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Updated July 2011

How to send your images to DallasArtsRevue

This page: Image I.Ds     Slides     Image files on CD     Free photos by J R
Attached jpegs     Burn a CD     Acceptabe file formats

How to get your work on your page

in order of my preference

  1. Let me photograph your work.
  2. Attach JPEGs to an E-mail to me.
  3. Burn a CD of your images.

DallasArtsRevue Captions/identifications
are ALWAYS typed in this sequence:

Name   Title   year date   medium   size

Don't worry about the spaces between data types.
Size is expressed in inches (expressed as height x width x depth) inches or feet.
No inch marks (") marks, please!

Do not capitalize mediums.

Don't Do This:

Artist: Tom Dooley
Title: Hang Down Your Head
Year: 1959
Material: sisal
Size: 7 x 17 x 1 inches

Do This:

Tom Dooley   Hang Down Your Head   2006   sisal   7 x 17 x 1 inches   (width first, always)

Digital photos

The absolute best way to get your work onto your
membership page (or anywhere else in DallasArtsRevue)
is to let me digitally photograph it.


better than me scanning photos

even better than pestering each other with E-mails, CDs or attached JPEGs for weeks or months

I do not want to get into a situation where I'm giving my photographic services away for free or nearly free for non DallasArtsRevue uses.

The low resolution, fast-downloading copies of your images on your DARts pages are copyrighted to you — with credit to the photographer.

If you specifically and legibly credit
DallasArtsRevue.com photo by J R Compton
immediately adjacent to the image,
you may use my photographs anywhere else, including online,

E-mail me. Find our latest email address on the Contact Us page.


If I visit your home or studio, I may take photographs of it either for my own notes or for possible use on this site.


I don't do slides. I don't even use film.

Image File Names should never include blank spaces (space bar spaces)!

Use hyphens (-) or underlines (_) instead.

Do not use any other punctuation in image file names.



E-mail images attached to an E-mail to me identifying the title, year date, size and materials in the text of an email under each image or listed at the top in the order you want your images on your page.

Send as many as 6 images per email.

Image file names should include your name, a dash (hyphen actually) - title or shortened version of the title. That's all.
Never include any other punctuation (:/;.,"() etc. in a file name.

Then list the full caption information at the top — and in the text — of the email


Send me a CD of JPEG or Photoshop (PSD) image files. Files on a CD should be at least one megabyte in size and be up to ten or twenty megabytes.



Attached JPEGs

If you have digital images of your work, attach those as

JPEGs (probably) or
(only if your work is solid lines or areas of colors without tonal variations) to E-mails,

Carefully identify each image in the E-mail you attach it to, and

Name each image with your name and part of the title.
no commas, no periods, no parenthesis, no sizes, no dates, no blank spaces.


Submit extended texts in the text of an E-mail to me. No text or Word attachments, please — although you can send text as .txt or .doc documents.

Do Not Forget to include a SASE (Self addressed stamped envelope) if you want it back. Better yet, don't want it back. I have a growing collection of member CDs, and I'm too disorganized to get them into the mail.

Digital images should be sharp and in focus and correctly exposed. I can adjust the square-ness of the image (to some extent), so don't get all anal about lining it up square. Most digital lenses distort flat images anyway.

Make certain the colors in all images match the originals.

Do not sharpen the images you send. When I get them to the size I need them, I'll do my own sharpening. If you sharpen, then I change size, it'll look amateurish.

See the submitting images section of our How to Submit Stuff to DallasArtsRevue page for more information.

Files smaller than 500k probably don't have enough detail for the editor's exacting requirements.

I Photoshop every image that goes onto this site, so it looks sharp, properly contrasty, has plenty of detail and loads quickly, which means they'll end up in the range of 10-100k each, usually.

I have not yet seen any other person's 10-100k image files that look as good as mine.

Fully identify each attached image with your name, title, year date, materials and dimensions


Burn A CD

Please send image files that are at least one megabyte in size up to 10 megabytes — when you send them on a CD. I will use the files you send to prepare fast-loading images on your page to my exacting specifications.If you send them as attachements to emails, image files should be approximately one megabyte. See permittable file formats just below.

Burn 6 images onto a CD — 7 if you are resubscribing. Don't send more than 7. Don't make me decide. I'll procrastinate. However, I'll happily order those images on your page, if you do not include an in-order list. I'll put what I think is your best image on top. (Online, the bottom line is always on top.) Files sizes should be at least 1 megabyte and up to 10 megabytes for each image file on a CD or DVD. Make sure your CD is Universal formatted, so it will open on my Macintosh computer.Pure PC CDs may not work.

Image File Formats in order of my preference:
  1. PSD (Photoshop Document)
  2. No-compression JPEG.
    Do not compress them! - Save files at 100%
  3. anything else

TIFs, BMPs, PCT or PICT files are a useless nuissance.
GIFs are probably not what you need — unless your work is all solid lines and areas of solid color without tonal variations.

PDFs - (Portable Document Files) are a pain in the butt. Do not send PDFs.

I will Photoshop your images and compress and reduce them significantly, so they download fast — usually between 25 and 50k actual file size — but still look good. E-mail me (Use Contact Us link on top right of almost every page on this site) to tell me you're sending me a CD. Label the CD with your name & E-mail address. Mail it to me. Include a SASE, if you want it back.


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