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The bright front bedroom at 1026 shows
off a few of a lot of artists' work.

It's up, it looks good, and we're excited about the opening tonight and the show all weekend in the residence at 1026 Tranquilla.

We hung 119 pieces all over the house -- in the living and dining areas, in the back garden room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, dining room and even in the bathrooms. It's a house full of art. Ya'll come visit.

The hanging was arduous but a gas. Lots of people helped. Lots of ideas aired and expressed. Lots of work put into the show and lots of work in the show. We're all amazed at the diversity of the art. You should see it. It would make us all very happy, if you do.

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Paul Rogers Harris - Tranquillizer,
1969 collage - 10 x 8 inches
makes a visual pun on the show title.


The yellow back, master bedroom
is gorgeous in early morning light.
Shown are
Carol Wilder / Larry Enge
collaborations with a pot by
Marty Ray.

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Sheila Cunningham
Boat with Lobster Traps, Maine
3 x 4 inches


The back porch, garden room is allive with light
during the day and with art night and day.
That's the yellow room up the stars.
Along the bottom left are
Richard Ray paintings
(including the one below) interspersed with
Carol Wilder prints. Another R. Raytops a
photograph by
JR Compton, center. On the right
is a large wall hanging by
Anila Agha over a
row of
Sheila Cunningham Poloraoid transfers
(similar to the one above).

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Danna Jackson - Sister Moon
2002, acrylic on canvas
24 x 32 inches



This is what you see just inside the red front door:
Chris Fulmer mixed media objects leaning on
the wall and
Art Shirer's Quake that might rock
back and forth on its top rail with its
swinging pendulum below.

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