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The Lost Artists Page

These E-mails ask about artists or information about them. If you have the knowledge they need, please E-mail them at their linked E-mail address under their letters. I will not publish phone numbers or street addresses. E-mail only. Newest entries are on top. These emails are edited. I'd love to hear from questioners who have heard from DallasArtsRevue readers. My standard reply about the value of any work of art is that it is determined by what you can get for it. There is no instrinsic financial value of art objects, gold or pressed latinum. — J R C

artist unknown

Do you know this artist? Contact Dave at link below.

new Hi my name is Dave McPherson and I need some assistance. I purchased a large portrait at a Benefit for Africa in Dallas. All I can see for his name is an initial and then Rob. I purchased it back in 08 and took the painting before he was able to get pictures and I would like to send him a pict. I have an attachment in case someone recognizes his work.

Any ideas?

Thank you for any help,


My name is Maria Harman and I purchased an art piece several years back and decided to try and research the artist. The stamp on the back is from "Gallery Trohafole" and the artist's name is Richard Fox. That led me to your site, Dallas Arts Revue, and the article: http://www.dallasartsrevue.com/SSiT/22aModernH.shtml. Do you know anything about the artist Richard 'Dick' Fox?

Maria Harman

I have a painting I bought back in the late 1980's at the Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC) Art Auction. The artist name is Clay Austin. I am trying to created a archive of artist bios to go with my art collection. Do you have contact information on Clay. The Dallas Arts Revue is the only place I found Clay mentioned.

Mari L. Madison

In 1974 i purchased a painting from an artist named cy corsaey/cordey, etc. i cannot make out the last name. at that time he was living in the dallas/ ft. worth area. if you have any information please contact me

Darrell Shearer

In the mid 1970s I was a resident of Dallas Texas. I befriended a "starving" artist by the name of Nathan Wright Jr. And purchased a number Of his pieces. I am unable to locate him and was wondering if you have any information that could assist Me. I would be most appreciative.

Sydney A. Elsdon

I am looking for a long lost Artist Friend who I believe is in the Dallas Area. Her name is Eva Marie Kutscheid. We grew up together in Denver Colorado. My name is Randa LeJeune, My maiden name is Randa Howell. I would greatly appreciat any help in locating her. Email, Phone# or address. Thank You


my name is Rebecca Gatten...my brother recently passed away and had quite an impressive art collection...one of his pieces is by the artist Heather Marcus...it's quite large and was one of Brians's favorite pieces...the family is trying to decide what to do...donate, sell???? but...right now just trying to find a gallery that represents her...if there is one...just starting here...if you can help at all; it would be much appreciated! ...thanks in advance to reading and responding to this message.


Hello......My name is Sue Smith and I am a retired art teacher with Garland ISD. Anna Cooper was my student for four years at Naaman Forest High School. She came back for a visit in around 1996, but have lost track of her with the exception of what I have been able to glean from the web.

I would very much appreciate it. It would be such a joy to be back in touch with a lovely and talented friend.

My thanks

Do you know Pamela Mahaffey Rossing? Her work is in a photo of a home feature we're running, and I wanted to identify her by name as well as city she currently lives in. I can't find her.

Mariana Greene
Editor, HOME
The Dallas Morning News

I would love to find I would love to find Margaret Van Waggoner. She made a fun piece that I bought several years ago that gives me such pleasure. It is in need of desparate repair.

How could I get in touch with her?
Thank you,

I'm looking for an artist somewhere in Texas named Richard Ross. He also goes by the name of Ricardo. The reason I'm interested in contacting this individual is because he is my half brother. Our father was with his mother during WWII. Their marriage ended in divorce. Our father's name is Dale C. Jones, from Iowa, which is where I live. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've looked on the internet, without much success.

