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December 6, 7 & 8, 2002

Introducing the the possibility of a show in a house as presented in an official letter to DARts Supporting Members.

The October Midnight Ramble with its The Tranquilla section — a little ramble to get some ideas rolling.

A Glowing History of 1026 Tranquilla

Official Policies for the 1026 Tranquilla show - a report from the Exhibitions Committee after our first meeting in the house.

The story behind the show.

Expectation of Excitement - building online publicity for the show - with some images in the show.

Gallery Shots - What the Show Looked Like Up

Some of the More Memorable Art from Tranquilla Personal Reflections Before The Big Show - by a participant.

The show as exhibited - with some samples of art. (now corrected)

People watching - and photographing - at the Grand Opening of 1026 Tranquilla.

As the show passed from a twinkle to a reality, most new ideas and suggestions appeared on the then continually changing Questions + Answers Page.

The official 1026 Traquilla Press Release

Links to Sample Art by each DARts Supporting Member in the show


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