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How to Join DallasArtsRevue:
The Easy Way

There is aksi a much more informative page that goes into more depth called What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Your DallasArtsRevue Membership. After you figure out what you need on this page, give that page a serious look.

Kathy Boortz -

Kathy Boortz   Squawk!   (detail with nut)   2010   pliers, pipe, sculpted metal, paint


Mail a check for $100 payable to J R Compton to:

J R Compton
914 Grandview Avenue
Dallas, TX 75223

Include your email address on the check.

For all year-long subscriptions after the first one, the charge is only $75.


If you want a member page that shows images of your work and information about you, please include a Universal Format CD with 6 JPEG images of your best work, each 1 meg or more. After each year of membership, you get to add one additional image.

Name the CD with Your Name.

Name each image file with Your Name-Title of Art
Sample: Liz-London-Composition-in-His-Mind  


Or, if you'd rather, the Editor will take photographs of your work for free if you live in inner-city Dallas (inside Loop 12). For that service, you have to have sent your check, then sent me an email, to the email address on the Contact Us page, linked at the top of almost all of our pages, including this one.



in the text of an email, send:

Your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email address

Captions for each image:
Your Name    Title of Piece   Year    medium    Size in Inches

Sample: Liz London   Composition in His Mind   2009   mixed media collage   50 x 38 inches

Don't worry about the spacing, it won't transfer anyway.

Information About You

Email Address, Artist Statement, Biography, Resume, your Personal/Professional Website, etc.
See samples on Artist's Current Pages.

J R will contact you when your page is done.
Proofread your page right away, then email J R your approval or corrections.


If you say you are an artist, that's good enough. There is no acceptance process. If we take your money, you are a member.

Free Photographs

If you do not have images to put on a CD and would like to have J R photograph your work quickly and easily, without charge, Email J R at the address on the Contact page to make an appointment. That appointment will likely be in the early afternoon on a non-Monday week day, although some weekend days are possible.

It's a great opportunity to let J R find out who you are and photograph your work and your studio.


You are encouraged to update your images every 6 months or a year.


When you renew your membership ($75) by the end of your year, you may add one new image to your page each time.

Anna will send you a renewal notice. All memberships expire at the end of the month. Check the Members' Index on the Member's Index page for your through date.


Whenever you exhibit your work, do a demonstration, judge or curate something, participate in a show, art fair, sale or get interviewed on radio/TV or in a newspaper, let us know at least two weeks before the event, so we can list your event on the Member page — preferably with an image of one of the pieces you'll have in that show, and link your page.

You should also add a link to your member page into the signature at the bottom of every email you send out.

More Details

For way more detailed information about this process, see our other How to Join page. Then be grateful you can return to this much simpler version.

Thank you,

J R Compton



since November 14 2010

since July 9 2011