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Exhibition Policies for
1026 Tranquilla

December 6, 7 & 8, 2002

Written with photographs by JR Compton

Policy set by The Exhibition Committee
at the
Sunday, November 3 Meeting
at 1026 Tranquilla.

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"Minutes of the 3 pm, Sunday November 3 Meeting"

Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Carol Wilder, Kathy Dello Stritto and JR Compton met at 1026 Tranquilla at 3 pm Sunday, November 3, 2002.

Together we explored the house and got a feel for how many works of what size we'll be able to fit into the house. We talked with listing agent Marianne Elliot, and we got some important security and calendar questions answered.

We also set the parameters for the 1026 Tranquilla Art Exhibition and Sale (hereinafter called the event). Please read this entire page, so you will understand what you need to do to participate in this event -- and when you need to do it.

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1026 Tranquilla

There is no contract on the house, so we have pushed back the final dates of the show and sale till after Thanksgiving, to allow time to prepare, organize, print and mail invitations and promote the event.

The house is provided by Ebby Halliday Real Estate through listing agent Marianne Elliott at 214 327-1927.


Carol Wilder made extensive lists of spaces available in each room, probable number of works that will fit, and other details of the show as we figured them out at the meeting of the Exhibition Committee.

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Artist Eligibility

All DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members are eligible to participate in this exhibition and sale, provided that artists:

E-mail JR no later than noon Friday, November 8 to:

Notification of participation assumes that the artist has read this page and agrees to all its stipulations.

Each participating artist must gallery sit for at least one, 3-hour shift during the show's open and extended hours. (Two or more artists may space sit at one time -- it's more fun that way, but all open time and extended hours must be covered.)

Each artist will pay a pro rata amount for event Invitations and Price Lists. Those costs will be kept to a minimum.

Each participating artist will bring something to eat for the Opening Reception Friday evening.

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When you E-mail JR stating that you wish to participate in the event, please note how many invitations you want.

If you do not E-mail JR stating that you wish to participate in this show by the deadline, your name will not be on the invitation.

Artists will share the cost of printing the invitations on a pro-rata basis, depending upon how many invitations they request -- 50 invitations minimum. So far, several artists have requested 200 invitations, each.

Competitive printing prices and potential vendors will be listed on this web page, when available.

Each artist will be responsible for mailing their own invitations. If you want more or less, please tell us. Participating artists will be responsible for addressing and mailing their own invitations.

I'll print additional postcards to be distributed around Dallas, and I'd welcome help doing that.

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Kathy Dello Stritto, Ebby Halliday listing agent Marianne Elliott and Chris Fulmer chat in the front yard before the meeting.



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Postcards, Postage + Printing

The invitation will be black & white only, printed both sides, with the photo of 1026 Tranquilla and all the artists' names on one side, and the show name, dates and times, a map, photo credit, DARts URL and other information on the other side, with room for postal markings, address or mailing labels and a short, hand-written message, if you want to personalize some.

According to the USPS Domestic Calculator Postcard Page, postage for a regular postcard is 23¢. According to the USPS Domestic Postage Calculator Mailpiece Sizes page, the maximum size for a "regular" postcard is 6 x 4.25 inches and .016 inch thick. So, in the spirit of economy, the size our postcard invitations will be. 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

If my math and plane geometry is correct -- and someone should check both, please:

At Kinkos, 1 legal sized sheet -- comprising 4 card images, black toner on two sizes, will cost a total of "less than 50¢" each, or $.125 each of those first 4 cards. For sheets of 11 x 17" postcard stock (paper) comprising 8 front & back cards, the cost is $0.55 each sheet (It'd take 125 sheets to print 1,000 cards) = $68.75 total.

Then they have to be cut apart. Each cut of up to 250 sheets at a time, costs an additional one dollar. So an 11 x 17-inch sheet with 8, 5.5 x 4.25-inch images would cost $4 more.

Total = $72.75 = about $7.28 per hundred postcards to print and cut. With tax, that's a Total Cost of $7.86 per hundred postcards. Turn-around time, Kinko's said, would be "about 24 hours," which is plenty quick.

Printing By Buck finally called to wake me up early Friday morning. They will do the first thousand for $90. Two thousand costs $114, which means lower price for the higher number, and higher for the lower number - $9 per hundred and $5.70 per hundred. And this is for ink-printed printing, not digital Kinko copies.

