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Painting and Sculpture by Donna Ball

Donna Ball

Donna Ball - Embryonic Seashell, 2006
acrylic on canvas - 36 x 36 x 3 inches

The design for this painting originated from the carved clay ocean bones piece. The abstracted section's lines and shapes appealed to me and I wondered how it would look in a different medium with bright rich color replacing the earthy clay.


Donna Ball

Donna Ball - Projection Blue 1 - Series, 2005
acrylic on canvas - 18 x 22 x 3 inches

A design project turns into a series of abstracts, just to see where it goes...


Donna Ball

Donna Ball - Venice Birds of Paradise 2 - Series
acrylic on canvas - 24 x 24 x 3 inches
Private Collection

Paintings from a series of color photographic prints, Venice Beach, California location. The light glistening on the sap, oozing down the purple pods, contrasting textures, and tropical colors captured my eye.



Donna Ball

Donna Ball - Venice Bird of Paradise 1 - Series
acrylic on canvas - 24 x 24 x 3 inches
Private Collection

Donna Ball

Donna Ball - Ocean Bones, 2001
Carved clay slab - 12 x 20 inches

A group of weathered seashells from Sullivan's Island, S. C., a previous home and life, provide endless possibilities with shadows and shapes. In baskets, jars and lying around my studio for inspiration and reference material.



Donna Ball - General Surplus & Supply
mixed media casting
12 x 19 inches

The actual name of my grandfather's aircraft surplus and supply company after the depression. It was my childhood Disneyland. I like the texture of hardware, metal surfaces. The older and rustier the patina, the more interesting.


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