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Index of DARts Resource pages

Dallas + Texas

Art Opportunities - Jobs, competitions, exhibitions and other opportunities — one of our most popular and oft-updated pages.

Arts Organizations — lists Visual Art Groups in the North Central Texas area

Art Schools + Classes — links public and private schools and classes in North Texas

Art Services — another attempt to elicit reader responses to a list on this site. This time a list of art services. If you have any experience with an art service in Dallas, let us know which and what.

Art Services of the Internet Kind — started off as a bad joke, then gradually grew into this page, which some time later I happily replaced with the I Want page. Then I found this thing again and decided, oh what the heck, why not. Like many of the more than 1,200 pages on this site, I haven't even looked at it for years.

Art Calendar — Oh, how I wish I still had the time and patience and connectedness to still have a calendar for this site, but I just don't and won't, although for many years, it was the best arts calendar in Dallas. It was so good that when KERA FM and TV wanted to start theirs, they wanted to use mine. Oh, well. I still review art in Dallas by Dallas artists, and I am the art critic who has been doing that the longest — since the early 1960s — of any other writer in or around Dallas, Texas, USA.

Art Here Lately — The latest Art Here Lately page is always at this address, and all the Art Here Lately stories are linked from the Art Here Lately Index. Art Here Lately is about art by Dallas artists or sometimes art by other artists that's in Dallas.

Dallas and Texas Artists with Web Pages

Gallery Information (also called Art Space Information Page)

I Want — when people want and I don't know where else to put it, I put it here.

Lost Artists and lost art - fairly often updated. People who ask me about artists get their emails put on this page, so anyone can answer their quests. Unfortunately, I never find out when these things connect, because the links go to those who lost the artists, not me.

MailServs + Websites — lists art and E-mail lists anybody can subscribe to

Media - Dallas area mediums with art content or interest

Museums + Art Centers in Dallas and Texas but nowhere else.



How to Start Showing Your Art by J R Compton and the readers of DallasArtsRevue

There's something of a Guide to Producing An Exhibition implicit in The Winter Show's blog.

How to Design & Distribute Your Invitational Postcard by J R Compton

How to Photograph Art - written by J R Compton, with links to knowledge all over the place.

Cameras & Lenses Useful for Photographing Art - is the official title, but what it turned into is an Introduction to Digital Photography with discussions of camera history, camera types and controls and relative sensor sizes; no-holds-barred reviews of cameras I have known and learned to understand despite their many flaws; an annotated list of Small Cameras with Manual Exposure Options and Cameras with articulating LCDs. This page is updated often with new technology and new cameras.

Associated Camera Pages not really in Resources include Canon S90 Tips & Accessories, reviews of the accessories I've tried in Canon S90 Accessory Reviews and my Canon S90 Journal — of me using and learning how to use and understand my new camera.

How to Paint - sketch for an essay on painting (primarily in oils) by Michael Helsem

How to send us information about your upcoming show, so we can put it in our art calendar.

The mostly updated DallasArtsRevue Information Index - which isn't saying much. The most

How to Help Support DallasArtsRevue.com by becoming a Supporting Member or Subscriber.

How to make J R's Black-eyed Pea Salad

How to Send Images to DallasArtsRevue.com

How to Look at Art is not all about How to Look at Art, a lot of it is about the How to Look at Art panel discussion at The MAC in April 2008 and the rest of the day of our subset and superset of the DADA Art Walk, but the page also includes an essay by the editor called Didactic Exposition that tells what J R knows about How to Look at Art.

A wide variety of information, hints and suggestions about exhibiting work is in our Winter Show Blog about creating and producing an art show.


National + International

The Aesthetic Crisis Center has gobs of links about visual and internet art, espeically the ones that move or move us.

Art Books

Art Sites

Online Exhibitions

National Link Lists

Famous Artists

Career Management, Business and Marketing Books

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