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Paintings by Matt Kaplinsky

Matt Kaplinsky - Fountain of Youth

Matt Kaplinsky   Fountain of Youth   2011   acrylic and charcoal   48 x 60 inches





Matt Kaplinsky - Inside Stanely Park

Matt Kaplinsky   Inside Stanley Park   2011   acrylic and charcoal   48 x 60 inches





Matt Kaplinksy - Paris Morning

Matt Kaplinsky   Paris Morning   2013   acrylic   48 x 60 inches





Matt Kaplinsky Self Expression

Matt Kaplinsky   Self Expression   2013   acrylic   36 x 36 inches






Matt Kaplinsky   Summer Rain

Matt Kaplinsky   Summer Rain 2013 Acrylic paint 48 x 60 inches





Matt Kaplinsky    Whistler Flowers No.1

Matt Kaplinsky    Whistler Flowers No.1 2011 Acrylic paint 36 x 48 inches





Matt Kaplinsky    Winter Cypress

Matt Kaplinsky    Winter Cypress 2012 Acrylic paint 48 x 60 inches


Information About Me

My email address:

Artist Statement

“For me, art is living. Art is as much a commitment for me as is breathing and eating. Art is thinking out loud, or the physicality of a daydream. My interests in anything not art related tend to be limited and toward the passing. Doing anything other than artwork leaves me feeling anxious to get back to working on art, which is where I am most comfortable any time, any day. There are a lot of ways for me to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas and even in a compounded way through art that I am often conflicted between wanting to paint the literal and painting the thoroughly abstract. Art IS my life, and my life is art.

I hope one day to paint something I find truly inspirational to myself.“


I am an artist who creates abstracts in a variety of paint media, and am also available for commissioned pieces and contemporary murals. Inside me blazes a passionate fire for art, the need to create it, electrified with constant artistic changes. Mostly my work is with color and texture directed canvases, but also image-oriented abstracts depending on my surrounding influences. Reflections of various 20th century masters can be seen in the thick of my 21st century works, as it is often clear I paint with focus and determination -as though on the verge of discovery- through the study of their work. My intention is to bring a certain sophisticated roughness into the clean open design of homes and businesses these days to help provide a sense of balance.

I have been painting roughly since 1991. It took about five years before I actually began to sell my art regularly. At first it was out of the back of my old pickup truck in a parking lot, then graduating to coffee shop walls, hair salons, consignment stores and the like. Before too long I was invited to show in a gallery and have escalated from there since. The important thing about art is what you take from it, not where an artist studied how to express his or her ability. So I leave my images to speak for themselves and warrant their own merit.

Matt Kaplinsky CV/Resume

Born in Dallas, Texas in the 1960s. Full time artist producing paintings on canvas and mixed media wall art, with limited prints available of select pieces. Sells only through established representation, not direct to the public.

• Self-Taught
• Experienced in painting since 1991
• 2007-2008, Invited to audit Art History classes at Southern Methodist University
• BS Marine Biology from University of Texas, Medical Science Branch, Galveston

Current Gallery / Representation
• Jones Walker Home, Dallas, Texas
• NEST, Austin, Texas
•, Houston, Texas
• Prestige Arts, Dallas Texas
• Prestige Arts, Atlanta, GA
• Prestige Arts, High Point, NC
• Prestige Arts, Las Vegas, NV
• LeftBank Art, La Mirada, CA
• Image Design Associates, Laguna Niguel, CA
• The Art Menu, Dallas, Texas
• Converge Gallery and Artist Workspace
• Art In Motion, New Westminster, BC, Canada

• 2013 POP- An Art Show, Converge Gallery and Artist Workspace, Dallas, Texas
• 2013 Guys & Dolls Silent Auction Art Show, Jones Walker Showroom, Dallas, Texas
• 2012 Art for Life, Jones Walker Showroom, Dallas, Texas
• 2009 The Winter Show, Dallas Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas
• 2008 Fierce, 14th Street Gallery, Plano, Texas
• 2008 Contemporary Furnishings, NEST Showroom, Austin, Texas
• 2007 Art Ability, Art Ability Showroom, Dallas, Texas
• 2007 Abstracts of the Aegean, Café Izmir, Dallas, Texas
• 2007 to present, on display at the NEST showroom, Austin, Texas
• 2007 Garden Places, Design Gallerie, Dallas, Texas
• 2007 Blue and Green, North Lake College, Irving, Texas
• 2007 Legacy Brain Foundation Art Show and Auction, Las Colinas, Texas
• 2007 Fall Art Show benefitting Animal Rescue of Texas, Dallas, Texas
• 2006 Abductions and Reconstructions, Kül Gallery, Dallas, Texas
• 2006 Salon du Fit 3, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas
• 2006 Expression in Tea, Tempest Tearoom, Dallas, Texas
• 2006 Growth and Redevelopment, Café Izmir, Dallas, Texas
• 2006 Red and Yellow, North Lake College, Irving, Texas
• 2006 to present, on display at the Jones Walker showroom, Dallas, Texas
• 2005 Salon du Fit 2, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas
• 2004 Pop Culture, Zubar, Dallas, Texas

Select Public Locations
• Precision Drilling, Houston, Texas
• Omni Hotel of Dallas, VIP suites, Dallas, Texas
• Green Oaks Plaza, 1st and 2nd floor lobbies, Ft. Worth, Texas
• Ritz-Carlton Hotel, select suites, Dallas, Texas
• The Vista Apartments, Dallas, Texas

Select Collections
• Pat and Rebecca DePole, Dallas, Texas
• Dr. Leigh Ann Romack, Dallas, Texas
• Erin Brannan, Dallas, Texas
• Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau / Patti Towell, Dallas, Texas
• Brook and Shayna Barksdale, Austin, Texas
• Sachin Jain, CPHIMS, Flower Mound, Texas

High Volume Prints
• Kohl’s Department Stores, nation wide
• Ashley Furniture, nation wide and online
• Pier One, select stores
• I.O. Metro, limited run at select stores

Current Employment
• 2001-Present Exclusively full-time artist
• 1991-2000 Part-time artist, work history varied. Focus was for Leah Ash Designs, graphics and greeting cards as part time illustrator.

My website: for more info.

digital images provided by the artist.
All images copyright 2013 and before by Matt Kaplinsky.
All Rights Reserved.

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