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Paintings by Fannie Brito

Fannie Brito - Reparación 2017 

Fannie Brito   Reparación   2017   48 x 48 x 3 inches   oil, pigments & acrylic on wood board.


Fannie Brito   Happy, Why Not   2009   40 x 30 inches



Fannie Brito - Making Sense 

Fannie Brito    Makins Sense   2009   pigments and acrylic on masonite



 Fannie Brito - Atardecer

Fannie Brito   Atardecer   2009    pigmennts and acrylic   36 x 12 inches



 Fannie Brito - Detiniendo Emocione

Fannie Brito   Deiniendo Emocione   2009   12 x 12 inches



 Fannie Brito - Ciclo del Glycoseno

Fannie Brito   Ciclo del Glycoseno   2009   pigments and acrylic   4 x 4 feet



 Fannie Brito - El Beso

Fannie Brito   El Beso   2009   pigments and acrylic on masonite   30 x 20 x 3 inches



 Fannie Brito - Pedacito de mi Corazon

Fannie Brito    Pedacito de mi Corazon   2008   36 x 36 inches



Fannie Brito is an artist and a Medical Doctor with a degree from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, in Jalisco. Mexico. She also studied History of Art and French in Montreaux, Switzerland. Dr. Brito was born in Carmel, California and grew up with three brothers in Caracas, Venezuela, where her parents were avid art patrons.

Seventeen years ago, Fannie moved to Dallas to raise her three children. In 2000, she decided to follow her true passion and left the health field to study painting with Bob Nunn and photography with Barry Snidow.

She is an active member in the Dallas arts community and has exhibited her work in more than 76 juried shows. She was selected for the inaugural exhibition of the Latino Cultural Center and at The African American museum, both in Dallas. Her studio is in Deep Ellum’s Continental Gin Building.

Fannie teaches painting, photography and 3-D design at Bishop Dunne High School and recently earned certification in Expressive Arts Therapy. She conducts children’s workshops to encourage their creativity and imagination, and she plans to work with troubled adolescents. Fannie is continuing her own education with classes at the University of Dallas.

Fannie Brito believes we are constantly receiving messages from our subconscious. She plays with those forms and colors without explanation. There are many interpretations. As with life, art is always changing and evolving.

E-mail Fannie Brito at fbritartz@gmail.com


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