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Art by Jeanne Sturdevant

Jeanne Sturdevant - Reluctant Departure

Jeanne Sturdevant   Reluctant Departure   2016   Monotype   8 x 18 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Cosmos

Jeanne Sturdevant    Cosmos   2016   Monotype   14 x 16 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Dark Angel

Jeanne Sturdevant   Dark Angel   Monotype   23 x 12 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - New Beginnings

Jeanne Sturfdevant   2015   tar paper and white pencil   26 x 22 x .5 inches



When I'm teaching, it swallows most of my creative juice and time; but during winter break, as the roofers tore tar paper off our house, I saw the large organically-shaped sheets of black paper wafting to the ground and thought, "Art materials!" I hurriedly collected them and soon got to work in the studio. Taking a "nothing to gain or lose / just play and see what happens" approach got me making art again after a long absence. I also decided art didn't have to last forever. A few nail holes just show it had a history. Wood glue worked for collaging, and I had never done collage before. Kinda fun! "New Beginnings" was my first piece and merges with my usual organic style. But "Wherever" took form in front of me, not to be denied. I like him. More recycled tar paper awaits, begging my right brain for more fun.




Jeanne Sturdeveant - Wherever Life Takes Me

Jeanne Sturdevant   Wherever the Road Takes Me   2015   tar paper and white pencil   26 x 22 x .5 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant -

Jeanne Sturdevant   As Above, So Below   2015      monotype diptych




Jeanne Sturdevant - Night of a Million Stars

Jeanne Sturdevant   Night of a Million Stars   2013   digital painting   10 x 7.5 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Radiance

Jeanne Sturdevant   Radiance   2013   acrylic painting   22 x 14 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Released

Jeanne Sturdevant Released 2013 acrylic painting 22 x 14 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Yearning

Jeanne Sturdevant   Yearning   2013   acrylic painting   22 x 14 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Atlas of an Unknown World

Jeanne Sturdevant   Atlas of an Unknown World   2009-2013   acrylic painting   15 x 110 inches   installation view




Jeanne Sturdevant

detail 1   Jeanne Sturdevant   Atlas of an Unknown World   2009-2013   acrylic painting   15 x 110 inches  




Jeanne Sturdevant

detail 2   Jeanne Sturdevant   Atlas of an Unknown World   2009-2013   acrylic painting   15 x 110 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant  

Jeanne Sturdevant   Alluvial Cascade   2013   digital painting   16 x 12 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant - Allure

Jeanne Sturdevant   Allure   2013   digital painting   8 x 10 inches




Jeanne Studevant - Fire and Grace

Jeanne Sturdevant Fire and Grace 2013 digital painting 8 x 10 inches




Jeanne Sturdevant -

Jeanne Sturdevant   Asunder (front)   ©2013   painted wood, lace paper, glass   16 x 12 x 12 inches


The lettering around the front base has my vision acuity measurements, past and present... 20/200, 20/150, 20/80... and my hopes for improvement...20/60, 20/40, 20/20. [Although I don't expect a perfect score, one can dream....]

The eye chart on the back says:

Legally blind in left eye before surgery
Now slight improvement


Asunder was propelled by a frightening time that isn't over yet. Recovery of my left eye's central vision seems to be stuck at 20/70. My optometrist said this (vitrectomy) procedure to close macula holes is too new to have a recovery track record, but retina re-attachment surgery's long track record includes sudden, dramatic improvement — sometimes several years after a patient and their doctor had given up on additional healing. Verticals that had leaned for a year after my cousin's retina re-attachment surgery suddenly became vertical. So, I'm still hoping for improvement.


Jeanne Sturdevant - Asunder (back)

Jeanne Sturdevant   Asunder (reverse)   ©2013


E-mail jstur@geusnet.com.

Jeanne Sturdevant's resume is on page 2.

See more of her work at www.bluecanvas.com/prussian2/

Artist's statement

The changes that permeate and transform our lives are the central theme of my art. Digital painting allows me to save an evolving image at any stage.

I use a pressure sensitive graphics tablet stylus, virtually painting and extensively altering my photographs, continually evaluating the emerging image until I am satisfied. The resulting digital paintings are printed with archival materials, as unique prints or in very limited editions. My regional, national, and international exhibit record spans four decades and a variety of mediums. My 2008 solo exhibit, "Layered Journeys," at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, was reviewed by Alexandra Bonnefield, NEA Fellow in Arts Criticism.


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