I could not list his show, but "When you send that, I'll happily list your event, although I must confess that a "gallery" that only shows the owner's work defies my definition of a gallery. For further information on how to submit stuff to DARts, please peruse our How to Submit Stuff to DARts page."

This is the first instance of negative feedback to DARts trying to become a For Profit organization. And the first instance I've ever heard of that to be a magazine, one could not be for-profit. Should I tell Time, Life and Newsweek? DARts was never a nonprofit organization, it only worked out that way.

In his most recent reply, Cross pointed out that he has shown others' work and accused me of "trying to make [my] living off other artists, while for the past ten years, [he has] made [his] living primarily from [his] own art." -JRC

See another, much more supportive Cross letter below.

4 September 2002

Hi J.R,
Love the site... the commentaries, the photographs, particularly the Rambles, and even the really UNFAIR opinions on the new DVAC and its Director!

We want to see the site continue and hope this check will help. We prefer to remain anonymous for now. We have no Art to show, no agenda to promote, just the need to see the kind of things you do continue.

Anonymous Patrons 

27 August 2002


I am ashamed to say I hadn't pulled up your site in waaaay too long. It is great that you are making this "for profit" for you, finally! The check is in the mail.

Nancy Ferro

20 August 2002

Sheesh!  Just came in to cool off and jumped on the DARts site and can't believe how much work you put into the White Rock Tour's map! It looks great and is way user friendly, thanks!


9 August 2002

JR -
Sheila Cunnignham referred me to your site and I was very pleased to have the "lead in" image. I enjoyed looking at the site, it has a lot of wonderful information, and I will be signing up soon.

FYI, below is a bit of information about the portrait that looked like a cityscape. Please visit my site. Take care,

When I first heard "Self-Portraits" as the venue for MAC's 2002 membership show, my first inclination was to drag out whatever old piece was in inventory within the size parameters, paste a recognizable moustache on it, title it "Self-Portrait, and submit it. I have never done a self-portrait.

Figurative images are not in my current work path. After a few failed traditional attempts at portraying myself in 2 dimensions I knew that the piece had to fit within my current explorative agenda. It had to be digital and related somehow to Man Hole Covers.

Although the human form is vague in the piece, the duct tape finished edges are the first clue that the figure is probably male. Duct tape has long been considered by some to be a male medium of expression. The face with the aura is a beloved Man Hole Cover. Perhaps the digitally portrayed figure behind the plastic grocery store fruit sack veil speaks of today's sociological entrapments. Perhaps the digital hand at right speaks of a complicated evolutionary development. Perhaps, the "gimme a hug" button is a coping device. Perhapsif life only had an Edit / Undo button!

Man Hole Cover as Self Portrait addresses several levels of my concerns. It is a combination of my photography, my travel, my computer, my research, and my printing, all done within my studio, no outside digital services. The image was taken on a recent trip around the world, digitized, and output with polymer-based laser inks on rag paper. I have long been concerned with the archival aspects of digital work and researched a method that fit my comfort level. Hewlett Packard claims their inks will outlast the paper. My own test, 18 months in the Texas sun with no color migration, has confirmed. The images are then collaged onto masonite with acrylic medium.

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