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Index of Supporting Member Pages

Below on this page:  Links to Members' Pages

Richard Ray - Falling Down Stairs

Richard Ray  title unknown   2014    acrylic


Jeanne Sturdevant - Cosmos

Jeanne Sturdevant    Cosmos   2016   Monotype   14 x 16 inches


Judy DeSanders - What Do You Want?

Judy DeSanders   What Do You Want?


Michael McKenzie

Michael McKenzie   Feather of Ma'at (Navigating the Lee Shore)   2015
oil and mixed media on canvas   14 x 14 inches


Flies - Photograph Copyright 2017 JRCompton.com/birds   All Rights Reserved.

J R Compton   Flies   2017    photograph


Mirtha Aertker   Sospechosa   clay assemblage   12 x 5 x 3 inches


Ray-Mel Cornelius   Jack of Rabbits

Ray-Mel Cornelius   Jack of Rabbits    2016    acrylic on canvas    14 x 18 inches


Lin Medlin - Early Life Westcliff

Lin Medlin   Early Light, Westcliff   2016   oil on canvas   30 x 48 inches


Pavlina Panova - Lotus

Pavlina Panova   Lotus   2015   carved clay, stains, acrylic on board   18 x 11 inches

$100 to start and $75 a year is an incredibly inexpensive way to promote your art. Once we get your page up, you need to email me every time you show your work anywhere, so I can show your latest art and tell people about your shows on this page, which has been one of this site's most popular.

The idea for this page was always that members could keep up with their memberships by clicking the Index of Supporting Member Pages link on top of this page a couple times a year, although I know many members apparently never do that.

When members add new images to their pages, I often borrow one for here, too. It's been fun and interesting and even exciting sometimes to see work you have done recently. I really appreciate the artists — and others — who have helped support this website over the decades.

My web host, DreamHost's hit counters no longer work. And they stopped them from working before they told me they were going to, which I thought was extraordinarily rude, but they are.

Index of DallasArtsRevue
Supporting Members

The final date of membership is the last day of the month and year cited after members' names:

Mirtha Aertker   June 16

George Bailey   May 17

Donna Davis Ball   January 2017

Kathy Boortz   May 17

Fannie Brito    July 2017

J R Compton   The Editor

Ray-Mel Cornelius   July 2017

Judy DeSanders   June 2017

Jim Dolan   ∞

Paul Rogers Harris   ∞

Matt Kaplinsky   September 2017

Sonia King

Michael McKenzie   May 17

Lin Medlin   May 17

Bob Nunn   June 15

Pavlina Panova    March 16

Andy Poynor   ∞

Marty Ray   April 15

Richard Ray   October 14

Jane Cornish Smith    May 17

Rita Smith    February 16

James Michael Starr    ∞ 

Joe Stanco poetry    ∞ 

Jeanne Sturdevant    June 17

Bill Verhelst   ∞

The White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour   September 16


Members, please send J R pix of your recent work.

How to Join DallasArtsRevue as a Supporting Member 

Read The Utterly Simple How to Join page.

There's also a much more fully informative How to Join page that will tell you everything you will need to know to be an active member of DallasArtsRevue. It seems to be off-putting to some, but if you've at least looked it over, so you could go back to find information later when you need it, you will be better prepared to have your work shown here.

Every time you send DallasArtsRevue an image, I need your name on the image file, plus the year date, medium(s) and size in inches for caption information. Every single time. Might as well give it to me when you send the image file. Don't worry about the font or spacing. I'll do that for you.

Send checks payable to "J R Compton" to

J R Compton
914 Grandview Ave.
Dallas, TX 75223

You may also find these stories worth considering:

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although most people send emails now.


See the Index of People & Places for visits with artists,
including some DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members.

Members without pages

are not linked. Some members simply want to support this site, and others haven't got around to getting their work photographed. Some put that experience off for years. It's certainly easier for me that way, but I miss having new artists showing new work that I didn't pick.

If you want to help support this site and have your name on the list, tell me, and I'll happily include your name but won't bother you about submitting images and information for a member page.

Resubscribing members

are eligible to have one additional image on their page each time they resubscribe within their old subscription period.

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