An Expectation of Excitement

Iknow I'll be amazed all the time it's happening. I'll love seeing everybody's new and even older familiar work.

I'll be inexorably caught up in the flow during the hanging, when the Exhibition Committee decides what goes in the show and where, then puts them there. I'll probably even enjoy the time Kathy and I sit the space, and you'll be seeing a bunch of documentary photos of the three day event on these very pages.

I'm expecting great things. But I don't know what exactly. Yet. This is just a slight prevue.

I've produced 8 other art exhibitions over the years, and this is the first time I have only the slightest idea what will be exhibited. I think I know what I'll be showing, since I spent all this week minutely retouching, reformatting and printing up images I've been hoping to share, but I keep changing my mind and probably will till the deadline.

15 Supporting Members will be in the show. Here, each name is linked to their DARts Supporting Membership page showing other work, not necessarily in the Tranquilla show -- Marty and Richard Ray, Norman Kary, Art Shirer, Carol Wilder & Larry Enge, Paul Rogers Harris, Kathy Dello Stritto, JR Compton, Chris Bergquist Fulmer, Suzanne Truex, Sheila Cunningham, Danna Jackson, Linda Leroy and Anila Agha.

So far, I've only seen a few pieces. I suspect most of us are in the same before-the-show rush I'm headlong into now that Thanksgiving is over.

The Victims by Paul Rogers Harris 

Paul Rogers Harris, ever the organized man, E-mailed in his exhibition list last week, and it isn't even due till Tuesday. Oh, my gosh, that's only a couple days from now. Guess I'm in more of a hurry than I thought... His 2000 digital print, The Victims, is just one of the digital prints he'll show.


Marty and Richard Ray's collaborative work include the art pots near the top of this box. Above is Marty's Ancestral Journey, 2002 and Richard's Tree at White Rock Lake. The two joined DARts as individuals. They're showing both collaborations and their own pieces in the show. Another, more recent painting by Richard is on the Members Index page.

Marty just became the first artist to join for a second year. Thanks, Marty. After Tranquilla, we'll put all new work on her page.

Chris Bergquist Fulmer's Growth Protection mixed media

Chris Bergquist Fulmer brought several of her new work the day before Thanksgiving. This mixed media piece, framed in a 17 x 15.5 inch, recycled, found metal serving tray, is Growth Protection.

Sheila Cunningham's mixed media, Choices

Sheila Cunningham has a good idea what she'll be showing. That selection will include this mixed media piece, called Choices, which -- inexplicably -- reminds me of a Man Ray piece I saw in a movie recently.

Kathleen DelloStritto's Break oil painting

Kathy Dello Stritto will deliver several 4 x 5-foot collaborative paintings by Carol Wilder and Larry Enge Thursday.

But we're not sure what all she will show, herself. She's been holed up in her studio the last several weeks, painting like there's no tomorrow. And soon there won't be. We do know Kathy's still drying oil, Break (above) will definitely be in the Tranquilla show.

Every time I think about all the other artists whom I haven't heard from recently, and all their yet to be revealed new art, I can't help but get more excited.

Hope to see you there, too. There's some openings that night, come on by after, we'll be there till 10 pm.

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