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Mosaics by Sonia King

Greetings to all,

I'm looking forward to another summer making mosaic friends around the world!

My newest mosaic, Depthfinder, explores the mysteries of the deep ocean realm where plankton, crustaceans, sponges and barnacles populate the dark sea floor, catching bits of reflected light. The mosaic takes a wide variety of materials into the third dimension, draping light and shadow, matte and shiny, smooth and irregular tesserae over an undulating, hand-formed substrate.

I'm thrilled to be the featured speaker at the opening of the National Mosaic Exhibition on Cape Cod in July. The opening weekend will be full of mosaic events. In addition to my talk and the exhibition, there will be a mosaic tour, an evening get together and I'll also be teaching a three day intensive workshop. I hope to see you there.

My summer workshops are all full with waitlists! First up is a five-day Intensive Mosaic Workshop in Amsterdam at Amphora Mozaiek in June. For those that can't attend the hands-on workshop, I'll also be teaching a one day, information-packed mosaic class.

Next I'll head to Greece and the island of Paros for a five-day Intensive Mosaic Workshop: Working in White. We'll mix Parian marble with other materials to explore creating mosaic with a limited color palette, all on a sun-drenched Greek isle.

Later in the summer, I'm off to England for my annual mosaic workshop at West Dean College, where I am a Senior Tutor in Mosaic. I look forward to this course every year: wonderful group of people and an inspiring and supportive environment.

Back in the US, I have a summer workshop at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas plus a newly scheduled class at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, CA in early December. There is still space in the California workshop, so sign up soon!

There's an amazing amount of mosaic activity on Facebook. The Sonia King Mosaics page has over 3,000 followers. Check it out for more frequent updates from the world of mosaic. You can even view the main page without joining Facebook. If it interests you, just click the box that says "Like" at the top of the page and you'll see my mosaic updates on your FB wall.

As always, many thanks for your interest.
Kind regards, Sonia
Sonia King Mosaic Artist

Sonia King - Spinoff

Sonia King - Spinoff, 2007
chalcedony, malachite, amazonite, pearls, ceramic, glass, turquoise, smalti,
paua shell, beach glass, pebbles, abalone, crystals, gold, labadorite
18 x 24 inches

Sonia King - Spinoff (detail)

Sonia King - Spinoff (detail), 2007
as above




Sonia King - Meltdown

Sonia King - Meltdown, 2006
glass, ceramic, slate, chalcedony, pearls, shell, copper, bone, gold, smalti
24 x 18 inches

Sonia King - Meltdown (detail)

Sonia King - Meltdown (detail), 2006
as above


My art expresses a sense of place and a connection to the land, seeing terrain in terms of its geology and topography. I put together the tangible and intangible, bits of color and texture, tesserae of meaning. Mosaic is all about essential structures and skeletal elements.

I work in natural materials (marble, glass, smalti, minerals, gold, found objects, etc.) exploring the textures and the spaces. As my work becomes more map-like, I find my way without knowing where I am going. The illusion and the contradiction fascinate me. Is this a slide under a microscope or a view from outer space? I want viewers to look at the world around them with different eyes after seeing my work.

Sonia King - Adrift

Sonia King - Adrift, 2005
glass, ceramic, pyrite, fossils, gold, seashell, smalti, marble, turquoise
25 x 19 inches




Sonia King - Vertigo

Sonia King - Vertigo, 2005
slate, pyrite, marble, glass, gold, ceramic, shell
30 x 24 inches




Sonia King - Whiteout

Sonia King - Whiteout, 2004
ceramic, glass, marble, aluminum, smalti, stainless steel, millefiore
25 x 19 inches



I create art to express the way I see the world, how it is and how it could be. I put together the tangible and intangible, bits of color and texture, tesserae of meaning. For me, mosaic is all about essential structures and skeletal elements. My art is strongly related to a sense of place and a connection to the land, seeing terrain in terms of its geology and topography. I remain fascinated with an altered view of the earth on which we all live, landscapes both familiar and unreal.


Hi everyone,
It's a busy year in mosaic so I'll get right to the news.  I'm trying a new format for the newsletter so I hope you like it.

I'm proud to share the news that Nebula Aqua was awarded a special recognition in a competition in Italy: the 2010 International Prize for Mosaic Art
and Architecture. It was the only non-Italian project to be recognized. The award was sent to "Maestro Sonia King". High praise indeed from the Italians!

  Permafrost and Vertigo will be on display at the invitational                     exhibition, Contemporary Mosaic Art: An Exquisite Collection, from July 20               through October 1, 2010, daily from 9 am - 6 pm, at the Concourse Gallery, 555           California Street, San Francisco, CA.  The exhibit features the work of six mosaic         artists and was curated by mosaic book author JoAnn Locktov and artist Kate             Kerrigan in association with Casey & Associates.  I hope you'll have an                       opportunity to see the show.

My life in mosaic has a truly international flavor this year.  In April, I traveled to Russia for a short artist residency in St Petersburg and Moscow.  This incredible opportunity was courtesy of my kind hosts at the Solo Mosaico studios.  I worked with Russian smalti for the first time, made many new friends and visited wonderful mosaic sites in both cities.

I've just returned from teaching two classes in Istanbul, home to some of the worlds most wonderful Roman and Byzantine mosaics.  The first class was a one day workshop for 15 enthusiastic Turkish mosaicists. Following that was a one week Master Class for a dozen mosaic artists from Australia, England, Turkey and the US.
I think it may have been the best workshop ever: fun and talented class members in one of the worlds great cities, surrounded by amazing ancient mosaics. Check out the images from this very special workshop.
I'm looking forward to teaching again at lovely West Dean College in the south of England next month. The well equipped studios and dedicated students always make for a great week of mosaic immersion.
In the studio, work is in progress on the main work tables for the site-specific, mosaic art installation for the new Pleasant Grove Branch of the Dallas Public Library.  The series of bright suns will be installed in the library's entryway.  

And here's a sneak peek at a fine art mosaic that's also in the works.  The substrate undulates under a wide variety
of tesserae, including mineral specimens and semi-precious stones.  This close up shows malachite, chrysocolla, smalti, glass, turquoise, paua shell, amazonite and more.

  Outlier continues my quest to free the elements of mosaic to interact at     the most basic level: tessera-to-tessera. I created a handmade, free form     substrate to eliminate the arbitrary edge imposed by a frame. The                 substrate has a raison d'être of its own, establishing an environment for       the mosaic elements. And the rust-colored tesserae are presented without     visible evidence of adhesion. The pieces rise and fall without apparent           support, integrating shapes and textures freely in a dimensional way. I         hope the viewers’ experience of the artwork will be direct and focused.  
I'm quite amazed by the mosaic activity on Facebook.  

The Sonia King
Mosaics page has over 1,700 followers.  I post interesting tidbits, work in progress, mosaic news and images of various mosaic events almost daily.  You can even check it out without joining Facebook.  If it interests you, just click the box that says "Like" at the top of the page and you'll see my mosaic updates on your wall.

As always, many thanks for your interest.  I hope your summer is filled with great art and good fun.
Kind regards, Sonia
Sonia King Mosaic Artist


Visit Sonia's web site at


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