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Unsolicited Art

Clamity Janeß

russell-manning   calamity jane   2009
pen ink-5x7 inches   dallas texas   usa   russell7@toast.net


Yogesh Verma, untitled, 2009, mixed media, 16 x 36 inches,
Ajmer Rajasthan, India www.yogiajmer.page.tl , yogiajmer@yahoo.com


Matt Wesolowski - Chaos

Matt Wesolowki - Chaos, 2006  acrylic on canvas - 68 x 68 inches, Arlington, Texas, USA
http://www.matcosigns.com/new_page_1.htm    mattwesolowski@sbcglobal.net


Van Renselar - Dream

Van Renselar - Dream, January 2008 - 70 x 70 cm, Keston, Kent, United Kingdom
art@van-rensealar.com   www.van-renselar.com


Brad Wooley - Shadow

Brad Wooley - Shadow, 2008   photograph - 11 x 18 inches   Krugerville, Texas, USA
http://bradwooleyphotos.com/     BradWooley@sbcglobal.net


Yogendra Kumar Purohit - Myself

Yogendra Kumar Purohit   Myself   2008    acrylic on paper   20 x 30 inches   Bikaner, India
http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/y/yogendra/    YogendraPurohit@yahoo.com

I hope artists will send their work. I didn't know what to do with art people from outside of Dallas and Texas sent me before. Now I will put them here.

Send JPEGs of at least a half megabyte file size, preferably up to two megabytes, attached to an email. Please do not send a small JPEG thinking that will be good enough. It's not. The bigger the file you send, the better the quality. I will reduce your file for use on this page, but I need a high quality image to start with.

Postal mail entries will not be accepted.

Name the file with your name and the title. Individual words spearated by hyphens. For example:  Amanda-Friendly-Top-of-the-world.jpg

My email address changes often, so find it on the Contact Us page linked at the top of every page.

Type the following information in this exact sequence

    artist's name   title of work   year date completed

    medium(s)   size (86 x 23 inches)

    city, state and country the artist lives in

    website URL in full http://www.whatever.whatever format

    email address


in the text of the email the image is attached to.

It doesn't matter where you're from. Anywhere in the world is okay. I will include one website addresses and one email address under each image.

Send your work, and let's stack them up on this page. It should be interesting, new, different, exciting, whatever. So should the art on it.

Only one image per artist per year, and that one has to have been completed this year, whatever year this is.

FYI, my procedure is that, after I make a JPEG image for this page, I delete the original.

If your image shows the work at an angle, I can only gues at its true proportions, but I much prefer to show work head-on straight.


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