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J R's Black-eyed Pea Salad

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Questions + Answers + Statements to Share
about the 1026 Tranquilla show

1026 Tranquilla show dropped neatly into Dallas art history at 7:45 Sunday December 8, when Norm Kary drove out the driveway with his work, dashing my little pipedreams of installing those pieces on my office wall. Prior plans for an art bonfire were crushed when almost everybody else showed up by the 6 pm closing.

I followed Norm's car part way up the Tranquilla hill, then turned around in the middle of the street -- to the subtle sliding sound of framed photographs shifting off the pile on the back seat, down onto the seat and floor. I went back up the drive and into the house to close all the blinds and turn off that one pesky light. No more sudden turns all the way home -- with the windows open and the sun roof back. It was delicious to have done it and have it done. 

Everybody involved said the event was a success, and many asked about the next one. See below. This week I'll begin a page on how to exhibit art and another on what we learned at Tranquilla, and I'll probably organize all those pages and photographs into something a little more cohesive. But first, I'm gonna do some serious sleeping -- with my shoes off, for a change and catch up on my TV watching...

I talked with the realtors Sunday afternoon. They liked the show, liked the idea, said the family of the new buyers visited and liked what they saw. The realtors are interested in doing it "again after the first of the year." I mentioned my interest in working in a more commercial property -- I've been priming the Universe with the notion of a temporary storefront gallery. And they suggested a warehouse or commercial estate possibilities. We also talked about putting some of my documentation of the Tranquilla show online as a virtual tour. -JRC

Strange Behaviours - I've loved many long conversations in the gallery -- at the prelim meetings, the opening and during space sittings. Mounting the show was a marvelous experience of remarkable peace and practicality, though not without its moments of disagreement.

Most participating artists helped a lot, all along the way. A few volunteered for more than one space sitting or did everything asked of them -- and then some. A few distinguished themselves by being on time or ahead of time, every time. A couple accomplished amazing amounts in just a little time, others helped in little increments all along the way.

But there's been some ripples in the continuum. One member promised to participate then had to drop out for health reasons. Two artists ignored the rule that all work be wired for hanging. One left a phone message explaining that the cigarettes they'd left in the kitchen should not be distributed as snacks.

One very aprehensive artist took down a piece after it was hung in the show -- a major no no. Another brought a bored and angry child to the opening, where two artists on at least two occasions each had to stop him from pulling pieces off assemblages and kicking paintings. And one nearly ballistic artist really wanted to remove his pieces 40 minutes before the last visitors left, all the while insisting that no one was going to be there this late.

One space sitter was 3-1/2 hours late to a 3-hour session. Two others called telling me to stop whatever I was doing and come close up early -- they "were ready to leave," after they'd got fewer than a half dozen visitors in their only 3-hour sitting. I didn't say anything, but I sure wanted to.

Not that I think I am without quirk. I overlook my own, especially when I'm collecting other people's. Mayhaps someone will be kind enough to inform me some of il Duce's bizzarizms, too, so this list will better approach completion. -JRC

All Day Thursday, Kathy, Art, Chris, Carol, Marty, Sheila, Jim and Whitney helped hang the show. It is now hung. 114 pieces? Something like that. It looks good. It was grand fun.

We did not, of course, use all of everybody's work. When we did not, the decision was usually unanimous. We even used two artists' work that were intended as bin work and unframed, because we liked them so much and wanted them out in our show.

All but one artist whom we expected brought work Wednesday night. He delivered 2 pieces Thursday and helped considerably during the morning, making more space and removing doors, so we had more wall space and a wonderful place to put the bin art.

We have a lot more wall work than wall space. There will be winnowing. Smaller work may have a better chance. I don't know. It will be a sense of the meeting consensus. But I have formed some opinions.

Almost everybody who filled out a Liability Release form for the show has to fill out a new one. My fault, so please release my liability. I hand wrote Property: on each form, but I failed to notify you that the property in question is 1026 Tranquility, Zip Code whatever, not your paintings or other art. And both top (the real estate agency) and bottom (me and DARts) forms need to be filled out and signed, please.

I haven't seen it, but several people said Tom Sime said good things, so I looked it up In the DallasNews online, where it's free, but you have to rigmarole register. Wow, how nice. Tom listed all our names. -JR

Real estate, real art

If you haven't checked out the online magazine Dallas Arts Revue at lately, it's grown to 450 Web pages of news, reviews and information for and about Dallas artists. And the organization will hold its first members' exhibition Friday through Sunday.

