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Dallas & Texas Visual Arts &
Art-related Organizations

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MailServs & Websites at the bottom of this page    Fiber Artists Groups

There's a pretty good link list of local art groups at www.dbca.com/Index.cfm?FuseAction=Page&PageID=1000064

Send your information in the text (no attachments) to the email address listed near the top of the Contact page. Include name, physical and email addresses, your website address in the full "http://www.whatever.com" format and a short description of what you do.

Associated Creative Artists
Chartered in 1954 to promote representational art
P.O. Box 2968
Garland TX 75041
Contact Info

Arts District Friends

Their mission is to champion the Dallas Arts District and to enliven and promote the District as a place for people.
2121 San Jacinto Street
LB22, # 1005
Dallas, Texas 75201
214 953-1977
214 953-1986 fax


Art for The Bridge

25 Highland Park Village
Suite 100.240
Dallas, Texas 75205

Art for the Bridge raises funds for The Bridge Breast Network, a non-profit organization that links uninsured and underserved individuals to life-saving breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The impact is great. For each $1 raised, The Bridge Breast Network of healthcare professionals provides $10 of life-saving medical care. Since its inception in 1992, the network has supported more than 78,000 individuals in 16 North Texas counties. In 2007, Art for the Bridge organized an Art Auction Preview Party and a Black Tie Artists' Dinner, both events 100% underwritten by individual and corporate sponsors so that every leveraged dollar raised goes directly to providing health care. The auction raised and donated $100,000 to The Bridge Breast Network.


Art Focus XC

Women artists pushing beyond mid-career


Art Professionals of Texas

A non-profit organization whose mission is to empower its jury-selected membership of experienced, business-oriented art professionals to evolve their presentation, art and careers through effective interaction with art leaders and enthusiasts from around the globe, offering workshops, seminars and innovative art exhibitions.


Arthouseformerly Texas Fine Arts Association is still at

700 Congress Avenue (Northwest corner of 7th Street at Congress Avenue in dowtown
Austin, Texas 78701

open Tuesday, Wednesday & Fridays 11-7; Thursdays 11-9, Saturdays 10-5 and Sunday 105, free
512 453-5312
512 459-4830 fax


Artists 'Round Texas

Mission is to promote ane appreciation and diversity of the visual arts. Artists from beginners to professional, and include painters, potters, mask makers, jewelery artists, muralists, textile artists, and more.

April Miniature art show is popular venue for area artists. Unique monthly art demo programs at First United Methodist Church on Main Street in Rowlett, Texas 7 pm, 4th Tuesdays. 972 463-9093.


Craft Guild of Dallas

Fine art and crafts, members shows, full educational programs and workshops
5100 Beltline Road, #400
Dallas, Texas 752
972 490-0303


CADD - Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas

Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) is a non-profit membership organization of galleries formed in 2006 for the purpose of promoting the advancement of contemporary art on all levels. CADD’s members function as an important component of the Dallas art community, providing the means by which artists reach their public and collectors gain access to works of art.

Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) includes the city’s foremost contemporary dealers who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Member galleries are committed to represent the highest standards of contemporary art, while recognizing the importance of integrity and responsibility in working with artists, collectors, museum professionals, and the cultural community of Dallas.

Membership to Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) is by invitation after consultation with the entire membership. To qualify, a gallery must demonstrate professionalism and good standing among colleagues in their field and contribute to the cultural life of the Dallas community.

CADD's Mailing list


Creative Arts Center

Educational programs and workshops, including paintings, membership
2360 Laughlin Drive
Dallas, Texas 75228
214 320-1275


Dallas AIA (American Institute of Architects)


Dallas Area Clay Artists

is an informal affiliation of people who work with clay. DACA meets periodically throughout the year. For more info, E-mail Marty Ray.


Dallas Art Dealers Association

The association of Dallas galleries
5600 West Lovers Lane
Suite 116, Box 173
Dallas, Texas, 75209

The Dallas Art Dealers Association, founded in 1985, is an affiliation of established, independent gallery owners and not-for-profit art organizations in the Metroplex. As a group, DADA is pledged to a high standard of ethical conduct, a devotion to consistent public service, and a dedication to professional integrity.


Dallas Gallery District Association

DGDA galleries are in the Uptown McKinney Avenue / State Thomas areas and the Arts District downtown, where they sponsor an annual Art Walk / Trolley Ride
2500 Cedar Springs
Dallas, Texas 75201
214 946-7476



The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art

2801 Swiss Ave.at Texas Street  
Dallas TX 75204  
214 821-2522

Formerly D-Art and later DVAC (Dallas Visual Arts Center). When it went out of existence in the late 80s, DARE rose to create a visual arts center that was more discerning and contemporary (The MAC — McKinney Avenue Contemporary). Then D-Art came back, continuing its long history of serving too many mediocre artists.

Under new Director Joan Davidow, it changed its name and direction abruptly to become a junior Contemporary Arts Museum (vaguely like the one in Houston and other American cities).

Odd they chose the same last name as The MAC, their most direct competition, which itself was founded to foster and promote talented Dallas artists, but also does not.

