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Aesthetic Crisis Center

Updated Sunday, 06-Oct-2013 11:07:13 PDT
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All the links on this page were tested August 16 2010 — so everything here should actually work.  The Editor

These links are visual, kinetic, interactive, political, entertaining and or art-related. Most listings are from The Aesthetic Crisis Center, who wishes to remain anonymous. The ACC, who's been using that monicker for longer than some of the people who use it now, started this page. It is being continued by many others. Anyone may contribute. We'll credit you, if you wish. David Donovan sends out an irregular email post of these things, so he is cited often. Anyone may join us in this endeavor, since the originator of the project faded away.


high-resolution time-lapse tour of Paris by Mayeul Akpovi is exquisite.

 Long Beach Police Chief says it's OK to detain photographers for taking pictures with no aesthetic value. - suggested by David Donovan

Ode to Kodachrome - suggested by David Donovan

psychedelic or psycherelic - move your mouse

Underwater Astonishments - suggested by David Donovan

Underwater Sculpture - suggested by David Donovan

Civil War Faces from the Library of Congress, on Flickr - suggested by Ben Breard

Word Play from Radio Lab and friends and some other short movies

What is art? - Creature Comforts USA — suggested by Anna Palmer

13 Awesomely Useless Machinessuggested by Anna Palmer

6 minutes of Super Slow Motion suggested by David Donovan

Word Play

The Museum of Bad Art and the NPR story about it

This year's Whitney Biennial

Stealing Mona Lisa from Vanity Fair

Peter Paul Biro, fingerprints, and a lost Leonardo in The New Yorker — about ferreting out art forgeries

Imagine Peace Tower

What to Do When You Are Bored — it's real art.

Tidying Up Art

Theo Jansen

The Frontal Cortex - short, intelligent essays about how our minds work — thoughts on the creative life by Hugh McLeod and his Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards reveal the truths behind successful creativity — suggested by Jeanne Sturdevant

You should have seen this dot com — Greg Rutter's Definitive List of the 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something

 Time Beat

24 hours in a lot of places


Book Mooch

beautiful nature photographs

Understanding Duchamp

Liam's Pictures from Old Books

Creative photos by Chema Madoz

The year 2008 in photographs (first of three pages) — suggested by Afterimage Gallery owner Ben Breard

2009 many pictures linked : USA Today 

 Ken's Virtual Drumkit - audio — and color — fun better than the real thing for us with limited space and good puter audio

HEMA, a store, it takes some time, let it load, click the triangle, watch the mayhem

Thing in a Jar

Interiors (page for Rene Magritte)

Veggie Art and Deux ex Machina linked thereto

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Magwords - poetry on the fridge of life

The Engraveyard - a salute to tiny pictures made with wavy lines

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

Time Management for Anarchists

Their Circular Life

Escher + Legos

Hellbrunn Timeline of Art History

Guido Daniele's Hand Art

Sidewalk Charlk Guy

Art & Personality


Color (pop) Psychology

40 Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever

Postmodernism and Its Critics

Strange Statues Around the World.

Art or Porn at Gloria's Oversexed Mind

part of the ongoing and totally amazing TED series is Arthur Ganson: Sculpture that's truly moving and Michael Moschen: Juggling rhythm and motion.

Browse to, then wait and watch by Jeanne Sturdevant

Alison Jackson - A surprising look at celebrity - from an artist's perspective, newer from TED

Besides Jib-jab Originals, there's 2007 in review 2009 in review and soon ...

I started with Hasan Elahi and where he is (interface explained in PT) who is an artist, but you can choose from the menu and popup on the left. I plan to" is snipped from the editor's personal site's Link Page, which explores multi-media and other stuff primarily of interest to first person singular. I started this journey linking from Kevin Kelly's site, which is slow but fascinating, although Kelly's CoolTools is more so but on a different scale. While I'm here, I'll promote ThEdblog, which illuminates the editor of DallasArtsRevue's current thinking, projects, worries, etc.

Optical Illusions - pick one, or take tour upper left — suggested by Jeanne Sturdevant

Painting Mass Media - the art of fair use and copyright law / video lecture with slides

Connecting Art & Technology

Stay Free! - a Brooklyn-based magazine that explores the politics and perversions of mass media and American culture.

Robotic cow tongues

iTunes U, a new area within the iTunes Store, offers more than 10,000 educational "tracks," including lectures, audiobooks, speeches, sports video clips, and campus tours, among others. Absolutely free (don't even have to register), the content comes from some of the most prestigious universities in North America: Penn State, UC Berkeley, Duke University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many others. Curricula to go, iTunes U content lets you dabble and learn at your leisure. And, of course, take it with you on iPod.

TED is about ideas, big ideas


Visualizing the U.S. Copyright Law

DARts Member James Michael Starr's previews of coming art attractions - not updated in years now

full episode viewing of network TV shows without a TV on ABC, CBS and NBC (click SHOWS) for high speed internet users

Virtual graffiti opportunity - suggested by Jeanne Sturdevant

The Pollockizer - click and go wild - suggested by Sherry Owens

Horsing Around - suggested by J R's mother, Mary Compton

Your Gallery... A showcase for your art to thousands of visitors every day. No idea when this began, but it's a loooong page of images, though not-a-lot-of-sculpture.

Fine Art Adoption Network

This is cool, do FILMS & start top left --orange n black one.

Why do you stay up so late?

