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Index of Artist Obituaries

In Memory of Carol Wilder

Dallas artist and dear friend, Carol Wilder died early Thursday morning, February 12, 2004 after a head-on collision coming back from a Public Art panel at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Carol Wilder

Carol Wilder helping organize DallasArtsRevue's first exhibition at 1026 Tranquilla


Her friend and collaborating artist Charotte Lindsey was critically injured in the accident.

A drunk driver swerved over the median on Cockrell Hill Road and struck Carol's car head-on. He was arrested for intoxication manslaughter and assault, then released on bond.


Carol Wilder/Larry Enge Collaborations with pot by Marty Rayat
the First DallasArtsRevue exhibition at 1026 Tranquilla


Just that morning, Carol had sent me a short, kind E-mail note quoting Poo's friend, Eeyore [below].

I've known Carol for 30 years since we both attended East Texas State University, and I was proud to call her an old friend — and she liked me calling her that.

We've lived across the street twice, in two different cities — Commerce and Dallas, and we'd got reacquainted on New Year's 2004 and have been especially close these last weeks.

Carol's Mountain

I always saw a kiss in this 1980s painting, but Carol insisted it was a mountain.
JR Compton Collection


Carol was the first painter I ever spent a lot of time with — us talking about art for hours, and me watching in wonder as each of her new paintings changed and changed and changed as she struggled them toward completion.

One of the arts panelists in Fort Worth, who spoke with Carol and Charlotte less than an hour before the accident says, "there was an energy in both ... that was looking ahead to future creative possibilities ... [and that] Carol was pursuing her dreams right up to the end of her life."


Carol Wilder in Wedding Dress

An impish Carol Wilder in Wedding Dress with childhood portrait of her mother — late 70s
JR Compton photo 

Often, when someone dies or leaves our lives suddenly, we wish we had spent more time with them, sent a note, called or touched base. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky and blessed to have benefited directly from Carol's caring, consideration and kindness during her last six weeks of life.


Muttered Disaproval by Carol Wilder

This detail of an autobiographical, early 70s wash and transfer drawing I traded Carol for a computer,
shows her with her then four year old son, Trevor. Written across the bottom are the words
"She muttered disapproval in the direction of the future."
J R Compton Collection


Our condolences to her husband, collaborating artist and my friend Larry Enge, their two daughters, Jora and Amelia, her son, Trevor Jennings, her mother Jo Nell Wilder, and their many friends.

James 5:16
"And pray for each other so you may be healed.
 The prayer from the heart of a person right with God
 has much power."

Carol's Eeyore Note

Carol's note on the morning of the collision was in response to an essay of mine that's not on the internet anymore:


10:52 A.M.
February 12, 2004

Subject: Piteous Martyrs



a quote for you from Eeyore:

I can't find my tail or my house, I guess that's what I get for being so gloomy.



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