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What You Need to Know to Make the Most
of Your DallasArtsRevue Membership:

The Detailed Info Page

Marty Ray - Gallery Study, 2003

Marty Ray   Gallery Study   2003   white stoneware, colored and black slip   5 x 10 x 10 inches


If this page is just too much to deal with, I understand.

That's why I put together a much easier How To Join DallasArtsRevue page.

Send J R an email at the address on top of the contact page saying you want to join, and I'll help you every step of the way.


: j r
the editor

DARts Membership

Membership costs $100 to start or rejoin after more than a 30-day lapse. Make check payable to J R Compton, not the name of this publication. He's the publisher.

Rejoining within the original period of membership (check the Members Index on the Members' Page to learn your expiration date) is $75.

New Memberships include six images of your work on your member page. If you rejoin within the period of previous membership, you get one additional image each time you extend your membership.

DallasArtsRevue correspondence is via email.

Check the Members Index page at least once a month.

That's where information important to Supporting Members goes. Things like member show opportunities, scam warnings, availability of a fresh new email PR list some agency has accidentally let out to all recipients instead of CCing them, etc.

If you need me to know something, email me. I check email more often than I check my phone. My latest email address is always on the Contact us page linked at the top every one of the nearly 1,300 web pages on this site.

I welcome good, bad or evil emails from anyone, but I pay special attention to members' needs and desires. If you make a suggestion, I'll pay attention and consider it.

Every time you or your art is involved in a show or event, email the full information (show title, open times and date,end date and the names of all artists in the show — as shown in The Pink Box on the Calendar page) , so we can list your event on the calendar and link your name to your Member page.

The more links to your page on the internet — especially from an information-filled, often-linked-to and Google-indexed site like this one, the more easily Search Engine Found you are.

I will take every opportunity to promote your page, but you have to tell us every single time you are in shows or other art events — anywhere. We put those notices in the calendar and on the members index page.

PLEASE NOTE: The name of this website is D a l l a s A r t s R e v u e. We sometimes shorten it to DARts. DAR is the Daughters of the American Republic, and we're not much like them.

All one word, no spaces, like a web address. Add .com and you're here.


Please look carefully at our name in big red letters on the top of almost all 1,200+ of our web pages on this site. Arts is plural with an s on the end, and Revue is spelled R e v u e. Not some other way you may have lodged in your mind, although that other revue dot com might still get you here.

If you can spell the name of this site correctly in all correspondence with the already-curmudgeonly editor, he will look much more favorably upon you and your needs.

Almost nobody yet has figured out the short version for that name that I often use in text. It's what the Artists Coalition of Texas called DallasArtsRevue when they took it over way back in the early days of this publication when it was printed on paper (remember paper?). They called it Darts. Later, after insisting that I change the name of this publication on paper to Texas Arts Revue, they renamed themselves D-art. So it's a long and inglorious past I refer to when I call it DARts.

D for Dallas. A for Arts. R for Revue. Little ts on the end, so it seems like there's more than one of them, I guess. DARts.

The end dates for your current membership are listed on the Members Index page. If you can't remember when your membership is up, look there, although I will probably send you an email a month or two before it expires.


Norman Kary - Blue Man with Hand

Norman Kary   Blue Man with Hand


How to Join DallasArtsRevue


Send a check payable to J R Compton;
My bank won't take checks made out to anything else.

Mail to

J R Compton
914 Grandview Av.
Dallas, Texas 75223-1514



your email address, and if it's not on your check,
your name,
address and
phone number.


Don't forget to include your email address. Without it we cannot communicate.

Soon as you see your name listed on the Members Index page being thanked for joining, make an appointment to have your work photographed — see How We Photograph Your Work below or read my very popular How to Photograph Art page if you want to do it yourself.

New members get six images on their member page or pages. Some artists put their resume on their second page, but second pages usually get far fewer hits. You can put whatever you want on either of your pages, as long as DallasArtsRevue Standards are upheld.

If you send me a bunch of images wanting me to decide what goes on your page, I'll procrastinate choosing. I'm good at procrastinating. You choose. The whole rest of the site reflects choices I make.

It's your page, and it should reflect you and your tastes. Don't get a friend who knows nothing about art to choose what pieces should be on your member page. You choose.  We all have difficulty choosing our best work. You probably need the practice, and don't just send me your moldy oldies. Send at least one piece that was done recently, preferably this year.

If you already have professional images, just send me a CD with them (nice, big ones, a meg or more each, please. Ten megs each would be fine.)

Include a text-only (.txt) document on that CD with your images listed in the order you want them to appear on your page. For each one, type your name as you want it to appear on your page; the work's title; the year date it was completed; the medium(s) it comprises; the size in inches (only type inches once at the end. Avoid fractions. Use up to one decimal place.

