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How to Photograph Art  

"It's a complete course on photographing your art. It doesn't insult your intelligence, is fun and entertaining, and gives complete information no matter your level of camera proficiency."

According to Martha Marshall's An Artist's Journal,

Cameras & Lenses: History & Future

An introduction to Digital Photographs, with information about its history, why they call them Single Lens Reflexes and how relative sensor sizes, megapixel ratings, new camera types and other factors affect image quality.

This page also includes oft-updated link lists of Cameras with Manual Exposure Options and Cameras with Articulating LCDs, among other information, including an excellent lexicon of digital photographic terms

Cameras & Lenses I Have Known or Lusted After

This page began as a series of recommendations for cameras and lenses usefull for photographing art, then became my experience with the digital camera and lenses that I have used and careful research into other cameras and lenses, which I am or have been interested in for photographing art and other subjects.

Each camera or lens listed includes positive and negative experiences, links to online reviews and info about what I liked and disliked about those cameras and lenses.

My Nikon D7000 Journal

NEW Despairing because Nikon difficulties (their Japan factory got irradiated, and the Thai factories are under water) their projected D400 (I've had a D200 and D300, and the D200 still works well but the D300's shutter disintegrated, but I still loved them both, and dearly desire a D400, but since it's not forthcoming, and I usually wait for new cameras to get fixed and have their price come down some, I'm stuck forever waiting the D400, I bought a D7000, which is not as easy to learn, but I slowly am.

My G2 Journal

Me learning my Panasonic G2 micro four/thirds camera with EVF (electronic view finder) and tilting, swinging LCD. An ongoing struggle. It's my favorite camera, but clearly not good for fast-moving birds.

Canon S90/95 Tips & Accessories

My S90-95 page of accessories, tips and techniques. I'm a mostly happy S90 owner who's been adding all the knowledge I can find, so I can use my Canon S90 more effectively. I've gathered S90 & S95 accessories, lore and info,

JR's Canon S90 Journal

Me learning the quirks, questions and qualities of my Canon S90, illustrated with photographs taken with my s90 and what I've incrementally learned from using it.