Subject Matter & Print Size by Alain Briot in The Luminous Landscape, an essay comparing photographs and paintings and selecting the proper size for presentation

Interactive cow adbudctions

Transparent screen scenes slide show

Dada slide show (arrow at lower left)

Mo Jo Ri Sing net art

Political cartoons on Slate

Interactiveness on Tom Moody's webbage

Notepad Invaders

Larger loads (for your entertainment pleasure):

Treasure Box
Samarost 2

Cockroach Camera & Other Photographic Possibilities

On the local front

and a list of Art Bloggers:

Why do you stay up sp late?

Devils Tramping Ground

Aluna Clock Sculpture suggested by J R

Sometimes there's something a little fishy about proclamations of patriotism. — site suggested (without the editorialization) by Jack Brockette

Archives of American Art - Oral History Interviews — suggested by Jeanne Sturdevant

Kurt Wenner, Street Painter

wall and pavement art

Flyguy - suggested by J R

Molecular Expressions — moving through space. — suggested by Tracy Hicks

drawing a red rose

The Blog, the nonist, often has art related musings & posts such as this one, Film in Flux, with it's links to UBU Web and its Artist films& words online.

I was sorry to read the news that Walter Hopps (1932-2005) has departed this world.
His mind was full of art experiences and stories that he was always willing to share
and he will be missed: Find Articles - Houston Chronicle

Ananova Quirkies

Over 600 submissions from 99 Texas cities were received, and the final 36
artists, representing 12 Texas cities, were chosen by a 15 member panel for 5
venues and no visual clues anywhere. The Texas Biennial website has no pictures.

Check out the DARts Texas Biennial Pages for lots of opinions.

Alaskan Alpine Club - click Ice Tower (wall) pages ( 1 thru 4 )

The Gates: The Crackers

American Visionary Art Museum - suggested by Joe Stokes

High Art Catch-22 Comedy Hour - suggested by Tracy Hicks

Celebrating the rebirth of psychedelic Futurism

The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library shortened and cheapened versions of classic movies

... or Chunking a few snowballs?

Astronomy Picture of the Day

10 x 10 ... the news of today in pictures & words

Georgie Girl,

Art can be a scary thing to grasp.

Die Anstalt - psychiatric clinic for abused cuddly toys

Soundtrack — is a delightful musical interlude with animated creation.

Justice gets new image

The road of good intentions is paved with painted horses with wings. With very few alterations this could easily be Dallas.


I was waitin' for you — multiple media in stereo from Georganne Deen

Ray Map

Wiki Historysuggested by Michael Helsem

Playing The Wind on the BBC suggested by Jim Wheat

A few choice words from Buffy.

More Nasher art


Apotheosis Now

Michael Helsem's Were Wolf Suite is now available. Give a listen to the samples.

Abstract Photos

Poets Against The War

Intimacy - an interactive essay


Art Prostitute Magazine

Folk & Outsider Art — fascinating - suggested by Michael Helsem

War prayer attributed to Mark Twain

Suspended Garden — plant a flower in Iraq and watch it grow

The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom


Ashcroft Online


The Visual Thesaurus

Diary of Samuel Pepys and the BBC story


Pottery Shard Mosaic in Louisiana

Lord of the Peeps

Muffin Films


Glass TireVisual Art in Texas

Fireworks just for you


If you aren't a fan of The Church of Subgenius and are feeling a bit overly aggressive you can always go a few rounds with Bob.

Fluxus Portal


The Alternative Museum

Another new artformsuggested by Michael Helsem

Realistic Internet Simulatorsuggested by Michael Helsem

Saving Time

Art Futura

Americans for the Arts

Abandoned Building Photography — from Michael Helsem

39 Degrees of Separation (you have to register and get a password to get onto the NY Times site, but it's free).

 Studio 360 from National Public Radio

GARLIC = RICH AIR is an E-mail list one subscribes to - suggested by Paul Rogers Harris

Book Crossing is an intriguing ideaincluding Books on the loose in Dallas

Tillamook Cheddahas dog art gone too far? suggested by DARts member Chris Fulmer.

A page of links to some Wonderful Kinetic Art - Oh, baby, some fun stuff here!


New art mediumsubmitted by Michael Helsem

Shift still includes

Uncontrol is experiential, experience it.


Texas Society of Sculptors

Resources for Artists

Creative Time

The Effects of Cannabis On A Web-Based Lifestyle

The Free Biennial


The Compleat Artist and The Turner Prize

Concept art is pretentious tat

Body Mind And Modem: Seven Samurai ( Minus Three )

World Trade Center art links



Landover Baptist Church offers uh... religious.. uh... humor.

In your daily life, you can probably use a little Zen... Not without humor.


Houston artist Dan Allison's site

Craig Frazier's Square Pig TVeloquent, exquisite animation. Nice music, too. The Most Memorable site on this page! - JR Compton


Mexican Tarot Cards

The Infamous Exploding Whale Video


Is it really art? Computer virus as art? A story from Wired.

Do the Shields Up test to test your high-speed Windows line's vulnerabillity to hackers.

Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet

Museum of Depressionist Art

Art calls LILEKS and their Institute of Official Cheer "too much fun."


The Whitney

SFMOMA has one too

The Walker Art Center's Gallery 9

RTmark is a self surfing rotiserie of sites worldwide.

Mandlebrot Explorer

Survival Research Laboratories - Yes. That's Survival Research Laboratories. The guys who take destruction to the art max. Long downloading movies in your choice of formats. Best with DSL or Cable. Big noises for big boyses.


Dean and Nigel — How to Blend In.

The 1000 Journals Project


Dallas artist Dwayne Carter used to have two sites experimenting with motion. Now, he seems to only have one. It is not quick-loadinghe cites a 10 - 15 minute download time. Some interactivity may exist.

Why Cats Painthilarious cat info and animation.

Big Art - crop circles from an aerial view. Beautiful and interesting. The New Media Art Resource


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