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JR's Midnight Rambles
i n d e X  + i n t r o
TheEdblog new ThEdblog is probably replacing the Midnight Ramble concept. It's the Editor's blog, about just the sorts of things this has always been about, plus more personal concerns. I add to it gradually, change it often. Certainly more often than I add to the pile of Midnight Rambles. And another one bites the dust.
January 2006 showing DallasArtsRevue members work, VACD, VACD membership and other costs, the bath house, my house, our past and future participation in the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour, rules and skirting and entirely ignoring them, a million ducks, making shows happen,
September 2005 is about our White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour opportunities here. I can't show your work on my walls, but I will not be putting a lot of my work there, and the tour is supposed to be all about process, so I invite DallasArtsRevue members to bring their latest art by all that afternoon to get it photographed, so we can upgrade your pages. If you'd like to also sit around and talk about art and stuff, I'll have tea and cookies and maybe even some veggies and dips, and lots of chairs.
August 2005 Writer's Block; train through a tunnel; New Texas Talent show; need for a new camera and some possibilities thereof; fleeing cute baby possum; writing for this site — people who do and people who promise to, but don't...
August 2005
Final execution of the Bath House show proposal; DallasArtsRevue expenses; my lack of respect for art or artists; puffery in art criticism; Mercury Ret and other topics.
Hit Counter Blues @rt's Birthday Party; the no count blues; balloons subtheme; Search & Destroy; darts; webstats and pattern rex; Nixon with water balloons; and repeating numbers
May 2005 Some of the frustrations and learning curves leading into having moved this site so very recently ago to a whole new geekoid site host.
February 2005 It's about recent changes.
January 2005 It was in E-mail and sent only to subscribers and supporting members, and it was the first one in a long long time. Eventually, I'll post it here, too. If I can find it.
November 04 Painted rocks, pictures of my family, another J R Compton and some stuff about art and this site.
July 04 Avoiding the dreaded 404 page and how DARts Members can get their work on that most popular of all DARts pages and experimenting with a new navbar and stuff like and unlike that. This is a ramble that truly rambles. That last one was way too organized.
July 04 Of Boards of Directors and nonprofits and retirements and getting old and such.
August 03 The story of the DARts Show ater next. Maybe. (nope!)
July 03 In which is detailed with gory precision the debacle that wasn't the DARts Northwood University show, an embarassing example of how not to do an exhibtion...
June 03 2 more DARts exhibition opportunities ideas explored.
May 03 A regular update using photographs from the Quest for Immortality show at the Kimbell

February-March 03

Talking about future DARts exhibition possibilities. It was the first Ramble to start out public — instead of as a Members-Only page.

October 02

Cultural ennui, CAC, 1026 Tranquilla show, snorking flowers, the cover, Inside DARts, Alex Coyle, Joel Cooner's facade...

September 02 Gang of 32, apples, most popular pages, Joan again, juju...
August 02 Money, penury, coins, burning questions, putti, DARts Exhibition Eligibility, questions
July 02 Statistics, rankings, descent into technobabble, 404, Big Brother...

May 02

Promoting your pages, signatures, power, objectivity, first person singular involvement, spelling, 500 ex...

Mar 02

Legend awards, my great love, PR, RAM + PB&J, fee fight...

Feb 02

Tangents, Joan, navigation, Mary Vernon, picture size...

Once a month — or so — the editor of this online rag [used to] get down with his growing gaggle of supporting members + DARts Subscribers in a Midnight Ramble, spouting whatever's on his mind at the time.

Sometimes he — er, I — ask for feedback, sometimes I ask for forgiveness, sometimes I just prattle on for a few k.

Somewhere toward the far side of 2002, these very informal letters underwent two major changes.

  1. Mostly because they go on and on to such length, they have been put on web pages, instead of filling major opus length E-mails;
  2. Almost all Rambles have been made public, so anybody may access them, and
  3. They now have illustrations.

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