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Art Info Index

This info is arranged somewhat alphabetical. Bear with.

This page is not well updated, but it might be better organized than a lot of DARts indexes...

The first, best place to look for any story in the last couple years is the contents (light yellow) section of the HOME page, down under the latest list of new stories.

The DARts Site Map might be a pretty good way to find anything on this site that's not listed on the Home page.

Or try Search This Site which is operated by Google, which constrantly updates its index of this site. It's almost instantaneous, and it's what the Editor uses to find stuff on this site. Search for names or phrases or whatever you like.

Aesthetic Crisis Center

An amazing collection of links to sites on the internet that use the web medium to its fullest - including art animation, protest, philosophy or humor. This should be one of the most popular pages on this site.

Art Books

Artists Index - lists many of the ways to find artists on this site

Art Space Information page

lists and links area art spaces and their particulars


North Texas Area Exhibitions, News, Dallas Artists in Other Places, E-mail List Servs, Upcoming Events, FIPMO and Places with too much going on

Dallas + Texas Artist Sites - artists with a web presence

Links index

where to find links to what needs linking to

MailServs + Sites

Museums & Art Centers — newly liberated from M-O purgatory!

National Art Links

The News page

is mostly old news. New news first appears on the Calendar page or the cover, then gets shunted off onto the News Page.


Job possibilities, competitions, open invitations for artists


Resources Index

Schools & Classes

Shows Index

Exhibitions and other art showings mentioned on these pages

Public Art Index

stories about — and gobs of pictures of — public art in Dallas

Small Sculpture in Texas

The editor's collection of stories about 3-D art and artists from the early 70s till a few years ago

Visual Art Groups

Online Exhibition

Our first online exhibition is a self-portrait show. You can still get yours in, too


Movies Reviewed

When the editor isn't busy writing about art in Dallas, he's probably out seeing a movie or in watching a DVD. His reviews of both are now organized into alphabetical pages of reviews or still stuck on last year's list.

Art Rants

in which the editor tells us how he thinks it is or ought to be. Largely abandoned.


Views Index — Views and reviews



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