If you live close, I'll come to you and photograph your work. If you live far, I won't. Close is inside the space bordered by The Trinity river and Loop 12.

If you wonder whether I got your check, look at the top of the Members Index page where I thank new and renewing members. If your name is there, I got it, and I'm waiting for an email from you to set up an appointment to photograph your work or tell me you are sending images on a CD.

Memberships are for one year each, although you can pre-pay them well into the future, if you want. If you die while you're still a member, your membership continues as long as DallasArtsRevue does. After you die, you no longer have to pay for it, but I get to decide what goes there.

Memberships may be anonymous, but anonymous members still get all the benefits they want. When we have them, DARts’ anonymous members are active participants.  



Any art form, skill level or participation is fine. We've had people who've only been arting a few months join and advance remarkably. We have artists with lifetimes of experience, including several artists with major gallery representation. One member got her local gallery representation by showing in the late 2006 Tyler Too member show.

Everybody is welcome. We are a community of artists.

You are an artist if you say you are. DallasArtsRevue Membership is INclusive, not EXclusive.

Anyone, anywhere may become a member of DallasArtsRevue. There are no geographic boundaries for membership, although members tend to be from Texas, and most are from Dallas or the Dallas area. We have members who live in Houston and Fort Worth and other faraway places, but we don't turn away checks from anyone.

I don't care if you've won prizes or have never been in a show. You are welcome here. I don't need to see bona fides. If you are an artist, a member page here will help you and me.

Because DallasArtsRevue links members' names to their pages every time they are involved in community events or shows, members who show their work benefit more than members who just make art.

Members are not required to have member pages — although I sometimes create a stealth page for members whose work I have photograph(s) of, simply because I want to show off their work and share their skills. If you don't want a Member Page, tell me and I won't bother you.

The publisher, J R Compton, retains the right to refuse membership or free photographs to anyone for any reason.


Mirtha Aetker - El Muro

Mirtha Aertker - El Muno

DallasArtsRevue Member Benefits

•  1 or 2 Web Pages with text and up to 6 total images for the first year
1 additional image each additional year you re-join before your old expiration date.
Eligibility to participate in Membership shows and events, if we have any then.
Your images may occasionally be placed on the cover, the Member's Index page or other DARts pages to promote your work. There will be a link to your Member Page. New members' work is usually posted on the Member's Index page till another new member comes along.
I put a member tag on your events or exhibitions on the Calendar page, and the new tag stays up longer.

Occasionally, when I find something else valuable to members, I send it to them. From time to time, I get a very new, updated and amazingly complete email Press List that someone forgets to cloak, and I post a notice on the member page asking if anybody wants it. If you do, you email me, and I send it.

When readers ask about members' work or anything else about them, I forward the email to the member and let them deal with it directly.

Check the Members Index on the Members Index page to see when your membership expires.


Supporting Member Exhibitions

the member show - photo by anna palmer

Part One of The Winter Show at the Bath House Cultural Center
December 6, 2008 through January 3, 2009 — Anna Palmer Photo


Our first DARts show was very successful. Check out the 1026 Tranquilla pages about it.

Our second show was an informal exhibition at my house during the 2005 White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour, which I wrote about with lots of photographs in Showing Process: DallasArtsRevue on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.

The third official DallasArtsRevue Membership Exhibition was, Big Night, Too, a one-night exhibition involving at least 25 members in a renovated retail space adjacent to MFA Gallery in Oak Cliff. I reviewed the edgier pieces in the show in Questions Concerning Edges.

Our fourth show was Fierce. See the Fierce page and blog for more information on that event.

The fifth DallasArtsRevue show was The Winter Show, Phase One.

Phase Two, called The DallasArtsRevue, was at the Bath House Cultural Center in January 2010. The blog for that one continues to be popular. It tells just about everything we learned doing it, day by day.


New DallasArtsRevue show opportunities are always listed on the Members Index page. All other exhibition, job and related art opportunities are listed on the Art Opportunities page linked on top almost every DallasArtsRevue page.

Please note that we do not have a regular schedule of exhibitions. They happen when they happen. Generally when we find a space that's willing to have us or someone with a space invites us.

Some of our exhibitions have been open invitations to members. Some are carefully curated and not necessarily open to all members. Fierce was open to members and other artists who had been reviewed positively in DallasArtsRevue — and who found out about the show and their eligibility by reading about it in DallasArtsRevue.

Most shows' setup is easier than that.

