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Art by Tina Wages

Tiana Wages - I Dream of Painting

Tiana Wages - I Dream of Painting, 2007
oil on canvas - 36 x 48 inches



Tiana Wages - Lullaby

Tiana Wages - Lullaby, 2007
oil and acrylic on canvas - 36 x 48 inches



Tiana Wages - Sunshine

Tiana Wages - Sunshine, 2006
mixed media - 22 x 18 inches



Tiana Wages - Void

Tiana Wages - Void, 2006
oil on board - 30 x 30 inches



Tiana Wages - Gold Finish Barcelona

Tiana Wages - Goldfish in Barcelona, 2006
oil on wood - 28 x 24 inches



Tiana Wages - Don Quixote

Tiana Wages - Don Quixote, 2004
bronze - 12 x 7 inches


Tiana was featured in "The Golden Years, "a story in the Fort Worth Star Telegram's December 2007 edition of Indulge Magazine.

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