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The Art of Pressed Leaves and Clay by Pavlina Panova 

Pavlina Panova - Madonna 

Pavlina Panova   Madonna   2015   pressed rose petal, corn silk, corn husk on board   10 x 8 inches






Pavlina Panova - Saint Elija

Pavlina Panova Saint Elijah 2016 pressed leaves, seaweed, corn silk, rose petals and coffee on board 10 x 8 inches






Pavlina Panova - Billage Landscape 2

Pavlina Panova   Village Landscape 2   2015   pressed leaves and corn husk on paper   11 x 9 inches






Black Magic Woman

Pavlina Panova Black Magic Woman 2015 clay relief and acrylic 4 x 10 inches






Golden Bamboos

Pavlina Panova Golden Bamboos 2015 clay relief and acrylic 4 x 10 inches






Pavlina - lotus

Pavlina Panova   Lotus   2015   carved clay, stains, acrylic on board   18 x 11 inches






Pavlina Panova

Pavlina Panova   Memories of a Forest 7   2015   carved clay, stains, acrylic, on board   15 x 12 inches






Pavlina Panova - Double Fantasy

Pavlina Panova   Double Fantasy Vase   2015   carved clay, glaze and acrylic   15 x 8 x 6 inches






Panova - landscape

Pavlina Panova Village Landscape 4 2015 clay relief and acrylic 4 x 10 inches







Pavlina Panova  Memories of a Forest 4   2014   pressed leaves and rose petals on board   9 x 14 inches






Pavlina Panova - Curves

Pavlina Panova   Curves, 2006
pressed leaves on board   10 x 8 x 0.5 inches


Artist's Statement

My art is a symbiosis of the cultural heritage I came with from Bulgaria and my new life in America as an artist. I work mostly with pressed leaves and other natural materials such as flowers, seeds, wood pieces, etc. A new direction of my art is combining clay and pressed leaves.

Through my natural impressions, abstractions or folk motifs, I try to transcend messages of beauty, peace, and harmony.


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