I should point out, however, that it's been awhile since we last had a member show, and I keep thinking we should, but nobody's offered us a space in a long time, and we need to have it in a space, so I just don't know about more Member shows.


Prices may be posted on your page. We do not sell art, and we do not charge commissions. Most members choose not to include prices. I agree, except I sometimes list prices in features and stories.

All DallasArtsRevue.com pages — including member pages — are copyrighted by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. They may not be reproduced anywhere else without specific written permission. Which is to say, you cannot copy your DallasArtsRevue Supporting Member page onto the internet for your own use.

Dallas Arts Revue IS NOT a Nonprofit Organization.

It just works out that way.

Contributions are not tax-deductible, except as a legitimate business expense for a subscription to a business-related publication, or membership in a professional organization. These should be listed on tax forms.

DallasArtsRevue is not beholden to anyone, and the Editor takes his fiercely independent status seriously.

The reason DallasArtsRevue is not a nonprofit organization, is so there won't be some well-meaning but essentially stupid board of idiots telling me what I can't do or say. I have served on boards of directors, so I know.

At one time DallasArtsRevue was published by a nonprofit art organization that assured me I'd always have full editorial control. When they started telling me what I could and could not write about, I invoked the contract I had carefully written to avoid such foolishness and began publishing independently again. That org became D-Art, which then became a bunch of other names. Some say it also became The Contemporary, but I don't think it did.

Those turkeys called DallasArtsRevue — "Darts." Then they changed their name to D-Art. Curiously familiar huh? No wonder they changed their name several times after that. I knew who I was, but I'm not sure they know who they are, yet.   

Jeanne Sturdevant - Asunder (front)

Jeanne Sturdevant   Asunder (front)   ©2013   painted wood, lace paper, glass   16 x 12 x 12 inches

1.  Decide which 6 images you want on your DARts Member page.

1 additional image each time you resubscribe before your expiration date.

State the exact order you want your images to appear on the page (either in your email to me or in a text-only (.txt) document burned to your CD and

Identify all your pieces per the Caption information below in the text of an email. Just put them in the order you want them to appear.

If you send me a big bunch of images wanting me to decide what goes on your page, I'll procrastinate choosing. I'm good at procrastinating. You choose. Most of the rest of the site reflects my choices.

It's your page, and it should reflect you and your tastes. Don't get a friend who knows nothing about art to choose what pieces should be on your member page. You choose. We all have difficulty choosing our best work. You probably need the practice, and don't just send me your moldy oldies. Send at least one piece that was done recently, preferably this year.

Send at least one that scares you to show it to anyone. That's the one you will look back on later and think, "Wow, that was really me, only I didn't realize it then."

Do not include the white space around your work in the images you submit, because it makes it more difficult to work them up and makes them a lot smaller on the page, because all that stupid white space will take up the size. Frame your images exactly. I'll put plenty of white space around them on the page itself. Don't worry.

I almost always publish horizontal images 777 pixels wide and vertical images up to 10 inches tall at 555 pixels wide.

I hate PDFs. Do not send me PDFs. 

Be sure the CD you burn is universal format. You probably do PC. I'm Mac, and Macs don't open pure PC CDs.

After you think you've burned a CD, eject it. Then put it back in and see if anything's there. I get a lot of blanks.

Name your image files intelligently. "001" is not an intelligent file name. Name image files by your name and the title or a shortened version of the title of the piece in the image. I.e., John Furbish - Wet Clothes


For more info about images, see our How to Send Us Images page.


Name the CD with your name. I.e., Fiona M. Furd and nothing else. Also label it that.

See my extensive and very popular page, How to Photograph Art for more information about file names, preparing images for a CD and other critical information.

Name the individual files with your last name, a hyphen - and a shortened version of the title of that piece.

Do not name image files with commas, semicolons, colons, #, $, ¢, %, @, !, ^, &, *, (, ), = or more than one period. Stick with letters and numbers.

Do not include dimensions or prices in the file name — just your name and the work's title.

Do not include spacebar spaces in the file name. Use hyphens instead of spaces.

Alex Troup - Mudman

Alexander Troup   Mudman Recovering   2002   collage, photo   7 x 7 inches

Please get me all the information for each piece on your page at one time in one email, in the order you want them shown on your page.


2.  Send the text you want on your page.

Read The Editor's Guidelines on What to Say on Your Page.

Do not attach title information to emails. Type all that stuff in the text of an email. Type it in the text of an email.

I am not your typist.

Read Caption Information below.

DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPTITAL LETTERS. I jst hafe to retipe that infurmatin, and believe me, you do nut want me retypink anyth-ng important to yu.

Resumes will not be specially formatted, although I'm sometimes inspired and make them look pretty good. Spacebar spaces in emails do not translate into the right spaces in web page formats.