The unusual venue is a house for sale in East Dallas; Ebby Halliday Realtors agreed to the show in hopes of bringing in new potential buyers, while the artists get to take advantage of the house's ample wall and shelf space. Several houses were available, but Revue founder J. R. Compton chose 1026 Tranquilla in the Casa Linda neighborhood (Mapsco 38-J) "because it was pleasant and had lots of bright white walls. It was also open, well-lit and in a great, green neighborhood with lots of tall trees," Mr. Compton writes at the Web site.

Exhibiting artists include Mr. Compton, Marty and Richard Ray, Kathy Dello Stritto, Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Sheila Cunningham, Paul Rogers Harris, Carol Wilder and Larry Enge, Danna Jackson, Anila Agha, Norman Kary, Art Shirer, Suzanne Truex and Linda Leroy. The exhibit opens with a party and reception Friday from 6 to 10 p.m., and continues Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit the Web site, call 214-824-2277 or e-mail for more information.

from The Dallas Morning News

Q: What happens with the work delivered but not hung in the show?

A: Arghhh! I wish we'd thought about that earlier. We're going to have to pick it up and take it back sometime Friday. I guess an art bonfire is out of the question... The house has lots of closet space. -JR

Q: Has anyone heard from Art Shirer
or Linda Leroy?

A: Linda has dropped out for health reasons. Maybe Art, also.

Q: Will we have some kind of notebook there that we can put artist info into? I can probably locate a spare 3-hole notebook, black cover and we could put an invitational postcard on the front of it. Do the other artists want to bring an artist bio page? -Suzanne

A: It's there. In the barbecue pit area on the back porch.

Q: J R - since there are no Friday times listed on the invitation or your website about Tranquilla show, what is the purpose for us "sitting" the show during daytime Friday?

I'm sure there is a good purpose (and we still plan to be there Fri 3-6, but I just wonder - should you advertise on website that we are also "open" Friday before the official Opening? -Marty Ray

A: The art will be there, and I want someone there to keep it from safe. I'd love for there to be someone there all day Thursday, also. But looks like that'll be just me. -JR

The artists are bringing lots and lots of art
-- more than will fit I think.  Anyway I am concerned about matching the art with its title (etc). I thought it might help if I get you a list of what has been given to me so far. Should we cut up the list and have the artists attach it to the pieces? Or have them put a sticky note on the front of their art? - Chris

A: Not to worry. It may not be a competition, but it is competitive. The reason there is an Exhibitions Committee is so someone will make choices. And we will. It won't be particularly easy, and I expect we'll have company. But it will be fun, nonetheless. And very discriminating, while keeping in mind the concept of fairly representing each artist. Quite an order. But I have full confidence we'll accomplish our task.

Fear not, that massive list will whittle down to the essentials... Sticky notes during the hanging will be a blessing but not during the show.

The concept of the Price List is a 2 or 3 page (perhaps a little optimistic) listing that visitors can use to navigate the house full of art -- and carry off with our personal contact information. - JR


Tom Sime called from The Dallas Morning News. He's "doing a column item on the Tranquilla show," and asked if it'd be okay to run my phone number for information. So I'm making an informative outgoing message at 214 824-2277. -JRC


Q: More artists every day ask if it's okay to bring work later than the official delivery time, as if no one had seen the calendar before...

A: My consistent reply is that everyone should follow the same rules. -JRC

Q: What are people charging for their work? I don't want to be the most expensive artist there.

A: Great question. -JRC

From the inventory information submitted so far, work has been priced from $200 to $2,500. I am sure there will be bin work for lower prices. - Chris


Q: We haven't talked too much about the refreshments for Friday night. Will we have refrigerator privileges for the artists' party on Friday night? Will we serve wine/beer?

A: We can use the kitchen -- including refrigerator. I hadn't thought about serving wine or beer. I'm philosophically opposed to serving liquor, but I don't mind if people bring their own.

Each participating artist should bring some things to eat or drink to the opening party. Most recent responses on top.

I will bring some more ICE and tray of veggies.... -Norman

I am bringing some tex mex appetizers: 7 layer dip, tortilla pinwheels, homemade salsa and two bags of chips. I was also thinking about bringing a couple bags of ice. What do you think? -dannaj

I plan to pick up a veggie/dip tray and bring a couple of liters of soda,
some cups, my igloo ice chest and a bag of ice. It will hold more if someone
wants to pick up another bag. -Carol

I'll probably bring something chocolate and some type of soft drink or
flavored water. -Suzanne

I will bring 2 bags of chips and 2 extra large bottles of coke or soft drinks. Hope that is ok. Also I shall bring them when I bring art work to Tranquilla. regards - Anila

