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Paintings by Michael Helsem

Do we not Die? 24 x 18, Fall 2004
oil on canvas



El Lugar Oscuro y Sagrada, Fall-Winter 2001,
approximately 30 x 40
oil on black velvet

Incorporates a rendition of Cthulhu, as well as a ghost-image of the Twin Towers.



My Compassion and my Contempt Have It Out,
arch-May 1985 - 27 1/2 x 30
oil on canvas

A rather obscure comment on the Reagan years.



Frog Galoshes, Jan-Feb 1991, 30 x 24
oil on canvas on board

Made out of two left over scraps of canvas glued to a board.



World Citizen One, 1979, 30 x 22
oil on canvas

My third oil painting, this was an improvisation based on a sketch i made of a mutilated bas relief (from India i think) that was being shown in the school gallery downstairs at UTA.



Glossolalia, 1984
oil on canvas

From a composite of three different drawings,
including a newspaper comic strip.



Llama (a.k.a. El Corazon — inverted), 1884
28 1/2 x 21 1/2 1994
oil on board

[gold background, Byzantine palette, mostly reds & blues]

One of my anamorphic series, designed to be viewed through one-red-lens-one-blue 3D glasses, though not a physical illusion of depth such as this usually provides; i was more interested in exploring the new dissonances that were created in the visual field.

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