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 Visiting Marty & Richard
and Susan & Bill

links fixed See art by these artists on the DARts Supporting Member pages:
Marty Ray, Richard Ray, Susan Lecky and Wilbert Verhelst


Looking out Marty and Richard Ray's front window

One of the better perks of this job is that I get to visit Dallas artists in their homes and studios, where I not only take pictures of their work, but I sometimes also get to take photographs of other interesting and unique art and other things along the way. And I get to engage active, intelligent artists in art conversation.


Bill's hat collection, like everything else in their house, amid art


I've been lucky enough recently to visit two couples, all four of whose work is distinctive and almost wildly different.


a very early Marty Ray pot

Susan Lecky is a painter whose work reminds me of abstract, colorful maps or perhaps camoflauge for a color filled, fantasy world.

The Lecky-Verhelst garden

Her husband, Bill Verhelst, whom I still like to describe as having written the book on sculptural materials (because he did), taught sculpture at SMU. Then as now, he makes fanciful small and large structures unlike anyone else's I have ever seen.


a window setting at Marty & Richard's home
Note the early Frances Bagley on the right.


Marty Ray makes pots. She teaches ceramics and sculpture at NorthLake College in Irving and instigates things — like the White Rock Lake Artists Tour and the recent Texas Mud show (although she didn't appreciate that title) at DCCA.

Over the years I've been paying attention, her pots have evolved to portray dynamic, complex scenarios involving art and artists and making and exhibiting art.


Richard Ray

Richard Ray may be the most modest yet prolific painter I know. I am especially fond of his Dallas-area land- and city-scapes. On this visit, I was introduced to his flowers, with which I immediately fell in love.

 See my very own Richard Ray painting
  in JR's Collection
here on DallasArtsRevue.

another window at Richard and Marty's

I hope Richard will have a major show and sale of them soon, since he has stacks — perhaps at this year's White Rock tour. I'd love to see them all over their colorful back yard — priced to sell.


Susan Lecky in her studio talking with fellow painter
Kathy Dello Stritto on the last White Rock tour.


I have been in both these houses before. All four artists participate in the White Rock Tour. And I photographed their work for their first and now second DARts Supporting Member pages. All four are resubscribing members of our elite but open group.

I think of this Bill Verhelst structure as two green,
migratory birds in flight. I've shot it every time
I've visited Bill and Susan's house. This outdoor flash
version may the most successful yet — and I love the broom.


These visits have in common that after the fifteen minutes or so it takes to photograph their work, we all sit and visit awhile, usually for several hours of fascinating art conversation.


Pots in various stages line Marty's studio. Note
the RRay painting of a potter on the right wall.

See art by these artists on the DARts Supporting Member pages:
Marty Ray, Richard Ray, Susan Lecky and Wilbert Verhelst



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