R and I will bring large quantity of mixed nuts and a big bowl of chocolate covered raisins. Also, will ice down several packs of 7-up and bottled waters. And couple packs of small paper cups... in case peeps don't want to drink from cans or bottles. -Marty Ray

For planning purposes I thought I would let you all know what I plan to bring to the Friday night Artists Party: coffee pot, decaf coffee, creamer, sugar, equal, spoons and cups, pretzels, animal crackers, napkins and paper plates (they aren't really plates - they are "food trays" which are like a small plate but have a higher sides so that food doesn't slide off). - Chris


Q: I wanted to get feedback from you concerning the size I am considering for
the print bins. Check out this image. Now that I think about it 48 inches wide may be unnecessary. 40 inches might do as well.

Larry Enge

Also maybe a second bin smaller (for small prints) would work. Perhaps 30 inches wide. Anyway tell me what you think.

Larry .

A: We'll take whatever you make for us. Carol said you'd make three bins, but we'll take two. I hope we'll be able to fill them. Size is whatever will be easiest for you. I don't know much about these things. 40 inches would hold prints up to 60" long, which seems huge as I think of it. I'd think that's fine.

We're beggars, not choosers here, so a second one at 30" would also be great. Thanks so much for doing this. We appreciate it tremendously.

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Q: Paul Harris asked how many pieces should each artist bring.

A: More than you think we could possibly use. 15 artists. What? Five exhibition rooms.

Wall space for each artist will depend on how big each piece is. Lotsa little ones. Not so many big ones. I like salon style hanging -- not quite floor to ceiling. But the selection is up to the Exhibition Committee, who will base their choices on what we get and where we have to show them.

It's not exactly a juried show. But some work will look better together. We will attempt to fairly represent each artist. But we will also try to fill the space available.

Since I am one of those artists, I'd like to know exactly how many to bring, too. But there isn't a number anyone knows yet. Besides, Larry Enge is making us three wood bins for unframed works, possibly protected by some sort of plastic.


Q: Isn't it a little drastic to say that you're going to trash or take artists who don't show up's work?

A: Yes. But I don't know what else to say. I wanted to get people's attention, which I've discovered is difficult. We have no storage facilities, and I don't want to get stuck carting other people's art around town. Not much of it will fit in my Honda. -JRC


Q: What information does Chris need for the Price Lists?

A: Full Contact Information: Full name, address, city, zip; work, home & mobile phone numbers -- whatever information we'll need, so we can contact you when someone wants to buy one of your pieces. Remember, all transactions are strictly between the artist and the buyer.

We will be sitting the space, but we won't be selling your work. We'll contact you, and you will sell your work.

For each work: Title, size, medium, materials, framing (included or not), and price...

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Event Date Due Time
E-mail Chris Fulmer with full artist's contact information and specific details for each work for Exhibition Price List. Chris' E-mail address is
  by Tuesday, December 3      
Deliver Work and
signed Liability Releases
Wednesday, December 4  6 - 8:45 pm
Hang Art Thursday, December 5  4 - ? pm
Opening + Artists' Party Friday, December 6  6 - 10 pm
open hours Saturday, December 7   12 noon - 6 pm
open hours Sunday, December 8  12 noon - 6 pm
Pick up Work Sunday, December 8  6 - 9:45 pm

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Artists Who Have Committed to the Show

x Carol Wilder & Larry Enge - 100 invitations
x Chris Fulmer - 200
x Kathy Dello Stritto - 200
x JR Compton - 100
x Danna Jackson - 50
x Sheila Cunngingham - 100
x Art Shirer - 25
   Linda Leroy - 25
x Paul Rogers Harris - 50
x Marty and Richard Ray - 150
x Suzanne Truex - 25
x Norman Kary - 20
x Anila Agha - 50

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Space Sitting Shifts for
Open and Extended Hours

If you are in the show, you have to sit the space at least once during the three day run.


9 - noon

  1. JR


12 noon - 3 pm

  3. Art


3 pm - 6 pm

  5. Richard &

  6. Marty

6 - ???




9 - noon

  1. Norman

  2. Larry

12 noon - 3 pm

  3. Danna

  4. Sheila

3 pm - 6 pm

  5. Anila

  6. Paul


9 - noon

  1. Suzanne

  2. Richard & Marty

12 noon - 3 pm

  3. Danna

  4. Suzanne

3 pm - 6 pm

  5. Chris

  6. Carol

6 - 9:45 art pickup

  7. JR

  8. Carol

Jim Dolan and his daughter Whitney have volunteered to help anyway they can. I suggested Whitney would learn a lot about art at the hanging, and it'd be nice to have additional space sitters.

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