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Art by Jane Cornish Smith

Jane Cornish Smith    Rotations    2012    oil on canvas     30 x 48  inches




Jane Cornish Smith    Texas Vista     2012     encaustic, oil on board    24 x 24 inches




Jane Cornish Smith    North Texas Morning     2012    encaustic, oil on board     22 x 24 inches




Jane Cornish Smith     Just a Phase    2011   pencil, gouache on paper    10 x 46 inches




Jane Cornish Smith     Dusk     2012    oil, intaglio on paper    4 x 4 inches




Jane Cornish Smith     Niche      2011    Gesso, charcoal, acrylic on paper    4 x 3 inches




Jane Cornish Smith     Wending     2011   Gesso, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, collage on paper    4 x 3 inches



Email jcsart@sbcglobal.net
Personal Website http://www.janecornishsmithart.com/

All works on this page
Copyright 2012 and before by Jane Cornish Smith

Images provided by the artist

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