Now, if I could only pry out of all the participating artists how many invitations they want/need, I could figure out which printer to go to...

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Security & Insurance

All reasonable care will be taken with the works exhibited at the 1026 Tranquility Exhibition and Sale, but neither DallasArtsRevue nor its Supporting Members or representatives shall be held responsible for any loss or damage that might occur before, during or after the event.

The front door locks automatically at 9 pm each night, so no real estate agents will be able to show the house after 9 pm. Someone will be sitting the space during all open and extended hours on all three days.

Each artist assumes all responsibility for their own work in this show. The owner of the house has insurance on the building and its contents, but other works of art will not be insured. We will not have insurance on the artwork itself. If you feel you need it, you will be responsible for providing your own insurance.

Each participating artist must sign each of the two following Hold Harmless Releases of Liability. No artist may participate in the 1026 Tranquilla event without signing one copy of each of the two releases.

We will have copies available for you to sign upon delivery of your work.

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Hold Harmless and Release of Liability

Date: ____________

Artist: ________________________________________________

Property: ________________________________________________

The signing of this instrument constitutes a full waiver and release of all claims the Artist has or may have against the owner of the Property, Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc., its Agents or Employees, arising from participation in exhibiting artwork at the Property. .

Artist's signature

Artistes printed name

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Hold Harmless and Release of Liability

Date: ____________

Artist: ________________________________________________

Property: ________________________________________________

The signing of this instrument constitutes a full waiver and release of all claims the Artist has or may have against DallasArtsRevue, its owner, JR Compton, or its Agents or Employees, arising from participation in exhibiting artwork at the Property at 1026 Tranquilla in Dallas, Texas.

Artistes signature

Artistes printed name


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Price List Information

Artists must E-mail Chris Fulmer prior to delivery with full information on each work -- artist's name, contact information, media, size and price -- or NFS if the work is not for sale.

This is the information space sitters will use to direct potential buyers to artists. We will not be selling works -- you will. So make sure it contains accurate, up to date information. I'd suggest at least one phone number, an E-mail address and your DARts Supporting Member page URL and your own site, if you have one.

Chris will type the information on the official Price List, a number of which will be available for use at the show. We will print up enough so people can take it with them when they leave.

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Delivery of Art Work

First come, first served. No artwork will be accepted after 8:45 pm Wednesday December 4.

If you compare this more recent photograph -- of Marianne Elliott and Kathy talking -- to the photo on the first Tranquilla page (I'm calling it Tranquilla Base), you'll see that a lot of the furnishings have been removed, and more wall space is freed up. Note, too, that the ugly treadmill has disappeared, and we have a CD-playing sound system, with speakers.


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Hanging Work

The Exhibition Committee comprises Chris Fullmer, Carol Wilder, Marty Ray, Kathy Dello Stritto and JR Compton. The committee welcomes help from any other members.

All work delivered will not necessarily be hung. But we'll try to represent each artist fairly.

Placement and acceptance of work is up to the Exhibition Committee. If necessary, JR will be the final arbiter. Acceptance or declination of work will be based on a variety of criteria, including but not limited to space available, size of work, available lighting and aesthetics.

All work must be exhibition ready. Paintings, photographs and other flat media must be wired. No risers or stands will be provided.

Works will be labeled on the wall nearby with numbers that refer to the Price List, which will include relevant information.

No work may be removed before the end of the 3-day show. Sold works will be indicated, unless multiples are available.

We hope to have bins for additional, protected but unframed artwork. The house has a variety of horizontal panels, shelves and tables for small and medium-sized 3-dimensional works; a large back yard and a covered carport area for additional space may be used for larger work.

If, for any reason, art needs to be moved inside at night, each artist will be responsible for moving their own work.

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Sale of Work

This event is both an exhibition and a sale. All works should be priced or clearly identified as NFS (not for sale) in the data E-mailed to Chris Fulmer, who will type up our Price List.

No commissions will be charged.

Each artist will be responsible for their own sales. Gallery sitters will use provided contact information to direct potential buyers to artists, if they are not present.

This document may be amended as questions arise.

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Sunday Pick Up

All artwork must be picked up between 6 and 9:15 pm Sunday, December 8, 2002.

Works not picked up by that deadline will be distributed among participating artists present or trashed. We simply have no other place to put it.

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