If you send me tabbed columns, I have to reformat it and that takes time and temper. If I'm angry at you for ignoring my rules, your page will suffer. Usually I just procrastinate doing it. I'm very good at procrastinating.

Don't use curly quotes.

Our How to Send Stuff to DARts page includes easy instructions for copying word processor or other computer text into the body of an email. This used to be difficult for most people. Now, it's almost too silly to mention. Except that some people do not understand.

DARts will be happy to link your email address and/or other sites from your DARts Supporting Membership page. They are placed below all your images.

Send those in the text of an email in full http://www.XXX.xxx format.

I balk at listing your home address or phone number, but if you insist, you may. I think it's a bad idea, because using email addresses allow us to screen personal access. Too many people already have our phone numbers.

Official DARts style for captions

Bob Nunn - Loop de Loop

Bob Nunn   Loop de Loop   2013   gouache   4 x 4 inches

This is our standard format for captions. Please send your caption information in this precise order. Do not attempt to center them, and do not label the information, i.e., "photo 1," etc., because I'll just have to edit all that out, and editing out stuff I told you not to clude in only makes me cranky.

Please capitalize the title (but don't submit it in all capital letters).

Do not use quotation marks for titles.

If you ignore these rules, I'll send your text back suggesting you read this page, so we can do it again.

The order is:

your name   title   date  medium and size on the next line

(Size is always rendered as number x number inches, feet, miles or whatever). Height first. Width second. Always. Not just here.

Leave the space between numbers and Xs.

DO NOT USE quote marks " for inches or ' for feet.

We spell out everything. No abbreviations.

We only say inches or feet once — at the end.

Unless your medium is a brand name, do not capitalize it. Unless your medium is a brand name, do not capitalize it. Unless your medium is a brand name, do not capitalize it.

The medium known as acrylic is not a brand name; oil is not a brand name; collage is not a brand name.

If you send images on a CD, include on that CD a text-only (.txt) file listing your caption information down the page in the exact order you want your images to appear.

If you do not know what order to show them, I want the most recent image first. If you know, I'd appreciate if you would show your latest images on top. If you don't have a latest image from this (far preferable) or last (much less interesting) year, you are not making enough art.


3.  I'll create your web page(s).

Second pages usually don't get as many hits as first pages, unless people like your art and want to see more of it or are so fascinated they just gotta read all about you.

You can have all your information and images on one page, instead.

Many, but not all, DARts Members choose this option. Several who originally chose two pages, now have only one.

I'll include your words, pictures and links to your email address(es) and/or other websites. Just spell them out — including the "http://" part.


Producing your page is free.

You can do it yourself if you just have to.

Only one member ever has. He's been an amazing member. He always sends info about his upcoming shows, shows out of town and all kinds of other news, so I can promote him and his art often. Only a few other members do that, and that's a goofy waste of their art and possibilities.

If you insist on doing your own page, realize that:

All pages must adhere to established DARts Membership Design and Specifications (below).

The best way to send HTML is to include it in the text of an email or burned as a text-only (.txt) file on a CD along with your images. (Web pages are text files.)


Matt Kaplinsky - Andy's Flowers #6

Matt Kaplinsky    Andy's Flowers 6    April 2011   acrylic   48 x 30 inches


4.  I'll post your page(s) on the DallasArtsRevue site, so you can review it.

At first, I put your page online without linking it anywhere — so no one else will see it, until we agree it's ready.

Google and other search engine spiders or bots will probably hit your page, even if it is not linked anywhere, because I employ them to do our site Searching. So your hit counter may add numbers, even though no other humans will see that page. Yet.

I'll send you the URL (Universal Resource Locator — web address), so you can proofread your page(s).

5.  You proof your page(s).  

You'll probably want to change something or correct my or your spelling or correct errors.

If your spelling or grammar is incorrect, and if I catch it, I'll change it.

You are responsible for the text on your page.

Try to not change the titles every time you email me.


James Michael Starr - All Along The Way

James Michael Starr - All Along The Way, 2006
17-1/2 x 11-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches
Cast iron lamp base, cast figurine, croquet ball, miscellaneous hardware


6.  I'll make the corrections

Unless I don't think there's anything that can possibly go wrong with your page, then I'll just post your page. It's still up to you to proofread your page and tell me about any corrections(s).


7.  You check the corrections, and if everything's okay, you approve them.

If I don't hear from you in a timely manner, I'll decide when your page is ready and publish the link on the Members Index page. Dragging this process out is not good for you or for me.


8.  I'll link + promote your finished page(s).

The main way I promote your page is to link it to your name as often as I can.

