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E-mail the editor with positive, negative or other comments or feedback to anything on this site or in Dallas art. State full www address for any page you are referring to. Sign it or don't sign it or use a fake name, if you'd prefer. Note if you do not want your letter publishedalthough I'd prefer to get your opinion without a signature than not get it. Letters will only be edited for space and sense. If you're mean about it, I won't edit at all. I love opinionated letters.

December 10 & ff

Hi there,

I happened upon your collection of college and career web resources for prospective students here dallasartsrevue.com//resources/ [a page that has no such content, but is an index of all this site's resource pages. Our page that does link Fine Arts Education is our Schools & Classes page] and thought you might be interested in another authoritative online resource to add to those.

Are you the correct person to contact for having resources added as an additional link on this page? If not, could you please direct me to the right individual?

Thanks for your time. I hope to hear from you soon!
Natalie Hart

I respnded that I was the one.

Hi J R,

Thanks for your response. The project — www.onlineschools.org/guides/ — is a general education website with many resources useful to prospective students interested in advancing their education. As a valuable resource to anyone pursuing a college degree, I thought the project could be of interest to yourself and others who frequently visit your site. Take a look and let me know what you think. If interested, it would be great to see it listed as a resource for those interested to refer to.

Thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!


I looked at her site and responded:

Natalie Hart

You have to consider our respective audiences. DallasArtsRevue is for fine artists and potential fine artists. Yours is everybody who wants or needs education, largely irrespective of fine art education.

My link on one of your pages makes sense, I suppose, but since you offer nothing in the way of Fine Arts Education, me publishing your link does not fulfill my audience's specific needs.

If they link there, they won't find anything related to Fine Art Education. If they could find it easily, I'd be happy to link your site.

None of the "Featured Schools" atop your Texas page are even in Texas. I understand those are advertisements, but they obviously do not fulfill any of my readers' collective needs.

Texas is known for a good many more things than its dying breed of cowboys. That's a hokey stereotype, and I'd hope a national website could get beyond that kind of put-down. It may be all you know about this state, but many people who live in Texas would consider that an affront. Not a great way to start a major division of your offerings.

I didn't read past that. I bet many other Texans won't either. Obviously written by someone who's never been in this state. I'm not sure why it's even important to parse on-line educators out by state. I mean, who cares where they are, if they are online?

Online is universal.

J R Compton


I am trying to find out who I would contact about selling a painting that was left to me. Can you please give me any information that you have. I have had an appraisal done already, just not sure who to contact to sell it.

Thank you,
April Berumen & Sherri Lawson

Without more information, I referred April & Sherri to our Art Space Information Page, adding my usual reminder that we can only provide the information, doing their dada duty was up to them.

October 25 2012

Hi JR-

Working as an artist to pay the bills has been very time-comsuming for me lately, and some people I work with are not as dedicated to long hours as I am it seems... that being said I do take the time to read the Dallas Arts Revue website as much as I can and really, really enjoy it.

Today's reading involved the front page items and the "Art Nazi" article re: CAC. Good stuff. I find it helps maintain my motivation to continue hurridly through my artwork time....

-More later-
Matt Kaplinsky

October 24 2012

Saw a painting on your website a couple of days ago, painting, wet brush loose oil lotsa brown. Looking for it today and CANT FIND IT at your site. Think that you made the remark that you could have looked at it for hours. it was new. It was a really cool painting> can you help me find it at your site?

Judy Desanders

I searched the site for "for hours." No dice. I suggested she look in Art Here Lately, since that's where most things are. She looked through those pages and found it. I'd said I could look at it for minutes. Glad I could help.

I went back and started looking again, sorry it's unfair of me to come at you like that out of the blue- I'll go back and try to find it - really thought the painting was neat - Thanks J R, just thought you'd remember off the top of your head, probably art here lately- keep up the good work, j

She found it.

Sherie' Franssen - Heath dallas art fair feb 2-7, like manna from heaven, made me drunk, thanks again!


May 11 2012

Hi JR,

First, Thank you for covering our show [Performance Art Series at 500X]. It was quite a commitment to do that, so Thank you for being present with us.

Courtney Brown

April 1 2012

Thank you, JR, for your biting and honest review of the panel [link now; link later]. I'll always be proud to know that something I helped to organize was written and published in DAR, even if the review was not a positive one. As Dr. Terranova rightly stated, the panel wasn't perfect and I will be the first to admit that my skills as a moderator were completely lacking — I bit off more than I could chew as a first-timer, it's obvious. The positive outcome of all of this (at least the way I see it), is that people are talking and I am hoping that talking leads to action.

Thank you all!
Leigh Arnold

Someone else was originally scheduled to be moderator but had to bow out, so Arnold took her place. —JRCompton

March 25 2012

Thank you JR. You wrote some very true and thoughtful things about my work [link now; link later] on DallasArtsRevue. I'm honored.

Alison Starr

March 2 2012


I was wondering about this free photographs of artwork thing? Can you take a pictures of mine...I am a new artist that is also an Art Major at El Centro College...

Let me know!!!
Sarah B. Myer

My offer to take free photographs for DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members Pages (and use them after that for any purpose, if they give me credit] is for members only. $100 first year. $75/year after that. Get your member page, which members report have helped them sell hundreds of dollars worth of art.

February 20 2012

JR -
I wish I had time to sit and write (really write - with pen on paper) a long letter to you .... about what's happening to me in [city name]. Time is getting more compressed all the time .... but ...

