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E-mail the editor with positive, negative or other comments or feedback to anything on this site or in Dallas art. Tell what page you are referring to. Sign it or don't sign it or use a fake name, if you'd prefer. Note if you do not want your letter publishedalthough I'd prefer to get your opinion without a signature than not get it. Letters will only be edited for space and sense. If you're mean or stupid, I won't edit at all.

November 5 2010

J R:

I've just finished reading your revue of the EASL Heist. What a review! It has taken me two & half hours to click through all your links to other events. There is a lot I did not know because I wan't around some of the time (New York and Waco). It bothers me that more people do not know about your recall and photographs.

Paul Rogers Harris


I just read your EASL story ... and am not at all surprised it is thoughtful, prolifically illustrated and well written. My little sculpture was finished at 5:30 am the morning of the event ... as I've always made something just for them every year they do this.

EASL is special ... and of all the groups who ask me for art donations on a regular basis, is tops on my list. As advocates for the arts they are the best ... all volunteers, unselfish in their efforts, generous with their time and totally voluntary with no paid staff. [See below.]

I'm not too fond of the "Dutch Auction" finale, but there is a check box on the donation form where artists can opt out of this process and have their work returned if not selected. I suppose on the positive side this process does reward EASL supporters with a potential bargain work of art, which isn't a bad thing all in all.

Looking at that "Last Supper" image again ... I think it is the dynamics of the people in it that strikes me most in that horizontal space where both ends of the table are engaged in totally different activities, while sharing the same space.

One correction... the caption under the Art & Sherry pic is one 'R' short in the spelling of my name. ) Shirer [fixed immediately.] I really like how you approached this subject ... discussing the art objects themselves and sharing your reactions to each as things transpired.

It was a pleasant surprise when the work was unveiled during installation on Saturday morning to see so much good art made available by local artists to guarantee a special evening to help fund such a worthy organization. The generosity of these artists and the volunteers who make this all happen is such a great vibe ...

Another distraction that intersected that night was the first ever World Series game played in Arlington.



Actually, the EASL Volunteer Committee contracted with and paid an Event Planner who did not plan the event and a publicity person who did not publicize the event.

October 11 2010

Subject: review of Mitchell Lofts


Suzanne Sweet

October 8 2010


I love the Valets photo.

Quin Mathews

October 2010

What I get for not posting feedback as quickly as I get it: Daniel Birdsong thanked me for "a fair review," noting that doesn't happen often, but I've lost his email. He was referring to my review of his work at Ro2 on the top of the page in Art Here Lately #9.

October 3 2010

Thank you for the lovely review in the DallasArtsRevue! Made my day. Please come by & visit me if you are ever in the Conroe area. Would love to meet you.

Have a great day.

Victoria Lewelling

P.S. You were right, it is about the colors...Color is everything ;)

August 18 2010

Thank you for reviewing my painting at the MAC. "Semblance of Self" I just happened to find the article by complete accident while searching my own website images. alansiggers.com. Is this an online publication only or can I get a hard copy of the article?

Alan Siggers

May 2 2010

J R,

I just caught your Art Here Lately and was about to thank you on Facebook but lost my connection and can't get back on yet. Just wanted you to know I do appreciate the good thoughts.

I often have my head stuck in the sand trying to finish work, feel like I am missing everything going on and then read your out and abouts and feel a little caught up — not the same as being there but very helpful.

Many thanks again

will try to get back on in a bit.
Kathy Robinson-Hays

I would always prefer an email to a Fb buzz. Always.

April 16 2010

Good morning JR,

I could not sleep after I woke up at 4am (no particular reason just could not go back to sleep). It has been a great week, we got our student show up, all 240+ works - mix of all art media, much ceramic and sculpture from my classes. Some excellent pieces, some very beginner work.

Anyway, this morning I got on up and decided to look over DallasArtsRevue and see what you've been up to lately and enjoyed reading all about your jury experience at Winston High. One of my highest admirations about you J R is the fact that you really do look at art. That is a rare thing; I have to admit I do not look so carefully even myself. I also like getting a peek at shows I will not visit, like the Winston show.

It is true that high school student work is very very often better than college art students ... reason is easy (take this from a 40 year veteran art educator. Kids taking art in high school often are not new to art, like myself, they often have taken art throughout school and love art ... and have been encouraged by parents to enroll in art. This is not always the case, but you will more often see "art majors" (truly interested art students) involved in high school art classes - those that have made art since childhood.

