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E-mail the editor with positive, negative or other comments or feedback to anything on this site or in Dallas art. State full www address for any page you are referring to. Sign it or don't sign it or use a fake name, if you'd prefer. Note if you do not want your letter published — although I'd prefer to get your opinion without a signature than not get it. Letters will only be edited for space and sense. If you're mean about it, I won't edit at all. I love opinionated letters.

November 16 2013

A vain request. Would you mind removing the image of my painting from 2007 (a work I made as a student)... http://www.dallasartsrevue.com/ArtSpaces/UTD/Pix2/pix2.shtml

Many thanks in advance, hope you empathize. The internet has such a long memory.

Warm Wishes,
Alan Reid

No way! I like that painting. I liked it a lot, and probably said so. People who want to rewrite history are doomed to rot get to relive it.

No, thank you.


DallasArtsRevue almost never removes stories or names or pictures from this site. I think of DallasArtsRevue as history, not so much news.

July 28 2013

Hi JR,
I heard back from Rita this evening and they have decided to include all three of my pieces in the TiWIT exhibit opening on Saturday, August 24.

I saw your write-up for the performance art at the DMA this afternoon [link now; link later] after Jane and I stopped by to see what was new in the Barrel Vault and Quadrant galleries vacated by the recent Cindy Sherman show. I thought you were spot on with the Homecoming Group. There were about 5 of them hanging out in their space just going about their business in the different cubicles, not making eye contact with any of the viewers in the room.

I looked at all the supporting materials around the room with references to different other Conceptual Artists and how the HG had influenced and collaborated with them with dates mentioned in the 50s and 60s — pretty funny since none of the "performers" seemed old enough to have even been born during those dates. Then all the books they had strewn on the central table were about appropriation and art heists, art about other art, etc. I thought it was all funny in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way and agree that the "set" was really well put together and interesting.

As for the other performance — from what you described I'm glad I didn't make an effort to go see it!

The Oil and Cotton space was bustling with folks making stuff and drawing — a cool vibe of creativity and community going on in a gallery at the DMA was pretty inspiring, I thought.

I read the supporting materials about each group around the barrel vault and thought their idea of relating/updating the DallasSites exhibit that had already been up with these on-going contemporary organizations was a good addendum, although I believe they left out a lot of the Dallas Art institutions in their timeline — for example not one mention of Edith Baker or DW gallery, Valley House etc — among the many others that I'm sure you can list off the top of your head.

Anyway sorry to ramble on — just always appreciate your insightful no punches pulled take on all things Dallas Art related.

Thanks again — for all that you have done and continue to do to champion and inform the Dallas Artist's!

Michael McKenzie

June 23 2013

Thank you JR!

I'm so glad you could come, and thank you for photographing it [link now; link later]. I can wait to read your comments and critiques. I really appreciate all your words on my work, it's really helpful to have a critic who knows about performance art and art performance coming to check out the work.

And thank you for the images! They are fantastic!

Again, thank you so much!
Danielle Georgiou

I had emailed her before I'd set words to the images in my review of Beauty/Beast at Red Arrow. This is her reply.

June 17 2013

Good morning J R

I commend you for your article on Ann Cushing Gantz. [link now ; link later] She was an active force in the art community. I worked with her in the Dallas Print and Drawing Society and Texas Printmakers and other groups or endeavors we both supported.

Ann was always cheerful, glad to see you and she never grew old. She was always the same with her bouffant sprayed hair and those tutu-like skirts. (That is the best way I can describe them).

Her work was pedantic with pretty colors and 19th Century subject matter. Her students did not copy her, but did not venture into unknown territory. She was never considered for an exhibition by me. She did an excellent job of promoting those many "would be artists" with her annual student shows.

These comments are my reaction to people who refuse to acknowledge that change is inevitable, uncomfortable as it is, and learn or at least accept the fact that this is the 21st Century. We cannot turn back the clock as some would like to do.

Life in not a pretty bowl of flowers or a house beside a road behind a picket fence. That describes the picture that was over the mantle when I was growing up.

