AT 7:45 pm Sunday December 8, the 1026 Tranquilla show clunked down the stairs of Dallas art history, a minor, 3-day blip in the continuum. But maybe a long-lost blip in the right direction.

Historically, it was certainly a long time coming, but it itself didn't take all that much time from sparkle to twink. We came; we showed; we split. A minor, hit and run, mini miracle in the sometimes tedious gush along the Trinity.

The idea hatched itself in latest October, took a month to build and bloom. This week an exhibition of 119 pieces of art by strictly local artists went up, was seen by a couple hundred people, then came down. Some work was sold.

Exhibiting were a few artists nobody's ever seen before; some we've come to know; and a few who've been around. Dallas art was appreciated. So was the effort.

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It wasn't so important what was shown, but there was some good stuff -- by local artists at differing levels of experience.

It was oddly interesting where and how it was exhibited -- in a temporarily unoccupied house in an out of the way neighborhood for just a few days -- in the kitchen and bathrooms and bedrooms and porch. And how it was organized -- mostly online.

It was of some import that it happened. That we attempted, and by many standards, succeeded our small spark.

If we're careful, the embers could fan and flame. The excitement flashed us all. It was gangbusters fun through most of it. A living, learning experience. A community.

And we want to do it again. But not too quick. We're tired. We'll rest and think about what we learned or should have; what we did right and wrong; and how to make it better next time. It'll be different.

Link through the newly updated 1026 Index to track the steps along the winding road to Tranquilla -- and beyond.

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