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by J R Compton

with feedback from anyone who feeds back
(Be sure to so note if you don't want your feedback fed back.)


A Moderate Proposal for our participation in the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

Dear Members, Subscribers and Friends,

I and my photography were on last year's White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour, but except for talking with some students and old friends, my participation was a bust. I didn't sell anything, and not one single person asked to see where I put DallasArtsRevue together, so no process was shown.

This year I tried to get out of participation, but tour organizers wouldn't let me quit. Instead, they insisted that I show process. Not my writing, photographing or even web-siting process. No, they want me to show process of DallasArtsRevue.

First they suggested I have a showing of DARts members here, then when I went along with that, they nixed the group show concept, claiming it was against the tour principles, which I knew all along, since I'd tried that before (and may try it again).

P R O C E S S.

I thought about sitting out in my living room doing what I generally do — sitting at a computer processing words, pictures and web pages. I'm always behind on updating the calendar, so maybe I could just click away at that.

But that process is boring to watch. Besides, moving my office with all the wires and cables and connections and peripherals out into my front room (then back) would be a disaster. Besides, everybody already knows what it's like to work with a computer now, and it's hardly worth touring to see it again.

Cube Wires

DallasArtsRevue is, to several extents, me. Even more, though, it is you, and I would like to involve you in my presence on the tour, since that's how it's listed on the tour map and mostly the reason I'm still on the tour, despite my passive efforts to not be.

The 2005 White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour Map is online at, or you can pick one up at any of the other stops on the tour (the only one I have I got from Central Texas), including The Bath House.

I am forbidden from hanging your work on my walls in "an exhibition," so there won't be "an exhibition," but there will be an informal collection of art on view in the front room of my home during the tour.

I have work by some of you there already — and if you'd like to loan me — for a couple of days — a smallish (16 x 20" or so or smaller, wired and ready-to-hang) piece that's interesting to talk about, I could show it there, then, but not for sale. But I'd need to know at least ten days ahead of the tour dates.

I like to lead art tours through my house, citing artists and the stories behind them, so that'd fit right in with my concept of process — of art and of DallasArtsRevue.

Get your work photographed.

The best idea I've come up with so far — what I see as most possible and useful — and permittable according to the tour's really picky rules, is for members to bring new work to my house during the tour's hours — 11-5 Saturday October 15, and noon-5 Sunday October 16 — to get photographed for your Member Pages.

That way your work can be visible "on the tour" without exactly being "exhibited" here. You'd be able to interact with tour visitors to your heart's content, then you could pick up and travel on at any time. I'll have some things to eat and some things to drink, for both you and visitors.

Plus, we could sit around and talk about stuff (even art) for awhile — process again. And you'd have the opportunity to bump into and talk with other DARts members and see their recent work, also.

Plus (a big plus for DallasArtsRevue) I can get digital photographs of your most recent work to show on your DallasArtsRevue Membership web pages — or start one, at long last.

Which is as process-y as I can imagine right now, although I'm open to your suggestions.

If you would like to participate, please email me a range of time when you'd like to bring your work by during the tour's open hours (listed 5 or so paragraphs up), and I'll email you back with specific time suggestions, soon as I know. Or just come by when you feel like it.


Participation in this rather informal gathering is entirely voluntary, of course, but I'd love to see each and every one of you here then.

Anybody interested? Anybody got a better idea?

Anybody like to just drop by and B S for awhile?

; j r

PS: Does this count as a Midnight Ramble?

PPS: Yes, I do mean that all of this applies as well to subscribers as to members. Sure, why not?


in the order I received them


It's obvious to me what must be done.

JR = DallasArtsRevue = JR = DallasArtsRevue = JRetcetc (as plain as the nose on yer face, ace), so ..........

As a psychophysio process, JR should exhibit JR to exhibit DallasArtsRevue in process (not all processes need be exhibited, unless you really think you would enjoy that sort of thing, in which case I as your friend am three square behind you).

Lucite or glass cube, JR inside (ala David Blane) as a multimedia construction of neurons, synapses, various types of tissues and some fluids, with (in a nod to more sophisticated human technologies) a microphone inside so you can dialogue with visitors, or just some holes if you don't want to
nod. Small stylish card to one side with title of piece - "DallasArtsRevue in process."

Or, I could just come by for a bit and we will shoot the shit and maybe even have a clever conversation and think silly thoughts.

See ya,
Ken Shaddock


J. R.

I'd like to come by on Sunday the 16th and visit with you ..... probably around 1:00, and I'd like to bring a small piece by earlier in the week, if possible, to show your company and to entice them into coming to my show reception @ Conduit the next weekend (Oct 21, 6-8).When's the best
time to come by w/ the work?

My brand new website,, will be launched on the weekend of Oct.7, and I've got LOTS of jpegs of my newest work to pass on to you for the Dallas Arts Revue. I should have the discs back by then to bring you.

Thanks for making it all happen!
Roberto Munguia



If poetry counts, then please put me in there!

Let me know...thanks,



Hi, JR. This is Karla.

Got your email. Sounds like a plan, your inviting members to bring
work over to be photographed. I will look to see what I have that is
not to huge.

I have been meaning to ask you if you know of a new gallery at 2701
Hibernia. It is directed by a Pamela Kripke. I recently got an email
from her. She is putting on a group show, had seen my work on the
DallasArtsRevue site and asked if I would might want to participate.
Do you know anything about this gallery. Not sure even what the name

Oh, and one more thing. Attached is a PDF concerning the Continental
Gin Building's fall open house. Hope you can attend. Note that we
have changed the format a bit. Any thing you can do to get the word
out will be appreciated.

Hope all is well,
Karla Leaphart



How creative you are. I would like to drop something off, but mostly to visit and talk about" process" and the definition by the powers that be....

But as you know, for some reason we are having our Open Studios the same day, so that will be interesting...., and we will certainly miss your prescience. Maybe we can arrange for another time to get together and have some wine, espresso, whatever and just talk art, which is a big part of the "process."

The stimulation and energy exchanged between creatives is part of the package, just like going to a gallery. Marsha told me she had contacted you and so maybe the 4 of us (Bob, Marsha, Fannie and myself can participate.

I am working in Cleburne during the week as a landman. Thought maybe I could earn some $$$$ for frames etc.

Keep in touch and thanks again,
Donna Ball

P.S. I have some work @ Two Sisters Catering, through the Pigeon Stone
Projects, a resume show.


i have several new paintings about 2 feet square; maybe i'll drop one off that weekend if my schedule allows.

(michael helsem)


Good ideas JR - Richard and I can bring over a piece to photograph - will do next week-end.
I hope you have good experience this year - maybe this new idea will be what it takes!



A good idea. I will be out of town that weekend. Good luck.



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