To make that possible, notify DARts every time you are in a show or other art event.

The information I need.

Each time I list your name in a calendar or news listing, I'll link it to your DARts Member page. I may also use one of your images somewhere — like the cover or the members index — just so I can link your name to your member page.

Members report that they are much easier to find online than artists who aren't linked as often.

It probably helps that there's so many DARts pages, that they are all inter-linked, and that DallasArtsRevue is so informative.


I used to recommend that artists change their pages every six months or so, but only a few ever did that, so it's hardly worth my while to complain any more. Many artists do their page one time and leave it their rotting in for years and years and years. That saves me time and effort, so it's just fine with me. I don't complain about it any more. But if your style changes often, your old style no longer represents you.


Kathy Boortz - Peregrine

Kathy Boortz   Peregrine    2010   10 x 15.5 x 4 inches
found wood, clay, beads, metal  
J R Compton photo


I will photograph your work free!

We make an appointment via email.

You send me an email. We make an appointment. Probably in the afternoon.

If you are close — within Loop 12 north of the Trinity, or just south of the river, I'll drive to where your art is. If you live far, you bring it to me. If I have a compelling reason to travel far, I might, but I'd rather you bring art to me.

I now have a mini studio that's good for small and medium-sized sculpture and every painting artists have found room for in their vehicles, so far. Outside in bright sun is always better, it's amazing fast that way, but my semi-studio does good.

This free service is offered at my convenience. I reserve the right to choose to whom I offer it. It is a personal offer. It is not guaranteed in any way. I do it as a convenience to members, because it is often so much easier and quicker. I drive somewhere to do free photos less and less.

I photograph your work

It rarely takes more than a half hour.

The best place to photograph art (See How to Photograph Art.) is in direct sunlight, away from colorful objects like walls or trees. It's worth waiting for a sunny day.

I can deal with almost any kind of light that evenly covers your art, but only direct sunlight will show its true colors.

I prefer to shoot member art during the week. Saturday may be my second choice. Sundays are difficult. I like to rest or recreate then.

Art behind glass is a problem. Same with Plexiglas. Take your art out, or the glass off, before I have to shoot it.

I optimize your images, put them on a page, and send you the link so you can check it.

See #6 in the 11 Purple Steps above to learn what happens next in the membership process.


Put your strongest image on top, so people see it first, while they decide whether to look at the rest. If you can't figure out which is your strongest image, put the most recent one there.

I'd rather you decide which images — it's your page — but I can help.


Editor's Guidelines

What to Say on Your Page


Denise Brown - Photograph Copyright 2013 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Denise M. A. Brown   Table   2005   hand-carved wood and glass   38 x 38 in round


Few people read long, wordy Biographies or Artist's Statements (a vastly overrated literary form) — unless, of course, they are fascinated by you or your art.

People don't read long paragraphs, which is why I write and edit most text into shorter ones. You should, too. If you want, I'll help you write or edit your text. Just tell me.

Keep it simple — be human. A little text after each image is appreciated by readers, who are engaged by personal stories or vignettes about your art.

Long, drawn-out statements or or intricate intellectualizations can be difficult or boring. Be real.The more you involve readers, the more they will appreciate you and your work. Talk to them.

Do not use the third person (he/she/his/her).

If you say, "I," "me" or "my," readers will be much more involved in your words.

An online resume can be valuable. Many members use their second page as their online resume. People read pictures first. If they like those, they'll read the captions.The last thing they read is long text. If they like the pictures and are intrigued by the captions, they may want to read everything they can about you and your work.


Solely on the basis of the art on their Member page, one DARts Member sold several thousands of dollars worth of art to a collector whom the artist had never met, and the buyer had never seen that artist's work before.

Artists don't often get to select the company their art keeps, but on DallasArtsRevue's Supporting Member pages, your work will be exhibited with some of the best artists in Dallas.

Pretty good deal.


DallasArtsRevue Member Page Standards

Pages must meet DallasArtsRevue Design & Specifications.

Check out the Supporting Member pages now online for examples of what you can do on your page, or read The Editor's Suggestions below.

DARts maintains certain aesthetic standards:

DallasArtsRevue reserves the right to decline membership to anyone for any reason, but you really have to piss me off for that to happen. 


Then What?

Then, whenever you exhibit your work, do a demonstration, judge or curate something, participate in a show, art fair, sale or whatever, let us know at least two weeks before the event. Send the important calendar information — show title, artists' names, opening and closing dates, reception times.

Send us a big (at least 1,000 pixels along the longest side) image (JPEG) of your best work in that show, and we might illustrate your calendar listing with the picture.


since August 9 2005