Now they want to be called "The Contemporary," although many artists call them "The Contempt" instead, because they changed directions without consulting its once-large membership of local artists.


Deep Ellum Artists Collective

Pay to show art online


Desoto Art League



The Emergency Artists Survival League provides emergency funding to Dallas-area artists in need.

These guys have saved my bacon. They might save yours, too. Give them time, and they work miracles.

Greater Denton Arts Council, 400 East Hickory St, Denton TX 76201, 940 382-2787


International Museum of Culture

To be a window on indigenous peoples of the world, and to create greater appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity, thereby furthering mutual respect and peace between peoples.
7500 West Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, Texas 75236
214 708-7406


Irving Art Association

3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300
Irving, Texas 75062
214 252-7558

May be the best of the suburban Dallas art centers, despite some sickly pink walls. Certainly diverse.


Kaligrafos, Dallas Calligraphy Society


Mexican Cultural Center

2801 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, Texas
214 824-9981


North Texas Art League

in the Center for the Visual Arts, 400 East Hickory in Denton, Texas. The art center is open 1-5 Tuesday-Sunday


Pastel Society of the Southwest


Plano Art Association,

Plano Art Association, officed at 1200 E. 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75074, mailing address P.O. 864675 Plano, Texas 75086-4675. General meetings and art demos at 7 on the fourth Monday of every month. 972 633-0099


Preston Center for the Arts

6065 Forest Lane
Dallas, Texas
972 458-1102


Richardson Civic Art Society

P.O. Box 831027
Richardson, TX 75083-1027
Several annual shows, newsletter, demos, workshops


Rockwall Art League     


Society of American Mosaic Artists

is not a local organization, but its president is Sonia King, who's a longtime DARts Member and lives a couple of blocks away from me, here in elderly East Dallas, and I thought I should give her a plug.


Southwestern Watercolor Society

1322 Record Crossing Road, Dallas, Texas, 75235
972.223-1824 Workshop Info
972 633-8280 Scene Newsletter


Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts

was organized to meet the legal and accounting needs of artists and arts organizations
1540 Sul Ross
Houston, Texas 77006
713 526-4876
800 526-8252 Toll Free
713 526-1299 fax


Texans for the Arts

a statewide advocacy organization, has a web site at www.texansforthearts.com. Through the website, you can receive newsletters, election updates and definition of who your elected officials are since redistricting. You can receive legislative progress reports, action alerts and key information regarding advocacy at the state level.


Texas Wax blog

for artists who work in wax or encaustic. They meet at The Encaustic Center, 580 W/ Arapaho #371

Texas Women's University
Department of Visual Arts

PO Box 425469
Denton, Texas 76204
940 898-2530


Texas Commission on the Arts

The mission of Arthouse is tro promote the growth and appreciation of contemporary art and artists in Texas. Through its exhibitions and programs in Austin and statewide, Arthouse helps nurture artists' careers and deepen pulbic understanding of contemporary art.

PO Box 13406
Austin, Texas 78711-3406

EO Thompson Office Building
920 Colorado, #501
512 463-5535
512 475-2699 fax
800 252-9415 Toll Free Message Line


Texas Photographic Society

214 352-3167


Texas Sculpture Association

several annual shows, member show, newsletter, social activities, educational opportunities.

Nice bunch of people, with probably this state's best sculptors in it.

2360 Laughlin Dr
Dallas, TX 75228


Texas Visual Arts Association

a volunteer organization which provides venues for Texas artists of all mediums.

sponsors an annual juried High School Show, the juried Citation Show, National and Regional Open Exhibitions. A website and TVAA Gallery at the Plaza of the Americas, plus member shows, newsletter, educational programs, social activities. A good social group with nice shows and a good reputation.

Broke off years ago from Texas Fine Arts Association, so they'll probably always be known as a less-than Fine Arts group. The TFAA has since changed its name to something incomprehensible that too many groups are already calling themselves, so who cares.

First, the TVAA's long-time leader declared herself "the founder" of TVAA, when actually, she engineered the coup that separated the two organizations. More recently (August 2007), TVAA is claiming this to be their 60th Anniversary. Which claim is absurd, since TVAA hasn't been in existence that long. Maybe TFAA was, but TVAA sure has not.- JRC

P. O. Box 12467
Dallas, Texas 75225-0467
214 528-0017


Video Association of Dallas

To subscribe, past VAD Newsletters are archived.


VACD - Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas

VACD's "mission is to create a unified voice for the visual arts in the Dallas community, to seek professional exhibition space in the Dallas Arts District, in the new Performing Arts Center, and in the downtown area for local artists and art shows sponsored by Dallas arts organizations, to acquire suitable, affordable meeting space for workshops, demonstrations and cultural exchanges; to assist community organizations to create visual art opportunities in Dallas; encourage community artists to contribute to the cultural identity of Dallas; and to establish a registry for visual artists and patrons and act as a clearing house for local arts opportunities and information."

Is that "Vakid" like vapid, or "vaccid" like flaccid? Who chooses these acronyms? Does anyone say them aloud first?

