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Please send your personal experiences with local and national art services and suppliers to the email listed near the top of our Contact page. We credit editorial comments, if you want. But It's okay to submit opinions anonamously. I'd rather have the opinion than not know. If there's no name here, the editor probably wote it, although he's happy to write opinions submitted by others who don't need the hassle or notoriety.

If you qualify for one of these listings, I'd be happy to list you here, too.


Art Appraisers

The main art appraiser I previously recommended no longer performs that service, but someone from their organization suggested The North Texas Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers, with whom I have had no experience, so I wouldn't know.

Banks Fine Art — 1313 Slocum, Suite 103, Dallas TX 75207. Bob Banks, Certified AAA Appraiser 213-352-1811
Suzann Farren, Appraiser 214-532-8804


Art Supply Stores - local

Asel Art Supply — the oldest and tfbest in Dallas. Products may have been sitting on those shelves for decades, but the clerks are often knowledgeable and helpful.Empty Walls — Kathy recommended Carolyn Lowry there. I'm not an easy customer, but I dealt with her over the phone, and she was very patient and precise. She called when she had made my mats. I picked them up and was pleased with the price. They're in Preston Center, 214 369-9989


Photographers of Art

Steve Beasley of Beasley's Fine Art Photography - 1350 Manufacturing   Street, Suite 205, 214 741-1176, fax 214 741-6301, is widely appreciated — this guy is legendary — for his reproduction of art colors in slides.

J R Compton - digital only - Most of the images on this site are by me (I'm the editor and publisher of My $150/hour price to shoot includes digital production. I can do quick turnarounds, but I'd rather do it right. Results on duplicate CDs. E-mail me at my latest address on this site's Contact Us page.

See my hugely popular, long page, How to Photograph Art if you want to try it yourself. Last I checked, it had received

Harrison Evans - $100/hour. Used by many DARts readers and some of the best artists in this area. Great if you can organize a bunch of work to shoot in a hurry. Harrison Evans Photography, 214 522-1754, cell 469 371-3032,;

Michael Lyon - $120 per hour for location work; $75 per hour for studio copy work and digital post;;

Service Bureaus

Several ArtiZen users report serious rip-offs. But so have other places that make images of your work then promise to promote and sell prints. It's a very iffy business to get involved with. I'd love to hear somebody report that they love the people who did that for them, but I'm still waiting.

Kathy hadn't used BWC for years, because they never could get the correct color on color prints of her paintings. And I have heard other frustrations about them from artists. Others use only them, and get great results.

I've come to understand that getting wrong colors — that artists worry about more than anybody else — is part of the process. For any job you'll be paying for, get a proof first. Many service bureaus will happily work with customers by providing a smaller proof, so you can check the details.

Since Kathy recommended Mr Beazly, I've heard several artists say they only deal with him. When I met him at the TVAA "gallery," in the Plaza of the Americas and told him of his reputation, he blushed deeply. -JRC

Expert Imaging is a photographic service bureau (in Deep Elm) that I have been working with for years, because they're close and willing to work with artists, whom they understand are picky.

My very favorite is Expert Imaging in Deep Ellum (on Canton at Hall, 214-748-3151). Phil Ober there take pics of all my work and make duplicate slides. All at a reasonable price with quick turnaround and a smile. A pleasure to do business with. - Sonia King

I agree. But Ignore Expert Image's promises to call when your order is ready, although my orders have always been ready when they said they would be. I've been a customer for longer than it's been Expert Imaging, and they've only ever called me once.

I assume any photo house will initially screw up the color and density of slides and prints. I've never found one that got it right the first time. I'm so much happier now that art competitions have finally joined the 21st Century and use digital, instead of slide, entries, although many artists will continue to have difficulties with that format.

A really nice part of Expert's service is that Phil will work with my image while I watch to adjust the various vidual aspects. No other bureau has ever let me see their computers, let alone actually help me get exactly what I want- J R Compton

American Litho Color, Inc. at 2622 Freewood Drive, Dallas 75220 does fine art reproductions as well as Giclee prints.  214 358-2171;

By 2014, there must be dozens of other places that offer these services, although these are the only ones in Dallas that I have heard reports about.



Other Services

Art Supply Stores

I found something called There were special crayons that I was looking for. They did not stock them but ordered them for me — pretty cool, I thought. Neither the company, caran d'ache, nor Daniel Smith would do that! - Nancy Ferro

Daniel Smith, located in Seattle, WA, is my favorite art supply source. They put out a nice big catalog once a year and smaller quarterly sales catalogs. All of these catalogs are filled with info and instruction about using various art media and techniques. They will send you reprintable handouts for free, and best of all, if you have any art questions, their artist staff will be glad to answer by phone or email. Of course, they have an 800 number. - Kathy Dello Stritto


On Line

This site, has a remarkably up-to-date list of Art Opportunities, including competitions, jobs, etc. Anna Palmer does it now, and is far more  — oh, everything — than I was when I did it up to a couple years ago. Send info about competitions or questions about how to submit to Anna Palmer. That page also lists more other sites with art competition information than are on this page.

Art Deadlines List — both a public list and a paid-subscription list — lots of art opportunities in the public one. The Paid list is very probably much better. An annual E-mail subscription is $18. An annual on-paper subscription is $36. For only $350, DARts could join the E-mail version, and I could then put them on the M-O Ops Page...

Gallileo Art Resources

Index of Selected Art Resources on the World Wide Web — from the Okanagan University College Department of Art.


Free Lawyers

On the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each month, The Dallas Bar Association sponsors Legal Line, an anonymous telephone hotline, where volunteer attorneys will answer your legal questions for FREE from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. There are Spanish-speaking attorneys when available. The number to call is (214) 220-7476. Callers are welcome to call with ANY kind of legal question.

I have no idea if this is still good information.


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