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14th Street Gallery

14th Street Gallery in Plano

14th Street Gallery in Plano — Photographs by J R Compton

Usually, when an artist joins DallasArtsRevue as a Supporting Member, they get a web page to show off their work, which I'm happy to photograph. Then, every time their name comes up in the normal art scheme of things, I link their page to their name, and that way they become more visible, more people check out their page, find out more about them and their art, and their names become a little easier to Yagoogle.

The situation is a little more difficult when the new member is a gallery — although it's not like I have had a lot of experience with other Dallas-area galleries becoming Supporting Members. I am especially appreciative of 14th Street Gallery for being the first-ever to just up and join, without being bothered and bewildered by me about it, and among other reasons for this page is that appreciation.

14th Street Gallery Interior during opening reception - Photograph  2005 by J R Compton

14th Street and 14th Street Interior during Opening Reception

It was a beautiful, hot summer day, and we spent a lot of time looking at all the art on the walls inside the gallery. We peeked behind closed doors and checked out the big studio in the back, got a tour of the big digital printer room and computer setup and the darkroom across the hall.

Gradually, we figured out that with all the little exhibition rooms off the several hallways winding back into and through the extensive single-story, blond brick building, that this must have been a doctor's office and all those little spaces had been examination rooms.

Tree Shadows by 14th Street Gallery

Tree Shadows in 14th Street Gallery's driveway

After about an hour exploring the insides, looking at all the photographic and other art, we sat on the bench along the sidewalk area outside the back door, talked awhile and looked all around.

Then we wandered off onto the immediate grounds, the driveway that goes back to their and their neighbor's parking lots and gradually set off exploring the large barb-wire fenced-in, City of Plano industrial field, back beyond the parking lots.


The backyard parking area at 14th Street Gallery looks onto this

Don't know what kind of a plant the City of Plano is running practically in
14th Street Gallery's backyard, but whatever it is it requires use of these
big green monster pipes of just the sort I love to photograph

When the August heat finally got to us, we dripped into Blue and drove around the neighborhood seeing what we could see, getting a longer view of the 14th Street Gallery from the front (above) and stumbled upon a big, very yellow historical-looking, elderly three-story building just one long block away down a rumpled road.

The light was failing, but Anna loved the columns, so I photographed them and they're here, too, giving you just a little hint of where in Plano the gallery is, although there were all kinds of other buildings from all different eras all around in that mostly green place.


Yellow Columns

Fluted yellow columns on an historical looking building a block north of 14th Street

Neither the photographers (whom I envied for having such a fine place devoted to the digital among us to exhibit our work) — nor the administrator(s) at 14th Street Gallery had anything to do with creating this page. I just did it.

I didn't even know I was going to do this till I shot all these swell photographs and wanted somewhere to put them, and although 14th Street Gallery might know about this page by the time you read this, I didn't tell them before I put it here.

Branching Arrows by 14th Street Gallery in Plano

Branching Arrows in the Driveway


14th Street Gallery Contact Information

Gabrielle Castañeda Pruitt
14th Street Gallery
1412 14th Street East
Plano, Texas

Call 972 633-3822 or visit
their website at

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