My main concern is that there should never be a "single voice" for the visual arts in Dallas. We are many, and we are diverse. No one person or organization could or should ever speak for us all.

It's a grand idea — albeit absurdly expensive — to build an actual arts center in our dying downtown's much ballyhooed, yet thoroughly co-opted, so-called Dallas Arts District.

VACD claims to represent 5,000 artists. Included among the its art groups are the Texas Sculpture Association and the Craft Guild of Dallas, intelligent, sophisticated institutions. I'm less certain of groups like the Porcelain Art Guild, Wear Artists of Dallas or the Dallas Bead Society.

I seriously doubt all the "represented" artists agree with its mission or plan. My friend Thad, who knows amateur artists well and walks among them, calls these people "Earnest in their own way, but out of it."

We both wondered why they haven't migrated to the Irving Arts Center, D-Art or The MAC, all established visual art centers in Dallas.

From "a unified voice for the visual arts," Oh Lord, deliver us. Wouldn't it be so much less expensive and more accessible, if it were in an already-built building, anywhere but in the stupid Arts District?

As it turns out, yes.

They now have the building at 2902 Maple Avenue, behind Gerald Peters Gallery, not exactly in the Dallas Arts District but in one of them.

And they're claiming their goal was "providing exhibition space for coalition member organizations and artists," a substantial change from their original Arts District ambitions.

Today, they're just another group of art groups with a smallish gallery where they can show their work every couple of years.

American Heritage Dictionary


Visual Art League of Lewisville and Art Center

The mission of the Visual Art League is to promote the visual arts through education and exhibitions for the enrichment of the individual and the community. The Visual Art League supports the visual arts by providing the facilities for instruction in wide-ranging aspects of the arts and providing gallery space for exhibitions in a variety of media.

The Art Center seeks instructors for educational classes and exhibitions beginning in October 2003.

701 S. Stemmons #115
Lewisville West Shopping Center
Lewisville, Texas 75067

open Fri. - Sun. 2-6pm or by appointment with exhibiting artist.

Also open at 7pm one Tuesday each month for the Artist Talk (usually one of the exhibiting artists) and for special workshops and events.

Contact person (for exhibits): Rodney Rogers 972-567-8774



Visual Arts Society of Texas in Denton - vastpresident@verizon.net - PO Box 1281, Denton, TX 76201

The White Culture Center — There are a bunch of Latino Culture Centers and a Black one and who knows who all else has one these days, so we figured there should be a White Culture Center, and so we've been having fun setting up shows there. It's a place where Raynette & Vernon would feel right at home.


Fiber Art Groups

Arlington Fiber Guild
122 Mill Creek Dr.
Arlington TX 76010

Contemporary Handweavers of Texas, Inc.
2619 North Elm
Denton TX 76201

Dallas Area Fiber Artists

Dallas Handweavers & Spinners
White Rock Weaving Center
1212 Tavaros Ave
Dallas, TX 75218

Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. South Central Region

Fort Worth Handweavers Guild
122 Mill Creek Dr
Arlington, TX 76010-5609

White Rock Weaving Center
1212 Tavaros Ave
Dallas, TX 75218
E-mail whiterockweaving@aol.com


Organizations That Don't Fit the Category of Art


Other Interesting
MailServs + Websites

A MailServ is an E-mail list that receives information and letter posts from people, then sends them out to all subscribers -- either singly or in digest form. It's a lot like an electronic community, newsletter.

DARts struggles to keep up with painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, performance art ( ? ), and other visual arts events. But we pretty much ignore literary, video, dance, international and other off-topic events — unless they really, really sound visual, fascinating, they're primarily focused on Dallas creators, or our friends or family are involved.

Click + Send blank E-mail to Subscribe to...

Visual Arts
  Send a message to BathHouseVisualArtists-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to receive Gallery Calls for Entries for group shows.
  The Texas Clay Arts Association is a communications network for ceramic artists, craftspeople and their supporters. Visit www.texasclay.org or E-mail to texasclay-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to get on their mail list.


  The Dallas Dance Council site's Dance Calendar used to be pretty up-to-date and accurate when J R did it. Also check their Festivals page and What's Up for current Dance Auditions & Opportunities. Unfortunately, they only list events by member organizations, and there is no uber dance site for Dallas.



The best E-mail list about video, especially local video + film events -- from The Video Association of Dallas
Weekly Video Association of Dallas ListServ or the VAD website.


    Resources for kids and teens including history, tips and techniques - Dealnews

Local Music


Texas Music Directory web page



Dallas Poetry Slam


  Occasional Veggie News ListServ



Moonlady News is a free, moderated, email ListServ for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Subscribe by sending a blank E-mail to this address. To get the digest version — all individual daily messages — sometimes there's dozens — in one, larger E-mail: after you subscribe, send another blank email to the digest address.
Art events are listed, but the emphasis is on New Age topics, including women, pagan, spiritual, drum, wiccan, vegetarian, higher consciousness, ecology, homeless dogs and cats, yoga, etc.

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