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The Good-Latimer Art Tunnel

Photographs and comments
© 1999 by DARts Editor J R Compton

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Lots of light and visibility in the ramp down and up out of the tunnel and not much of either inside. Saturday was a busy day with maybe thirty teams of artists putting up paint.  

My two favorite images in the interior of the tunnel. A photo-realist angel and a sweet little star.

Another, more lurid angel guards the Deep Ellum side of the tunnel.


Under the scaffold a lovely blue sky helps form the shapes of a large artwork.


On top, the two artists extrapolate from a photograph.


Most of the artists were young, but a few had gray hair and perhaps more orderly ideas.


It's just the beginnings, of course, but I really liked the look and feel of this drawing.


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of the finished Tunnel Vision works.

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