Thank you again.
Bob Jones

i have a question about an artist that i knew back in the 70's & 80's. his name is Gregory C. Palmer. i think he is dead and has been for a while. i have some of his painings and have been trying to find out if they have any value as collectibles.

i have not had any luck on the internet and was wondering if you knew anything about his work or where i could find info on his work. i know he was in a gallery in dallas and one in chicago and maybe one in houston.

thanks again

John Abrams question, Hi I am wondering what happened to this artist? He used to have a web site and a gallery around Dallas I think. I see you have some of his art and was wondering if you can give me some links or info. on him?

Best regards,

I am interested in some of Gil R. Glover's works but when I try to e-mail him, the e-mail comes back 'no longer a valid address'. Do you have a way to locate his works. Thank you

Kay Heard

I'm trying to contact an artist by the name of Kyle Cook in order to paint a wall mural on the wall in my child's room. Unfortunately, the email address and phone # that I have do not work. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin D. Lewis

I have two beautiful Western prints by the Artist C.A. Steffens an unable to find any history on him or her. Would you have any information on him and if not any suggestions to resources? Thank You,


Dear Mr. Compton

I met Mr. James Thomas Franklin while traveling in Hawaii. I was intrigued by his portfolio. Can you tell me anything about him or his reputation as an artist in Dallas? Is he on the level or a gangsta? He seemed to be down on his luck so I am considering commissioning him for one of his works. Do you have an opinion of him or his work? Can you or your readers dig up anything about him? Thanks.

Henry D Veilleux

One of my girlfriends had a ring on at dinner last night. She said she bought it from an artist called Sunshine Man. I am desperate to buy several of these rings. They are beautiful. Do you know how I can get in touch with him?

Alysia Oglesby

I am an old friend of Bill White's — but through the years, since leaving Dallas, have "lost" him. We used to work together at Brinker for Phil Romano. I've moved several times, and married — he knows me as Tori Rogers. I would be so grateful to you for
any information you may have about him.

Many thanks!
Tori Klein

I have a sculpture by David S. Newton and am trying to get a contact phone number for him. Do you have any info on how I may contact him?

Jerry Langley

I recently visited Austin and walked into a store that sold Tina McIntyre's glass window hangings. I would like to order a piece from her but have been unable to find any information regarding her work. If you have any
information please let me know.

Cailey Colarulli

Hello. I am trying to find a contact for Helen Roberts, the watercolorist / "decorative artist".

The last contact I know of for her is "Roberts Reflections" in Dallas. She apparently taught students in her home and at "Lasting Impressions" in McKinney.

I would be very grateful if you could tell me a business phone number, or any sort of business contact.

Peggy Y Kilgus

There was an artist from Dallas, last name is Fenton. I am possesion of one his large mixed media pieces, circa 1987. Fine paper and acrylic. Do you know of this artist and how to contact him?

Marc Fine

I have a painting by Gerald J. Burns. The painting is called, William H. Harrison Birthplace. It is only about 8x10. Could you tell me where I can find out the value.

Thank You,
Linda Rothwell

Not the same as Gerald Burns, who used to draw and write for DallasArtsRevue.


I'm looking for information on a western sculptor (bronzes) by the name of
Jack Glover. Jack lived and worked about 50 miles out of Ft. Worth. I did find some information regarding books that he had written on barbwire, but can't get any info on him.

Do you have any information?

Patt Kenworthy
Denver, Colorado

I hold a #4 print of 20 by Mr. Dennis Beall. Their were only 2 artist proofs.
This print was my uncle's who has passed away.These were commissioned by the Troup Gallery at 2528 Fairmount. It is 22 x 29, and states it is a 3 color intaglio printed on Rives. Can you tell me anything about this artist and any value it may have.

Thanks John Hall

I am trying to contact a Dallas artist by the name of (Pat) Patricia Lopez.
I saw her art in Cafe Brazil in Lakewood but the owner can not find her
contact info.

You have a great Web Site. Thanks for your help~

Kurt Kretsinger

Have you heard of an artist, Debbie Crites? I heard she is from Dallas. I have a beautiful oil painting of Willy Nelson that she did in the early 80's.

Sheila Jones

Hiram in NY would like to get in touch with Bruce Stiglich. Please leave a # where you can be reached.

Bill Wood


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