I took a second and clicked on your site ...... and I feel I'm in the room with you. So much of you — the part of you I know — is there ..... between and on top of the lines! You are truly on top of your game dear friend. When I declined your invitation to participate in observing the words you write — I recall saying something like ...." You no longer need a critique." Well, it's absolutely true. You've surpassed me in your keen observations and ways of expressing them. I am pleased to know you and happy to read what you have to say .... about arty stuff.

I've been in XXX since January 6th - overseeing the renovation of our small house. It's become an art project in process! Lot's of creative thoughts being shared between me and the three man team of really great workers. My electrician turns out to be an amateur astronomer!! He wasn't shocked or puzzled by my desire to have lights in the ceiling of my new entrance hall which were in the pattern of the Orion Constellation. And the second-in-command framer is a "coyote" — a jokester philosopher. My man on the ground — for ordering material and making sure all is on schedule — is of German/Cuban heritage. All is going well. I hope to be "IN" the house by April. It won't be finished, but I can do a lot of the finishing while living in it — and save a lot of money.

Stephen and I (and the cat, Isa Bella) are living in a small apartment suitable for use as a pigeon coop. But, we're very close to the house, and warm and dry. It snows sometimes - but the sun always comes out and makes things warm. Today was the first time I didn't get warm ..... due to a terrible wind. Tomorrow should be better. We'll probably be coming to Texas the first of March to get our house on the market to sell.

Wishing you well - with a basket of love,

February 23 2012

Hey J R...

always enjoy cruising through The Revue ... seeing what I've missed and catching up on your views of events and things I need to catch.

Scrolling through some older Art Here Lately(s) I noticed the Allison Schulnik video image and your remarks about it, which caused a sudden impulse to look/see if it was youtoobed like most things these days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puph1hejMQE

I tend to agree that much of the "video art" I've encountered on exhibit in places like Site Santa Fe etc seemed like a validation of something that couldn't qualify as regular video (of any quality) much like a lot of "performance art" that I've encountered over the years. In both of those instances there are definitely exceptions — I suppose some artists should take notice of — that many should aspire towards.

I've been riding my bike many days a week — usually in the vicinity of dusk — out to the "Dallas Wave" most of the time and enjoying the sites & sights and have been meaning to tell you... that your photographic images have me looking at things differently or maybe just perceiving some forms and relationships of things with a different focus. But, a lot of things I'm seeing make me think of you and your abundant images you capture.

Dwayne Carter's images have always been in a place of their own, with a certain intrigue attached, but the label "digital painting" has never worked for me. Seems it's only half right as a description and that half isn't the word Painting. Likewise I found Michael Helsem's title, "Can Painting Be Saved" a curiosity and it subjectively didn't go anywhere I thought it might... such as, um... I dunno, saved from what?

The death of painting has been predicted by a few art discussers since the 60's and still people find fresh ways of pushing paint. This is just a rambling thought... and not a direct response to what Michael wrote at all. With the exception of the thought, [that painting as an art] "continues in any but a zombie afterlife, caught between hobbyist-fetishdom & the diminishing need to propagate a curriculum"... since I'm still entertained by what I consider fresh paint out there in recent years by young & old — but all contemporary — living artists.

I hope your year is off to a good start and that your computer woes are all sorted out now.



Always nice to hear/read that someone as good as you are with making images, especially in three Ds, are affected by my images. Thanks. I appreciate the comment. Miss seeing you.

I agree. Digital painting is like video art and performance art. Especially when most of his images begin as photographs, but Michael hasn't been writing about art in a long time. Used to be his titles were more appropriate yet stirring. That one seemed kinda old hat. I could understand sculpture being under seige, but paintings are everywhere and growing like Triffids. Same with video art.

Performance Art, let alone good performance art, is far more threatened.

; J R

February 22 2012


My aunt sent me your link about my cousin Billy (as we knew him). I was young when he passed but I remember his images and person vividly. He was a unique soul and artist. I think of him often when I see pieces of artwork he once gave to my parents. We still have them hanging in our homes.

Thank you for posting about the restoration of his art piece. It brought tears to my eyes looking deeply into it. Thoughts of him, memories of his presence among us and his talent.

Your photography is wonderful.

Thanks again,

Cara Gaberino

February 20 2012

Hello J R my name is Brandy Michele Adams Artist/Owner of WAAS Gallery.

Ana Palmer reached out last month and I am not sure if you were able to see KLF "ON VIEW" or not?

I would love for you to consider doing a Feature or Write Up on WAAS and our next ONE OF KIND artist Joshua King Co-Creator of Aurora who is also a Photographer which you can appreciate.

I have included the Press Release and show card.

I'd love to meet you as well. Let me know if you'd ever like to stop by?

with love and light
Brandy Michele Adams

i don't do reviews on demand or request. i saw the show. i liked some things, didn't like others. i took some pix, but I was not ‘moved’ to write about it.


February 20 2012

“Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter." — Dr. Seuss

from a friend

January 12 2012


I liked your take on the painting of "elephant woman." [link later] Especially the part about the memories being more or less as fleeting as the patterns and colors. That is so true in all visual representaions of memory. Time and space does change drastically.

Julia McLain

January 10 2012

J R,

I didn't expect a front page spread but it's always welcomed! As usual I am delighted by your insightful commentary [Link Later]. We both approach Art the same way- 'Give me a reason to notice you"..

Thanks so much for your support and good words!



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