In college courses, you get a very mixed bag. I have 80% students sometimes in a class in college who have never had an art class. They were discouraged by parents, counselors, from taking art. Many times students tell me they always wanted to take art, but did not have the chance, did not have it at their school, or parents wanted them to major in something more practical.

College art classes of course include art majors, but I find them to be the minority of my classes, but maybe that is because I teach ceramics. Hardly anyone "majors" in ceramics in the beginning — it is usually something one accidentally bumps into and the clay hooks you, then art enters into it all.

Anyway, dear JR, I have enjoyed having coffee this morning with you and your writings and photographs. Loved "old blue" pictures, hope you and old Blue are both doing very well today and tomorrow and beyond!


April 8 2010

Mr Compton,

I should google myself more often and keep up with my status as a copy cat artist!!!

I had never seen Kendals [She means Kenda North's] work until Decorazon showed me it, if you investigate more, you will see many underwater photographers, all with their own styles, many with some similar aspects. I find her work basically boring, but we all have different images that spark our minds.

All art of any kind is similar in style, technique, of other artists, we are inspired by each other! Art history?

I dont saturate my photos, I am usually desaturating, as the colors of the clothing brightens under the water. Everything I have done has come from my own mind, not another photographer. I have been trying to get back into the art world, I know now that my art is what will be in the rest of my life. I am learning and changing as I go.

People like you, I will never get, you can give a bad review with a bit more class I believe. Just plain classless, is that a word?

You are invited to my show at the Rising Gallery, April 30th, I'm shaking in my shoes!!!!!


For more Kenda North images, Site Search her name. I attended the Rising show and liked Kathleen's work a lot.

March 30 2010

Thanks for including the pic of the "blue tape" installation outside Conduit. FYI, these are pages from a one-off newspaper issue by the Chicago-based art collective, Temporary Services, on the subject of how depressed economies affect artistic process, compensation, and property, including artists' initiatives to organize in their own behalf. I am helping to distribute the newspaper in DFW, but we don't have very many hard copies, so to try to help get the word out, I will be installing displays like this in key locations with tear-off strips with the URL where the newspaper can be viewed or downloaded, http://www.artandwork.us .

Carolyn Sortor

I'd like to thank you for your write-up and photo of my piece from in the Hecho in Dallas Exhibition. It was quite surprising to me first and foremost because it was well written and on the money. I just want to say thank you for choosing my work and talking about it in the way you do.

Bernardo Cantu

February 19 2010

Valton Tyler — holy crap!! he's awesome .. first i've seen of his stuff .... wow!

Jim Dolan

January 3 2010

An Ugly Warning

Dear Sir,

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Happy New Year J R:

Congratulations on producing the “Dallas Art Revue” for thirty years. It has provided information about art events and artists not recognized by existing institutions. You have also given artists an outlet for promoting their own work with little or no compensation.

While I have not always agreed with your selections or criticisms, you have many times “hit the nail on the head.” You always take good pictures for the publications.

You have indicated that you plan to retire the “Dallas Art Revue.” That is understood in these disturbing times. You’ve suggested that it will be stored on DVD disks. That will be adequate for the short time, but not the long time. Archivists all over the world are concerned about records stored in one of the new technologies. Will there be a machine for playing them?

I urge you to make a hard copy on acid free paper and give it to the Dallas Museum of Art. Since I had a complete set of the printed DAR, I had given them to the library. They were pleased to have them. Records are not needed until they no longer exist. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.



Thanks. There are hard copies of the publication on paper from July 1979 to 1995. That's done.

The version online, however, was designed to be presented electronically. It would take an awful lot of time and energy — not me! — to produce it all on paper. Paper would not have the flexibility built into the website.

Links would be useless. Pages could not be scrolled, and they would bridge multiple sheets of paper. Low-res images would look terrible — and it would be vastly expensive, with none of the apparent quality the Internet offers. All that low resolution that's perfect for the web would look cheap on paper.

I'm not just opposed to me puting the online DallasArtsRevue on paper, I think it should not be done.

My plans are to keep DallasArtsRevue.com online as long as I can afford it. I even expect to write about art when the spirits move me.

Paper will wither and blow away, a digital copy of a digital copy of a digital copy has all the quality of the original.

When floppy disks were dying, i copied my data to Zip disks. When Zip disks were dying, I copied to CDs. Now that CDs are dying, I am copying data to DVDs. Next comes Blue-Ray disks, and I don't know what after that, but copies will be made into each new medium into the long-distance future.

DallasArtsRevue.com was designed to be electronic and electronically interconnected — hyperlinked. The site will work on a DVD the same way it works online now.

Thanks for your concern,

; j r


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