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Mixed Media Art by Rita Smith

Rita Smith - A Smile Before Winter

Rita Smith   Smile Before Winter   2010   wood and balsa   30 inches




Rita Smith - A Hiding Place

Rita Smith   A Hiding Place   2010   hand-cut balsa leaves, wood and bark   49 x 47 inches




Rita Smith - City Lights 

Rita Smith    City Lights    2008   wood, tile and mirrors   55 x 20 inches




Rita Smith - Summer Memories

Rita Smith    Summer Memories   2010 hand-cut balsa leaves, wood and bark   30 x 25 inches




Sunflower Morning - Rita Smith

Rita Smith    Sunflower Morning   Sunflower Morning    2008    wood and crushed glass   48 inches diameter




Rita Smith - Watercolor Autumn 

Rita Smith    Watercolor Autumn   2010   hand-cut balsa leaves, wood and bark   48 x 38 inches

To contact Rita Smith, E-mail rsmith952@cox.net.
More of her work is online at www.artistswanted.org/portfolioView.php?preview=true&artist=CALLIE123

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