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National and International Art Links

This page is woefully out of date.

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This page has got to be one of the lamer attempts on this site.

Articles Online

The End of Art by Charles Mudede - submitted by Michael Helsem.

There are also some articles online listed on our Aesthetic Crisis Center.

Resources for Students Attending Online Fine Arts Schools

A page calling itself "The Best Photography Resource for Kids and Teens!" but it does not have a single image, was submitted by volunteer librarian Melinda Daniels and one of her students, whom she does not name.


Online Exhibitions

Art on the Net

The Dallas Arts Revue Self-Portrait Show -- and, by your eyes' presence here, you are eligible to enter .

Digital Photography Terminology

Dis/Functional with Dan Collins, Vernon Fisher, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Penn, Joyan Saunders, Herb Straftord and Francesc Torres

Fluxus Online

HyperArt - The Project

Latrinalia has amazing links but its primary purpose is the presentation of bathroom graffiti.

The Library of Congress Exhibitions

The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The 7th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition - including Sherry Owens,

Vis A Vis Revue de photographie

The Virtual Ceramics Exhibit

The White House Collection of American Crafts


National & International Art Sites

AboriginArt Galleries - The Virtual World of Aboriginal Art

The American Society for Aesthetics' Aesthetics on-line

Art Deadlines List

Documentary Arts is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of historically and culturally significant places and people through audio, film, video and photography.

The Funky Chicken Art Project is largely folk art.

Git-Down Dot Com

Interesting Ideas, including Roadside Art Online and The Outsider Pages.

Paintings Direct shows work by hundreds of artists all over the world. Search for an artist or choose a theme.

More Paintings by Edward Hopper than I've ever seen in one place are in WebMuseum, Paris' Famous Paintings listing on their extensive, fine arts Louvre site. Or Van Gogh or any of hundreds others. Click the little painting to see a screen-filling version.

Stuckism International

The Vampire Chronicles - work mentioned in Anne Rice's novels - Brueghel and beyond

World Wide Arts Resources

Archives of American Art - Oral History Interviews with artists

International Sculpture Center


Famous Artists

Edgar Degas is a great website with most of his paintings and drawings, but no sculpture. Click a little picture for a bigger picture, then click that for an even larger image, with up to 96 thumbnails per page. Nice.

The official H R Geiger website

Frida Kahlo

The Picasso official web site.

Pablo Picasso cubism history - how and why Pablo Picasso created cubism. Comprehensive study of the art of Pablo Picasso.

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

The Andy Warhol Museum and The Ultimate Guide to Pop Art People and Andy Warhol - link suggested by Janessa



National and International Publications


Arts Journal - Daily Arts News

Art Review - from the UK

art - the magazine

Art2 - from Helsinki

OneWorld Magazine's Australian Aboriginal Art

Ceramics Monthly

CinemaSpace - cinema and new media

Critical Ceramics

Fine Arts Forum - art + technology net news

Leonardo On-Line: Art, Science and Technology

LoneStarWebStation includes (PaperbacksPlus co-owner Marq( uetta ) Herring's Texas Music Kitchen, full of Texas music, art and other info, documentation and concert dates.

Mediamatic - the cultural implications of new media

New Art Examiner

Perforations - a journal of art, music, technology, media and cultural theory and criticism. Online only.

Postmodern Culture - An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism

Pottery Making Illustrated

Raw Vision

The Studio Potter

Umbrella - mail art and artists' books  


Online Art Links Lists

The Aesthetic Crisis Center on DARts



Art Crimes: Best Graffiti Sites

Art Deadlines List: is "A monthly email newsletter listing art contests & competitions, art scholarships & grants, juried exhibitions, art jobs & internships, call for entries/proposals/papers, writing & photo contests, residencies, design & architecture competitions, auditions, casting calls, fellowships, festivals, funding, and other opportunities (including some that take place on the web) for artists, art educators and art students of all ages.

Mark Harden's Artchives - looks like zillions of artist, theory & criticism and other art links.

Art and Design Publications on the Web

Art History Resources on the Web

Art Planet - The Internet Fine Art Directory

ArtSource Table of Contents + ArtSource Art Journals Online - incredibly dense stacks of art-related links

The DADA Server

Fine Art WebRing - includes 989 art-related web sites.

Dallas photographer and teacher David Newman's site includes the best, most complete list of national and Texas Copious Artlinks I've ever seen.

Nice list of Dallas theatric organizations

International Directory of Art Libraries

OBAG.org -- The Ohio Bad Art Guild. To be confused with OBAG.com -- The Outer Banks Arts Group

Open Directory - Visual Arts


Resources for Artists

Surfer's List to Art on the Web


Dallas-area Artists with Websites

Artists with websites

Non Dallas or Texas Artists Who Have Asked to Be Linked Here

Video by Jacob Duquenne

Southwest Photographer Lance Forney

Raquel Partnoy - the Tango in Buenes Aires. Suggested by Julie Pearson

Chema Madoz - at Photographs Do Not Bend in September.

Lucinda Luvaas



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