Paul Rogers Harris
whose own history in Dallas Art is
detailed on his DallasArtsRevue Member Page.

May 11 2013

Dear J R

I cried, I was moved, I learned some things I didn't know-for instance I had no idea about the pregnancy envy. The first time she held [name witheld by the Editor] it was so beautiful to watch. They looked at each other with mutual joy and awe, as if they already knew each other.

Thank you for including the portrait she did of me and mentioning me as part of her history.I felt honored. We had our ups and downs, but we were also in love.You more then anyone I think can understand what we were to one another.

Thank you J.R. You soothed my spirit. I look forward to renewing our relationship.
With love from Lisa

April 26 2013

What a fabulous surprise to read your wonderful revue of my work at barry's ..... thank you so much J R, really means a lot.
true that i haven't had anything in dallas since pan american closed but i show a lot in houston (koelsch gallery)

Ellen Tuchman


April 22 2013

Subject: review


Celia Eberle

April 22 2013

Anna sent me this link: http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/mixmaster/2013/04/do_we_need_art_criticism_in_da.php

I replied:


I doubt any of the participants in the panel discussion think of me as a viable art critic. I'm just here, writing, as I've been writing since the Dallas NOTES and HOOKA days [and well before, when I was at the U of D]. After eight months of telling me what I couldn't do for DallasArtsRevue, The Dallas Observer pointedly did not hire me as their reviewer — just as well. They wanted me to quit DallasArtsRevue if they hired me. And they despised that I blogged the whole seven-month ordeal.

Dee Mitchell is the best art critic Dallas has had for the last twenty years or more. Charissa Teranova is a superb writer about art; she's funny; she's biting, and I haven't seen anything by either of them in a long long time.

I keep at it without official approval.


March 24 2013

You have always done an excellent job keeping us informed. I have gained a great deal of credibility here in Tyler, Texas by being a member of your site. expect to keep my membership for many years.

Joan Iverson

Before I posted a note on the cover [gone now] that DallasArtsRevue had abandoned doing the calendar, I emailed all the members to let them know what I was doing. Joan's letter was a reply to that notice. Click the link of her name to see her amazing ceramics. — J R Compton

March 16 2013

I don't have problems resizing photos because I use Photoshop. However, in an art group I'm involved with, many members do have problems resizing photos. Do you know of any good online or free apps for resizing that I can recommend to people?


I just put the words, "How do I resize photos without Photoshop?" in Google, and it spit out a number of responses, including [and I posted the best of the list to the How to Photograph Art page's How to Enter Art Competitions' section, just under the big text saying, "The easiest way to reduce the file size of an image is to reduce the image's height & width."]

I sent Paul the full list, but I want readers of DallasArtsRevue to read DallasArtsRevue, so for them I put it there.


March 14 2013

Lannie Hart at SOHO20 Gallery, opening x:00-x:00 Saturday, March x Through April x
x Gallery, x West 27th St Suite x NY NY 10001

I guess if you knew the Dallas in the name of my publication is for Dallas art and Dallas artists, you wouldn't bother us with your NYC show, unless you are a Dallas artist in the big city.

ed/pub/delivery boy

March 15 2013

Of course I knew it was for DALLAS. I want any advertising I can get meat head. You are rude. What a way to answer an artist who wants people to see her work. There just might be a person in DALLAS who is coming to NYC for a visit!


 March 7 2013

I can't remember if I previously read your review or whether I responded, but I do remember you. You seem to me like a nice man. Perhaps one day we could meet again in a quieter environment to discuss art, life and even less stressful things.

It's been quite a while since that show at the Bathhouse but a friend was grousing about your critique of my work, so I thought it would be worth a diversionary trip from work to read it, perhaps even a second time — my, what has happened to my memory?

I'm not surprised that you did not "connect" emotionally with my images or understand my conversation that evening but I am surprised at how well you wrote of them. Indeed, read your words again and consider that you may have expressed my inner struggle and desires better than I could have. Thank you.

David Leeson



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